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Angels of the night

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[ TheDistillers ]

:: 2002 15 December :: 1.18 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: no

tut theirs always 1


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[ jessa_lynne ]

:: 2002 12 December :: 10.49 am
:: Mood: amused

I don't know why I joined this community, besides the fact that I was asked to. I don't really get the point. Yeah, The Ditillers are a good band. That's neato, but it takes one entry to establish that we all agree about that. Otherwise, looking through the other posts, it seems like a group of suicidal goth rocks kids talking about all the random bands whose cds are found at any Hot Topic near you. So, yeah. I'll probably leave the community after making this post.

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[ TheDistillers ]

:: 2002 10 December :: 3.15 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: none!!!

HELP!!!!!!! plz u guys XxxXxxX!!!!

Ok people i need a lil more help on this color thing, i tried RED/BLACK/ bad looked sh!t, so i changed them one by one and this is where i am now, and i don't know what u guys want next plz help me out????center>


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[ TheDistillers ]

:: 2002 7 December :: 9.35 am
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: non

ok so i have given up on that poll so if u want to vote just leave a comment.
oh yeha by the way B is bright and D=Dark and L=light.





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[ thedistillers ]

:: 2002 7 December :: 5.52 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: muse

True, she is a punk poser i can't say any of her songs are really punk pop, just pop with a lil edge, she just wears the clothes, she's pop and she knows it and she dont like it.

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[ Thedistillers ]

:: 2002 2 December :: 11.02 am

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[ thedistillers ]

:: 2002 20 November :: 8.53 am
:: Mood: accomplished

lol Yes very good, nice to see you are still talking to me meegs, i have missed are conv's i think i will baggsy this saying for the time being untill i find something else.
State 1 ment eh? 1 wrong debale munquin

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[ Thedistillers ]

:: 2002 20 November :: 8.01 am
:: Music: m.m-Tainted love

there we go
ive done it black and green, u can change it if u want or get me 2.

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