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:: 2004 22 July :: 10.01 am
:: Mood: deeply saddened

i've really been avoiding something. and i NEED to tell you guys, but i dont know how. tonight i will but i dont think anyone is as disappointed as i am.

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:: 2004 20 July :: 12.51 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: the washing machine humming

so i've ignored this journal thng for a little bit but what are you going to do? lets stop with the small talk.

the other day plans for coming back were going sooo great and i was feeling good about them too. my mom called my hosts (most of you probably know who they are) and everything was looking even better and stuff. but then theres a personal family thing that comes up with them (i really dont think i should say what) and we should get a call today from them with the news. i have faith that you'll see me in the near future. in the flesh. lets pray.

and omg Lance Armstrong! idk if you guys have been watching the tour de france but he is amazing. definitely in the top 3 athletes of all time. Sunil and i said Lance, Michael Jordan, and Pelé (the soccer player) were the top 3 (in no order) but its definitely arguable about who else can be there (Wayne Gretzky, Muhammid Ali, lets not forget Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Mia Hamm maybe even Chris Evert?)

ok so maybe thats all i REALLY REALLY hope to see you soon, i'm tired of waiting and tired of making you wait, if you're waiting at all.

i had sports team pictures i wanted to scan but the quality came out super bad.

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:: 2004 6 July :: 4.29 pm

a long ass survey because i was bored....
Birthdate::May 25th and dont you forget it
Eldest, Middle, Youngest, Only Kid?:i'm the eldest child
Family::i dont get the question... yes i have a family?
Pets::i dont have any
Do you go to school::everyday
What is your highest level achieved?:finished sophomore year
Religion::i believe in God. "life with Jesus is an adventure" -Jose
Do you have friends?:i'd be lonely without them
Do you like to be lonely?:no
What color are your eyes?:brown
Do you like it?:yeah
What color eyes do you want?:a lighter brown maybe, but i'm happy
What color is your hair?:black
Do you like it?:yes
What color do you want?:this is color is fine any other color would look unnatural and weird
Do you dye your hair?:no
If yes, how regularly?:i dont
Do you wear glasses?:yep
Do you have a trademark?:i dont think so
How tall are you?:5'5'' i think
What's your heritage/nationality?:vietnamese
Do you have the same hairstyle everyday?:not really. its summer and i never fix my hair anymore (you dont need to impress your family)
Do you think you look exciting?:what does looking exciting look like exactly?
Are you self concious?:to a certain point
Do you obsess over your looks?:i dont cross any lines
Do you even care about your appearences?:yes i do
How long do you spend in the bathroom?:depends on the bathroom activity, my showers are super long though
About life... again
Punk/Goth/Ghetto/Prep/Jock/Nerd/Other (list)? stereotype?:i dont think i can fall under any of those
Do you pick your nose? In secret?:oh all the time (sarcasm)
Do you like yourself? Life?:yep, and i enjoy life
Are you liked by people?:i hope so
Do you want to become famous?:but not as an actor or artist
Do you want to make a difference in this big world?:i'd like to, yeah
Why?:idk.... to give something back to a world thats been pretty much good to me
Fun Stuff
Which celebrities do you worship in secret?:worship? none. i'm a fan of a lot of people
Blues/Rock/Jazz/Classical/Pop/Urban/Country?:i can listen to all of them. except maybe hardcore country
Are you one of those people who diss fans of a music genre you don't like?:no. its their opinion
Which pop princess shits you?:none
Can you sing?:you know it
Can you act?:i taught Charlize Theron how to act
Who is your fave actor?:there are many
Fave movie?:definitely remember the titans
Backstreet Boys or Nsync?:the BSB!
Good Charlotte or Blink 182?:Blink
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?:hmm i like both
Slayer or Black Sabbath?:i have no clue
The Beatles or The Monkees?:the Beatles
ABBA or the A Teens?:ABBA
Guilty pleasure?:ice cream?
The Simpsons or Family Guy?:i cant decide
MTV... yeah or neah?:yeah
Do you have a group of friends?:sure
How many?:who keeps track?
To an onlooker, what would your group be viewed as?:those are nice people right there!
Who are you closest to?:my best friends
Who is your best friend?:the people i am closest with
Are any of them bad influences?:probably
Who are you in your group? The leader? The leader's bitch? The follower?:thats not a group... its a gang
Are you dirty minded?:hey man, its the hormones
Do you have any sexual feelings towards friends?:sexual is such a vague term.... i'm kidding
Generally, how are you viewed in your group?:as a hot piece of ass
Do your friends know you?:some of them
Are you single or taken?:i'm single
If single:
Do you want to stay single?:i'm not sure about that one
Why are you single?:no one likes me?
Do you date around?:not really
When was the last time you have a bf/gf?:geez umm 10 months ago
If taken:
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?:i'm not taken
How long have you been together?:again i'm not taken
How serious are you?:serious about what?
How many exes have you had?:---
How exes has your partner had?:what partner?
Are you physically attracted to your bf/gf?:if i had one then yes i would be
Why?:because thats how it works
When was the first kiss?:btwn who n who?
First date?:i dont get it
Do you love him/her?:with all my heart
Does their family adore or hate you?:they love me (whos family??)
How far have you gone with your bf/gf?:if i had one it would be personal
Does your family hate or adore him/her?:they havent met her because she doesnt exist!
What do you think of his/her mother?:----
How did you meet?... have I asked this already?:if you dont know then how would i?
Straight/Bisexual/Homosexual?:i'm straight
Life... yet again.
Are you bored?:why am i doing this survey?
Can you play any instruments? Which ones?:i used to play the flute and i was so good at it... whyd i quit?
Math or English?:english
The Arts or Sciences?:idk
Technical or Creative?:a miz of both
Are you poetic?:i wish i was
How many babies do you want?:thats to be decided
Do you spend most of your time on the net?:i dont thinkso
What do you think of your country's leader?:hes kinda fat
Do you love me?:i dont even know you
Why?:becuase i dont know you
What kind of meat do you like to eat?:chicken
What's your favourite food?:i'm indecisive, idk
I'm bored now. Wanna stop?:maybe
Because I am.

A long survey to do when you are bored brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2004 25 June :: 6.46 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Britney Spears' Everytime

ihave to admit. there is no type of music that i hate. i like it all.
you know... i clicked on my friends link on woohu and guess what i found out. Briana Evenson owns that place. like now its her at the top followed by Mr Sameen and then Miss Kailannie (who i havent talked to for a long time) after that? the lovely Miss Birney. Then its 3 Brianas a Danielle and the page finishes with 4 more Briana entries. i have to admit.... she really did not waste that 2 dollars!

so whats the score?
Sameen and Kailannie -- 1
Danielle -- 2
Briana -- 8
sorry guys but Bri wins this one by a landslide. but whos keeping score? i was kinda bored.

moving on dear readers. summer has treated me well i guess although i would appreciate not being bored some of the time. i really have to plan things out more often. and really stick to the plan too. so starting next week i'll do that.

and then theres the business of seeing me down south once again. who would like that? its being planned slowly and we're leaning towards middle July. so if that ok with everyone i'll go ahead and look for plane tickets. nothing more i dont think... if there is i'll come back.


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:: 2004 19 June :: 10.25 am
:: Mood: thumbs up!
:: Music: kanye west song.. all falls down (i think thats what its called)

a great conversation. i miss these.
LTR4N: boo yeah whos done with school?!?!
KatanaDragon77: Edgar is!
LTR4N: so is LUAN!
KatanaDragon77: WOOT
LTR4N: but oddly....
LTR4N: it doesnt feel like it used to
LTR4N: i used to be SOOO excited
KatanaDragon77: haha
LTR4N: wtf happened?
KatanaDragon77: I KNOW what you mean
KatanaDragon77: I was telling that to everyone
KatanaDragon77: but there wtf you talking about im happy as hell
LTR4N: yeah man i feel it too
LTR4N: wtf is wrong with us?
LTR4N: nothing to eat except a granola bar!!
KatanaDragon77: delcious
LTR4N: i want a burger
LTR4N: and pizza
KatanaDragon77: Shut up FAT BOY
KatanaDragon77: eat your damn granola bar
KatanaDragon77: Isnt Dat Phan gonna have like a special on Comedy Central
KatanaDragon77: Or did that already pass?
LTR4N: idk
LTR4N: i didnt watch much first season
LTR4N: did he win?
KatanaDragon77: Yeah mon
KatanaDragon77: lol..
KatanaDragon77: hes funny shit
LTR4N: uhh i think he gets a special on NBC or something
KatanaDragon77: He beat all the veterans that did comic like for years..... and it was like his first time..
LTR4N: and something on comedy central too
KatanaDragon77: lol
KatanaDragon77: My mom was like LOOK ITS LUAN!
KatanaDragon77: im like... no its just another vetnamese person..

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