when we met.. the angels whispered perfect >>>Welcome to my page<<<

I lOove mUh BAbEe'z!! I LOVE NICK'S MY LIL SISTER KAYLA BOYD SO F'N MUCH!!! <3333 I LUHV SARAH ELIZABETH ANGELL !! Sarah, Jill, Court, Marissa, Steve, JAY, Steph, Jamie, Tyler, Carissa, Daniela, Shannon, Matt, Kevin, Daniel, Kimmy, Daniela, Lindsy, Kaela, Evan, Adam, Alex, Amanda, Markus, Mark, Brock, Ryan, TJ, Ashley, Cassanda, Chelsea, Danielle, Chris, Geoff, James, Jeremy, Justin, Roo, Michelle, Leighanne, Kayla n sOo many more.. i luhv yOu guys sOo much !! I LOVE NICK!!!! if my ship should sail from your sight It does not mean our journey ends, It only means the river bends. I think about your face And how I fall into your eyes The outline that I trace Around the one that I call mine So I close my eyes Let the whole thing pass me by I'll run away with you, by my side Love at this age is nothing but sex, sweet talk, and compulsive obsession your the reason i breath i lOove yOou sOo much jillane elizabeth dahms I LOVE MY LIL SISSY CHELSEA!! pick me up now, i need you so bad.. Dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening, And live life eachday as if it were your last. break the ones y0u thought y0u loved..when i went d0wn .. all i th0ught to say is hello i will see y0u in hell t0nyte -->im all yourz babii t0nyte --> iLl be y0ur *naughty gurl* i l0ove t0 l0ove y0u babii *

I l0ve
y0u nich0las

i lOve y0u!



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:: 2004 19 June :: 7.15 pm
:: Music: mark moaning lol

hey hey hey

Hey britt itz daniela.. ha ha ur sittin on the bed wiy nick! yay! ur back <3..
i hope to c u alot ova tha suma until school starts..! u need 2 get into mariner!!!
i hope u have fun at ida tho! i love u!!!
xOx Daniela

i love marK

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:: 2004 13 June :: 2.37 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: everyb0dyz f0ol

clip my wings - with0ut y0u i cant fly
`last night me megan amber n miSsy went to tip of the park -- think thats what its called? its outside and theres bands movies f0od krazii people .. theze 3 kiddz gave amber a sign that said y0uve g0t gr8 ann arb0r b0obz - congragulations! s0o im lyyk why didnt i get one?! and then theyy gave me 3 =] -- l0l *

g0t h0me r0und 12iish - fell asleep round 1 .. nick called me r0und 1:3o s0 i w0ke up n talked t0 him .. we were both really tired n lyk fallin asleep .. l0l .. why didnt u open it?!! ommmg.. im g0nna kill muhself seriously im gonna kill myself NO i didnt jus sayy that .. oo god i wanna kill myself .. lma0 i l0ve y0u *!

i miss kaela =[

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:: 2004 12 June :: 6.06 pm
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: yesterday..

3 months.
seems like forever .
ive never felt this way before


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:: 2004 11 June :: 1.16 pm

give thoughtskill more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

give me hugz babiiz =] commment n tell me how many u left

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:: 2004 10 June :: 10.05 pm
:: Mood: dramatic
:: Music: M0vie - d0nn0 which 0ne

drama, drama, drama. ive been cryin alot lately, and i never cry.. ugh everything is just going wrong.
kaela & jay <-- you 2 have helped me through tons of it .. i love you <3
and thx 2 muh lil sissy kayla who cares even th0 i didnt get t0 talk t0 her b0ut it =/ i love you ya slut

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:: 2004 9 June :: 11.29 am
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: `*piecez 0f mee

You know me better than i ever knew my self -*
Im s0 tired i wanna stay in the fcukin bed forever ..

Laurie PiCked me up.. n went to the m0viez..met brett,paul, grace, j0sh, n megan saw harry p0tter 3 -- reallie LONG n kinda b0ring =/
then megan left n the rest 0f us went bak 2 amber'z .. watched Monster again <-- krazii m0vie ! then went t0 sleep..
Waz lazy m0st the dayy -- then me n amber finally g0t up n went bike ridin -- i havnt rid a bike since i was lyk 8 .. n this guy was stalkin uS - l0l n then brett n paul came 0ver & we went bak to their h0use.. played f0otball g0 l0ng g0 l0ng - i am l0ng ... l0l .. a TENT !! .. n we played 0n bretts drumz -- can i bang on ur drumz? -- l0l .. n t hen we went n got Ice cream i g0t amber wild =] .. we g0t a sundae with everythin NON ch0clate 0n it - l0l eww... n we g0t piXxy stix .. lets g0 up there.. naw.. and hav sex.. OKAY! lol went home round 12iish

Went t0 sch0ol w/ amber.. that was reallie fun saw al0tta ppl i really miSsed .. after sch0ol me amber n sully went 2 bretts 2 swim.. amber leeft lyk 5 minutes after n then we all went n g0t ice cream again =] -- kan i bring the br0om -- kan i eat this t0mat0e-- l0l.. sully fed me ch0clate icce cream l0l thn my mom picked me up n we came hoome

sat a round all day =] lol then maddy came over n she was bein a real bitch n sayin abuncha shit 2 nick =/ ..

.. t0day is jillyz bday so im gonna go over there later on =]
i love u nick !! <333

I get s0 scared
that 0ne dayy y0ur
g0nna wake up
`nd reliSe wat ive
always knew -
y0ur way t0o
g0od 4 me `

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:: 2004 9 June :: 12.26 am

happy `15th birthday jillane elizabeth dahms..
y0ur 0lder then me n0w =/ .. i l0ve y0ou s0 much babii d0ll !!

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:: 2004 8 June :: 5.58 pm


<3. memories.

i know now
i will never
find someone like y0u
so promise me
we will never let go

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:: 2004 8 June :: 4.55 pm

First best friend: anna foley
First Job: havnt had 1 yett
First screen name: sunshine sumthin
First self purchased album: dont kn0w
First pets: Tasha muh pup
First piercing/tattoo: ear 4 yrz 0ld
First true love: =] Every1 kn0wz this 0ne
First enemy: codie
First big trip: dk
First play/musical/performance: 5th grade
Last cigarette: hate cigarettes
Last big car ride: lyk 2 weekz ag0 t0 Michigann
Last kiss: nick -- last time i saw him 2 thursdays ag0
Last good cry: that time after sunsplash =/
Last library book checked out: um it was called Last summer -- lol jay
Last movie seen: Monster
Last beverage drank: pepzi =]
Last food consumed: c0okie
Last crush: umm nick obviousily-- b4 that evan
Last phone call: mike
Last tv show watched: Vh1 last nite
Last time showered: yesterday
Last shoes worn: blak flip fl0pz
Last item bought: umm .. my white pantz
Last disappointment:
Last soda drank: lyk half hour ag0
Last ice cream eaten: yesterday -- sully fed me his ch0clate l0l..can i bring the br0om?
Last shirt worn: this one .. its kaelas black tank top
Last hug : Sully yesterday
Last time you told someone you loved them: brett yesterday
Last time someone told you they loved you: sully 0n myy messages =]

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:: 2004 6 June :: 2.08 pm
:: Mood: lonely

i wanna go home
< / 3

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:: 2004 3 June :: 4.48 pm
:: Mood: flirty

Sleepin all day stayin up all night <3*
`* Heyy guyz .. s0 far summer `o4 haz been pretty dam g0od .. but i miSs fl0rida ='[
amber has guitar leSsonz & me & miSsay went 2 a lil c0ffe sh0p & g0t sm0othiez n Italin s0da .. =].. yum in m0re than 1 wayy .. lma0 .. walked bak - p0urin rain piked up amber went 2 starbux cuz i was hungry .. as always .. lol .. g0t br0wniez n frapz =].. then we went to the m0viez till b0ut 1 in tha m0rnin .. were lyk the onlie ppl in there =] hehehe saw raisin helen <--- cutest m0vie ever !

g0t up real late - me MiSs n amber jus sat r0und all day n watched m0viez.. n then theyy went 2 an art sh0w..n i came h0m n talked 2 nick m0st the night .. watched part of thiz m0vie b0ut thiz reallie cute lil gurl who g0t aten by her t.v... lol...poltregizt or somthing?? .. it was sad ! s0o i turned it 0ff n watched a diff m0vie - then g0t 0ff the f0ne r0und 3am n went t0 sleep

t0night d0nt kn0w what im d0in .. pr0bly hangin 0ut with mas0n n karly.. 0r g0 t0 miSsyz 4 dinner idk.. t0marr0w iz the m0viez with Brett n Trev0r n s0me ppl =]

Kaela-- i miSs y0u s0o much kidd ! y0u g0t me pullin 0ut my split endz n0w- l0l -- l0ve y0u babii !! *

Danielle -- i miSs y0u 2 Huni babii .. SAturday = 2 m0nthz =]

Nick -- i miSs y0u the m0stest i l0ve y0u =] <3*

<33 Brittany

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:: 2004 1 June :: 9.40 am
:: Mood: busy

havin the time of my life, but i wish it was with y0u
w0w.. al0t has happened in the past c0uple dayyz ..

lazt day 0f miDdle sch0ol =[ .. it was really sad.. everyone was crying.. we had the last like 15 minutes 2 walk ar0und n say byye 2 everyb0dy .. im g0nna miSs that sch0ol.. even th0ugh i hated every day that i spent there.. im g0nna miSs markus n mRs hampt0n fighting.. im g0nna MiSs me n kaela going to sch0ol 2gether every single day n c0min h0me every single nite =].. im g0nna MiSs stealin jayz every1z f0od huggin kayla every dayy @ the buS ramp .. me n dani c0untin the dayyz .. Jenna me n Ash playin with clay .. me n cassandra sayin WEASEL UP ASS lol.. whore game ... .. me n sarah g0in t0 the office every single dayy .. fakin sick ..Jeremy the chinese cricket, Frisc0 the white boii , n Lindsey the stupid pueartarican .. and every1 else..i l0ve y0u guyz im g0nna miSs y0u s0o much =[

ANYWAY.. after sch0ol markus,sarah,,n daniel, came h0me 0n the buS with me n kaela n came 2 my h0use.. then nick came n we all went t0 sunsplash.. which was fun 4 lyk 15 minutes.. n then it g0t kinda b0rin n we were stuck there till 9.. al0t funny things happened th0ugh markus swallowed a fly ! l0l.. n then kaela n nick came back to my h0use n we made pina c0ladaz n then nick went h0me n me n kaela watched a m0vie n she went h0me r0und 3 am.. l0l =]

dr0ve 2 atlanta
dr0ve 2 michigan.. g0t there r0und 1o .. miSsy n amber came n picked me up went to there h0use n watched m0vies n ATE n fell asleep

walked 2 CVS 2 get hair die 4 Amber met j0sh n sully .. there s0o funny n aws0me =].. went 2 a garage sale .. b0ught bellz n b0otz..lma0.. came back h0me n drew all 0ver j0shz face .. i have never laughed s0 hard that kiDd is hillari0uz .. then an0ther j0sh came 0ver .. n then we died ambers hair .. this redish purpleish burgendyish c0l0r.. n then we watched face 0ff .. then watched PARENTS of the caribean .. MICHIGAN imp0Ssible n listened 2 sum LINKIN LAW .. l0l ..

w0ke up early went t0 a parade started -p0uring* .. chelsie came 0ver.. went t0 CVS 'gain t0 get men miSsy hair die .. g0t ice cream .. went t0 the Park came h0me died my hair =] n miSsys but she put wayy 2 much in and its BRIGHT ORANGE..lma0 .. then me missy amber chelsie n craig n his gurlfriend all cramed into his lil 2 seater convertablen went t0 A&W -- started p0urin again .. came h0me fell asleep 4 lyk 4 h0urz l0l.. w0ke up ate.. then went bak 2 sleep .. l0l...

t0day im all al0ne at miSsy n ambers h0use cuz there at school <--hahahahah .. s0o any0ne call my cell if y0ur b0red cuz i will be .. mwaaazzzz

I LOVE KAELA N NICK <-- i miss u 2 !!


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:: 2004 25 May :: 9.42 pm

i love nick =]
were an "item" kaela would say .. <3333333

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:: 2004 24 May :: 9.22 pm
:: Mood: disappointed

thanks f0r n0thing.. not gonna go over what has happened in the past week like usual. no one cares. i sure as hell dont. doesnt even matter. ill just start with friday..when me markus kaela n nick went to amandas party. if you could even call it a party..more like hell..i feel really bad for draggin nick there.. i didnt even wanna go ..from the second we got there we all just stood there watching everyone cry and scream and run around from being so trashed. high drunk..everyone. havin to sit with one of my best friends as she throws up all over me and the floor as she was screamin at me but telling me she needs me at the same time.. be...markus's mom picked us up thank god..

saturday was the8th grade dance.. that was pretty good i guess.. danced with alotta ppl.. .. then the lim0 took is to mugz n jugz .. that sucked..sept 4 karoke.. rest of the night sat alone..nick got there round 11:3o after me beggin him.. ignored me for a while then hung out with me for about 6 seconds then we left..

sunday.. me n kaela went to sunsplash n met everybody there.. hung out with nick in the lazy river then left 4 a minute to go talk with kaela..then mark comes back and tells me nick doesnt wanna go out with me anymore so im jus like WHY and markus xplains its because i "cheated on him" with kevin at the dance and they all heard from brittney detrick who "saw the whole thing" who by the way wasnt even at the fuckin dance..s0o i wanted to go home right then because i couldnt stand seeing him all day but bailey n kayla boyd made me stay..had an awsome day with them.. we made a NERD HERD picked dildoz from the dildo tree and used up all our last freakin pennyz 2 get abuncha ice cream n a slurpee..go0d timez..they cheered me up s0o much and i l0ve them 4 it.. =D thankz tatter t0t n wh0pper !! MWA! .. nick kept trying to talk to me but i didnt wanna talk to him.. i guess he didnt want mark to break up with me he was jus mad .. i dont know if were broken up for good or not.. i hope not cuz i miSs him already..='[ ..
well im gonna go..

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:: 2004 20 May :: 11.04 pm

we are beautiful together.

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