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:: 2004 17 June :: 12.01 pm

Don't bring me into this world then act like I'm just someone you happen to know...

I'm going to make an omlet and sit on my ass today while probably being cynical.

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:: 2004 17 June :: 3.44 am

Mmmkay, going to have to rent the movie "The Dreamers" for reasons that shall remain unknown haha.

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:: 2004 17 June :: 3.30 am

Tore out the page I wrote the other night and made a new one. I'm content with how it is now. I also wrote a poem..that makes 4 more I have to add... 24 poems and steadily growing..

I watched Murder By Numbers tonight on Charter Demand..thats free isn't it? lol Anyways
Ryan Gosling (sexy stud)
was in it. I thought he looked familiar.. Did some background checking on him and he was in the Mickey Mouse Club and also on a show I use to watch when I was younger called Flash Forward, I think it was on Disney or something. He's going to be playing in The Notebook which I plan to see as soon as it comes out in a few weeks here.. He's one hot mofo..He's like 24 or something. Mmm

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:: 2004 16 June :: 8.38 pm
:: Mood: hot
:: Music: Christina Millian-Dip it low (Remix)

I was watching So Cold by
Breaking Benjamin
on Fuse today. Watching the lead singer sing and watching his tounge ring in his mouth was too much. I'd tap that.

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:: 2004 16 June :: 1.11 pm

Erghhhh, frustration caused by stupid people...I'm not going to go into detail with this one.

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:: 2004 16 June :: 1.04 pm

Hm. Another day of sitting and doing nothing. I enjoy that. Maybe I'll slip in a nap...

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:: 2004 16 June :: 1.27 am

Kendra has corrupted me into a criminal.... that was probably the funnest 15 minutes of my life....hahaha my heart was beating so fast I so thought we were going to get caught....

What else can I do now!?!!!! LOL

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:: 2004 15 June :: 7.57 pm

Someone once told me you need to understand yourself and know what you're capable of before you give someone else all the credit for the good things in your life... I've never heard it said any better than that.

I don't like the look of my woohu anymore, it's going to be changed.

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:: 2004 15 June :: 5.51 pm

I hold my breath as this life starts to take its toll
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds
But oh, God, I feel I've been lied to
Lost all faith in the things I have achieved
And I
I've woken now to find myself
In the shadows of all I have created
I'm longing to be lost in you
Away from this place I have made
Won't you take me away from me
Crawling through this world as disease flows through my veins
I look into myself, but my own heart has been changed
I can't go on like this
I loathe all I've become
Lost in a dying world I reach for something more
I have grown so weary of this lie I live

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:: 2004 15 June :: 5.35 pm
:: Music: Christina Millian- Dip it Low (remix)

Eh, For once in my life I'm at a loss for words....heh. I feel like writing

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:: 2004 15 June :: 5.05 pm

Oh and I did get a new notebook..and wrote some...I think I'll tear out that page though.

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:: 2004 15 June :: 4.53 pm

I could have just gone to D&W and bought some chocolate milk..but I felt the need to make some. It's just not the same without 1/2% they make 1/2% chocolate milk?

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:: 2004 15 June :: 2.03 pm

I think I experienced major internet withdrawl lastnight...Dial up connection just kept..redialing over and over and over again...

Well, I went to Meijer lastnight around 7-9ish to assist the bitch in grocery shopping since she never gets any good food. I got a carmel frappachino at Starbucks. It was quite filling..should have got a tall instead of a grande lol

Eh, later

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:: 2004 14 June :: 2.00 pm

I think as a person I'm always underestimated by people who know or think they know me. That's unfortunate for them..

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:: 2004 14 June :: 12.53 am

Today and what not...
I didn't really do anything but clean such as laundry and matching socks...The bitch got into my email and started reading it..good thing I don't even use email other than for signing up for stuff...yeah.. still lol She started reading the woohu reply emails and was all like WHATS "WOOHU?" wow...just wow.
Then I cleaned my
...and it took me forever.
So I had my pjs on and like all ready to go online just to chill in for the night and I got a call from Danielle to go to Steph's house for a lil Pistons shin dig..So
got ready. I should have brought the digital to Steph's house haha it was so fun. We just kindof sat on our asses and watched the game. It was good to see her since I haven't in a while. It reminded me of why I love her so much! Her sister's "friend" was pretty hot too lol I'd tap that.

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