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User:thefallen (user# 3105)
Information:I am very suprised that I have not seen one of these here as of yet. Welcome to Charlies community for anyone with an interest/curiosity in same sex relationships or any other alternate lifestyle... ^_^
Members:(4) androgyny, littledamion, tragedys_silence, xmiyavixfanx
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Interests:(30) 80s, alan cumming, androgyny, angelina jolie, art, bisexual, boy meets boy, broadway, cabaret, depression, film, ftm, gay, gia, homosexual, homosexuality, jrock, leonardo davinchi, lesbian, marquis de sade, masochism, mtf, poetry, purple, sadism, suicide, theology, writing, yaoi, yuri
Created:>2003-02-12 14:10:52
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