Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air And deep beneath the rolling waves In labyrinths of coral caves The echo of a distant tide Comes willowing across the sand And everything is green and submarine


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:: 2005 22 December :: 1.59 am
:: Mood: high
:: Music: hendrix - lover man

so im 19 as of two days ago. im 19 and i have superior analytical skills. what can i do with these skills? well i dont exactly know yet but i know someday i will figure that out. but anyways in the meantime; shall we dance?


:: 2005 30 November :: 3.40 am

blood on the blinds
with love on my mind
could i rewind
and fix it this time?

my friend my friend hes got a knife

/its early, im up, and alone


:: 2005 27 November :: 9.35 pm

the next 2 weeks of my life determine so much it frightens me. oh yeah i think im going to have a step dad soon. the disembodiment of the american family

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:: 2005 6 November :: 10.14 pm

im a long faded view of whats to come for all of you
the birds you once saw long got ahead of you
they were there all along, right in front of you
look at you now youre flying too.
just look at you
i love you
i miss you so much my friend
i hope one day we will see eachother again
and that moment could last forever
i would take it with me
until the end

dont give up, we will see eachother again


:: 2005 23 September :: 11.13 pm

lately ive been feeling, like i dont belong
like the grounds not mine to walk upon

i prefer to be remembered as this smiling face,
not this fucking wreck thats taken its place.

id like to make some changes before you arrive.
so when your new eyes meet mine
they will see no lies, just love
just love.

lauren are we still getting married?

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:: 2005 6 September :: 11.19 am
:: Mood: restless
:: Music: Pink Floyd - Animals

i leave in peace
my journal will no longer be updated because of my busy ass schedule at IU. I might still write weird things every once in a while, but i can no longer accuratly depict what is going on in my life into words that would properly express my feelings. Regardless, I'm going to keep this as a reminder of who I was between my freshman to senior year in high school and how I have changed into the person I am today. Keeping this journal and writing in it for four years was probably one of the best decisions i have ever made. take care friends, cya round the bend


:: 2005 15 August :: 11.50 am

im laying in bed all day until i find something worth getting out of bed for.


:: 2005 14 August :: 2.55 am
:: Music: my fan

wow what a sad night. i didnt want to have to say goodbye to you brianna, i didnt know what to say then so ill say it now...i love you, i know youll have a great future at purdue, dont drink too much, oh hell drink too much, but enjoy yourself. ill call you.
tonight was emotional? yes. and really all we could all do is talk about memories of eachother. i saw many of my friends cry tonight for the first time. damn.....goodnight good people


:: 2005 13 August :: 2.50 pm

i grabbed chris martins arm. ill never wash this hand again! oh yeah coldplay show was sweet. i drank lots of vodka before sleep and ive been hungover all day so if ur wondern where im hat, im in my bed laying under my covers all day

goodbye my friends whom left for college today.


:: 2005 12 August :: 4.30 pm
:: Music: radiohead

I'll drown my beliefs
To have you be in peace
I'll dress like your niece
And wash your swollen feet

Just don't leave
Don't leave

I'm not living
I'm just killing time
Your tiny hands
Your crazy kitten smile

Just, don't leave
Don't leave

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just lonely, lonely..
Don't leave..

im going to see coldplay tonight, and im in the saddest of moods

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:: 2005 4 August :: 2.48 pm

ok ok ok im sorry alright i just couldnt take yer bullshit


:: 2005 3 August :: 9.56 am
:: Mood: cheerful

dont worry? be happy|
EVERYTHING is OK. And I knew that it would be. because everything usually is okay and generally people worry too much. stay calm. relax. 2 more days.


:: 2005 31 July :: 2.28 am
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: pinkfloyd-money (in the backround)

cocksucking pigfaced donut holes
friday night i watched 3 of my best friends get arrested. i should have been the fourth. i lucked out. its fucking tragic though because this whole summer was just wasted for them. i cant even start to tell the story. be careful out there.
alcohol is a pistol pointed directly between your eyes. dont blink.

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:: 2005 25 July :: 12.24 am

i dont just sit back, i prefer to DEFEND myself. and when someone brings up irrelevent shit and calls me a queer3somecheatingpussylickingmotherfucker, im going to make you cry and not feel bad about it. have a nice day =)

:: 2005 8 July :: 4.23 pm

almost every day i have a new person tell me that i look like "so and so" or "that one guy" or "my friend..." almost every damn day! why!?! seriously though its really weird.

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