when we met.. the angels whispered perfect >>>Welcome to my page<<<

I lOove mUh BAbEe'z!! I LOVE NICK'S MY LIL SISTER KAYLA BOYD SO F'N MUCH!!! <3333 I LUHV SARAH ELIZABETH ANGELL !! Sarah, Jill, Court, Marissa, Steve, JAY, Steph, Jamie, Tyler, Carissa, Daniela, Shannon, Matt, Kevin, Daniel, Kimmy, Daniela, Lindsy, Kaela, Evan, Adam, Alex, Amanda, Markus, Mark, Brock, Ryan, TJ, Ashley, Cassanda, Chelsea, Danielle, Chris, Geoff, James, Jeremy, Justin, Roo, Michelle, Leighanne, Kayla n sOo many more.. i luhv yOu guys sOo much !! I LOVE NICK!!!! if my ship should sail from your sight It does not mean our journey ends, It only means the river bends. I think about your face And how I fall into your eyes The outline that I trace Around the one that I call mine So I close my eyes Let the whole thing pass me by I'll run away with you, by my side Love at this age is nothing but sex, sweet talk, and compulsive obsession your the reason i breath i lOove yOou sOo much jillane elizabeth dahms I LOVE MY LIL SISSY CHELSEA!! pick me up now, i need you so bad.. Dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening, And live life eachday as if it were your last. break the ones y0u thought y0u loved..when i went d0wn .. all i th0ught to say is hello i will see y0u in hell t0nyte -->im all yourz babii t0nyte --> iLl be y0ur *naughty gurl* i l0ove t0 l0ove y0u babii *

I l0ve
y0u nich0las

i lOve y0u!



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:: 2004 16 May :: 11.26 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: nuFfin

Everything is 0kay, n0w that y0ur here
0kay s0o
wuz muh first day on crutchez..l0l funn.. fell al0t..went tannin after skewl w/ kaela..
wednesday.. -me * muh babiiz 2 month -
went 2 skewl..came h0me..picked up kaela n markus n went to nickz h0use.. g0t there n the guyz played basketball n me,kaela,kayla,n mia talked n tryed to spray paint my cruchtes l0l..then Nickz m0m t0ok Me - Mark - Markus - Kaela - Kayla - Nick - n Mia 2 Baiileyz s0ftball gamme .. the guyz playyed baskterball again n i was h0pin round cuz every`1 but me had muh crutchez..l0ol..mia n kayla gave me a tat0o! .. then thez guyz threw basket ballz @ me n mia s0o markus n mark went n kiked their buttz l0l =] then we me n muh babii went n playyed in the sand * nick didnt feel g0od =[ .. then i hung 0ut w/ kayla [ b0yd ] n mia fer a while.. kan i tellll u sumthin l0l ::licks ear:: .. l0l .. me n muh mia bear bitch g0t sum guyz f0ne numberz! l0l w0op w0op x0x * n than Nickz daddy dr0ve me n kaela h0me - thursday
me n kaela went tannin.. that was pretty much it muh m0m made me c0me h0me n stuDy fer math cuhz i have a D in algebra =[
me n kaela g0t readii fer the m0viez, piked up jamie n lindsey..went .. met up w/ nick.. saw the lazt half 0f new y0rk minute.. than the firzt half l0l.. saw r0o mary n stevie =]i waz playin w/ kaelas hair n drawin 0n her bak n she fell asleep 0n me =] l0l l0ve y0u babii * <3 ..then she spent the nite n we watched nine livez but fell asleep..
Me n kaela sat round the h0use all day ..drunk pina c0l0daz..n ate ice cream.. then went to the bl0ck party brittanys n nickz party-fair.. l0l .. d0nt azk.. n we met up w/ muh f0xy felicia..cassandra..lizzie..michael..sami..ethan n sum 0ther ppl .. g0t m0re kiddz #z..went 2 wendyz - playyed lazer tag - n w0n fire ballz.. l0l.. g0od timez.. i w0n 5 d0larrz =] cuhz me n nick made a bet t0 C wh0 c0uld n0t whine the l0ngest n i w0n but then i ended up given him the m0ney cuhz hiz p0or lil aSs waz thirsty =P "im c0ld, im tired, i wanna sit d0wn, my back hurtz"..l0l jk mwa !then went h0me r0und 11
went t0 sunsplash early.. g0t there n it started p0urin rain.. left n it g0t sunny .. l0l.. kame h0me watched texas chain saw masacre, where the heart is, and american wedding.. then kaela went h0me r0und 11 @ nite...

thaz b0ut it...

NiCh0LaS a BoyD -- i l0ve y0u s0 much Babii * y0u have n0 idea -- i w0uldnt chanGe anythin b0ut y0u .. y0u r s0 perfect fer Me.. i l0ve y0u m0re Than AnyThin ElSe.. MWAAA!
2 m0nthz 4 Daiiz n still c0untin

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:: 2004 13 May :: 11.00 pm


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:: 2004 10 May :: 7.26 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: NaGgin`*

Ill neva f0rget the l0ok in yer eyez *
i havnt wr0te in here in a while..
s0 thursday courtney called me and told me she was moving, and friday was her last day. words cant describe how much i am gonna miss her, she is my best friend and she was my first friend when i moved here, seriously .. i dont know how im gonna make it without her.. i love you courtney ! .. anyway s0 yea friday i gave c0urt this necklace n bracelet 4 a g0in away prez..n she gave me this heart necklace that is silver n blu..n than at 2 was the talent sh0w s0 i sat by c0urt n we wre m0stly jus cryin thr0ugh it.. n than there waz lyk a gr0up 0f lyk 40 ppl surR0undin her cryin n huggin her.. it was really sad =/ .. than i jus tried to keep my mind of it and have a ok weekend.. went with kaela to get her dress fitted and than we went to the movies n met our boitoiz .. saw mean gurlz for the 3rd time .. thn went to man on fire.. left round 11.. came homee slept.. than lindsey came n pickd me up at lyk 1 saturday n we went to jeremys party..that waz really fun . . than i went bak 2 linds h0use n we g0t ready 4 teen night.. wanted 2 d0 s0mthin w/ nick but he waz tired..s0 we piked up steven n went.. had s0o much funn there.. hung 0ut w/ linds steven carissa dezi marissa randy jeremy .. that was aws0me.. then went h0me..sunday waznt s0o g0od =/ ugh.. i hurt my knee really badd and in lyk 10 minutes im g0in n gettin crutchez.. l0l..

<33 i l0ove NiCh0lAs! <33

4 c0urty...
I wish I could carry your smile in my heart,
For times when my life seems so low.
It would make me believe what tomorrow can bring,
When today doesn't really know.

I want you to come back and carry me home,
Away from these longlonely nights.
I'm reaching for you

And what would you say if I called on you now?
And said that I can't hold on?
There's no easy wayit gets harder each day.

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:: 2004 2 May :: 12.20 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: SugAh SugAh

all my lyf ive prayed fer s0me0ne lyk y0u

Sarah came h0me with me, cuz we were soposed to go to the yankeez champi0nshipp but it was rainin s0o it waz canceled - then the p0wer went 0ut - s0 me n sarah made a f0rt in my bathr0om l0l - it waz s0o funn - than we went 2 muh babii kaelaz . . they burRied me in pill0wz n than jumped on me =] l0l - than we went bak h0me . . did 0ur h0mew0rk n slept in 0ur f0rt =]

friday - jA mIeZ biRthDaii

Sch0ol waz 0kay - - sarrah came h0me with me - than kaela came 0ver n we all g0t readdyy f0r the m0viezz .. saw s0o0 many ppl there.. wen i first g0t there me n felicia did our RAIN DANCE !! to make the rain g0 away but i think we made iit c0me m0re l0l .. i l0ve y0u fefe!! Than Me kaela nick n markus went int0 MeAn GuRlZ but there were n0o0 seatz - but we kicked s0me kiddz 0ut s0o we g0t some nexxt 2 chris n sarah =] i waz s0o0o0o hyper nick waz makin funn of me the wh0le m0vie l0l n i talked thr0ugh the wh0le thiing . . l0l d0 y0u neEd s0me0ne t0 butter y0ur muffin?!;] lma0 - than stevie neEded a seat s0o me n nick m0ved 0ver 0ne neXt t0 thez 11 year 0ldz n nick said 0mg im lyk 0n thiz kiddz lap n im lyk d0nt w0rry he lyks it n i asked him if he w0uld have m0nkey sexx w/ nick n he said n0 n i asked if he w0uld have monnkeyy sexx w/ me n he said hell yea but u g0tta boyfriend and i sed n0o0 thiz iz muh br0ther !! n he lyk freaked 0ut n t0ld all his lil 11 1/2 year 0ld friendz that we were br0ther n sister n they were all p0intin at us -- l0l -- than after the m0viez it waz rainin really hard -- thunder g0 b0om lightning g0 flash l0l nick =] .. we were all dancin in the rain n vinny went streakin n put his ass printz 0n the Kmart wind0w - l0l than me kaela n sarah hadda run ar0und chasin her m0m l0l n we were lyk swimmin in the parkinl0t .. than we went 2 jamiez fer her partey .. sarah,stevie,mary,jamies cuzin, jamiez neighboor, and lindsey were there..watched freddie g0t fingered .. prank kalled ppl .. talked n than fell asleep

n than went t0 sleep ..

left jamiez round 11:3o - tanNed the rest 0f the dayy till lyk 5 n than Kaela came 0ver n we g0t readii fer Nickz .. i t0ld him ide be there @ 63o s0o i called him at lyk 6:15 t0 tell him i waz leavin n ask if markus waz there n hiz dadd sed he went 0n j0shz b0at n w0uldnt be h0me till 7 - 7:3o .. s0 i waz kinda madd cuz my m0m waz leavin n c0uld 0nly take uz n0w -- s0 we went t0 the m0viez -- saw kaelas krazy friendz wh0 gave us nelly stikerz .. l0l .. theyy all th0ugh i waz pregnet - we saw mean gurlz again l0l .. sat in the xact same seatz cuz were d0rkz - than left cuhz nick kept callin than nickz dad picked us up fr0m the m0viez n we went bak there w/ markus.. than nickz m0mmy wanted us t0 g0 t0 their neighb0orz n his dad sed it waz cuz she wanted t0 sh0w me 0ff -- l0l aww =] n nick dr0ve us there -- than nickz dad dr0ve uz bak n we made markus n nick walk l0l .. than me kaela n nick had a water fight in the h0use -- g0t water everywhere - than we were really c0ld s0 we went n laid in hiz cozy bed .. then nickz m0m came h0me n waz reallie drunk n really mad cuz the 4 0f uz were in his bed with the lights 0ff n 0ur clothz were 0n the fl0or [ cuz we took em off cuz they were wet n put on nickz clothz ] l0l - than i f0und ch0clate in nickz cl0set n me n markus n nick were all eatin it n than he relized i waz fr0m 2 x-mas'z ag0 l0l-- than we g0t h0me r0und midnight .. n i went t0 sleep

t0day me n kaela r g0in sh0ppin fer 0ur dreSsez =] I KAN G0 TO THE 8TH GRADE DANCE NOWW!!


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:: 2004 29 April :: 8.42 am

Im g0nna make y0u l0ve me babbii
Heyy ..
s0o yessterday me n sarah went sh0pping round 5iish .. t0 get 0ur dresses, twin 0utfitz, n jamie'z prezent . . all we g0t waz 0ur twin 0utfitz which R prettie dam kute !n me n sarah had fun runnin round lol =] "d0 y0u have AT&T" BAMMM!! lma0 * g0od timez.. . .Mark & Daniela were there and Josh & Nick.. n0ne 0f us knew l0l.. s0o i hung 0ut w/ muh baybee f0r a lil bit "i think i smell j0sh !! " lma0 l0ve y0u babe!!. . than we saw krista & alison!! i havnt seen them in s0o l0ng !! =D Krista is s0o sweEt !! i <3 her !

n0thin iz g0in rite anym0re =/

im always there f0r y0u
. . but y0u have never ever beEn there f0r me .
im starting to relise wh0 aRe reallyy my friendz . . `nd wh0 never were:-\

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:: 2004 27 April :: 6.37 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music:


ii thiink ii neEd y0u babii
=[ Ugh - - i havnt wr0te in here in a while . .

friday - went t0 a dance with Kayla .. danced with s0me sexy 6th graders, lol m0st 0f them turned me d0wn th0 ='[ teaaar . . n we g0t lyk 21 gl0w stixx . . than went 2 Nick'z . . hung 0ut @ markz n watched m0viez -- than went t0 nickz gain hadd a reallie badd head ace =[ . . went h0me ar0und 11

Saturday -- sarah walked 0ver early -- went t0 chris's . . tyler was there -- the 4 0f us jus played basketball , swam n watched m0vies we playyed CLUE! l0l - it waz pretty funn . .

sunday -- waz reallie tired s0o jus stayyed h0me . .

M0nday - -

wasnt s0o g0od =[ m0st 0f y0u alreaddy kn0w whyy but its all better n0w - - sept that mark hates me =/

HaPpy AnNivErSeRy SaRaH - - 2 m0nThZ bAyBaY !! l0l 2/27 !!

eVeRy tImE yOuR LiPs mEeT mInE
iT sTiLl fEeLs LiKe ThE fIrSt TiMe
aNd iF yOu lOsT eVeRyThInG
I`d KeEp On sTaNdInG bY yOuR sIdE
aNd BoYiT sEeMs LiKe EvErYdAy i FaLl dEePeR iN lOvE wItH yOu
- - - - - - :
Nick -- i l0ve y0u !!

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:: 2004 23 April :: 8.39 am

KraZedBlOndie69: teen drinking is very bad!

KraZedBlOndie69: teen drinking iz very bad!
zac000lz8946: huh?

KraZedBlOndie69: teen drinking is very bad
WoWo CoWo 1490: why?

KraZedBlOndie69: teen drinking is very bad !
bLu eyed fLoosie: y0 i got a fake id thO
DING DING DING !! g0 Lee! <3.

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:: 2004 22 April :: 8.54 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: She wantz t0 m0ve --* lma0 Ashy!!

0ne day y0ull miSs mE lyk i miSseD y0u..*
Hey my shweet sexi beautiful people !
im in a gr8 m0od.. t0dayy was really g0od .. 1zt period we played with clay playy d0 all class - l0l w0rk it !! 2nd period - t0ld gh0st st0riez .. l0l that waz kinda fun =P LunCh me n Ash were singin l0l.. TAKE A L0oK @ Y0UR GURL .. SHE L0VES IT !! lma0* 3rd peri0d- tezt =/ .. 4th period .. hung out w/ Mark & we wr0te 0n each 0ther all peri0d cuhz we hadD n0 w0rk =] than parent pik up -- hung 0ut w/ my cripled sister .. l0l shez hurt herr f0ot & iz 0n crutchez cuhzZ she stePped 0n a t0oth pik lma0 -- dumaSs !! l0l jk i l0ve y0u baBez ! t0marR0w . . im h0pefulLy g0in t0 the dance [ i n0 im lamMe-- itz f0r Xtra creddit ] w/ Nick'z sister Kayla ! n were g0nna sit in the c0rner, make funN 0f everyune, eat , n ask 6th graDerz 2 dancce l0l.. yayy !! than nick'z m0mmy iz pikin us up n were g0n bak 2 their h0use =] . . n i gett t0 C muh babii finallyy..

i remember the day we met started 0ut lyk n e 0ther dayy y0u were jus an0ther kute face in the croud
what i didnt kn0w than - - that dayy w0uld change mii life f0rever i l0ve y0u -- *

p.s. i f0rg0t t0 tell y0u h0w felicia saved my life AGAIN !!! we were at the m0vies n she rannn int0 my armz -- * l0l n than we were talkin n this DRUNK m0ter cycle man was SPEEDING d0wn the street `nd we rann n she pushed me 0utta the way -- * l0l !! x0x0x0x0

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:: 2004 19 April :: 10.42 pm

i love you jllane elizabeth dahms .. 28 dayz

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:: 2004 19 April :: 9.35 pm
:: Music: MY BAND!!

So Cal 1449: lmao
So Cal 1449: ok!
So Cal 1449: when? ;-)

juggalo8989: ok
juggalo8989: when

KraZedBlOndie69: please o please let me suck ur cock?!?!
Stevkant08: y?
KraZedBlOndie69: y not?!
Stevkant08: lolo ok if u reallly want to
KraZedBlOndie69: yesss

KraZedBlOndie69: please o please let me suck ur cock?
JsBrattyGirl05: alright
KraZedBlOndie69: lol
JsBrattyGirl05: onli cuz u sed plz

Roxy XoXoXo Babe: my salsa makes all the pretty gurls dance and want to take off there underpants!
THERE WE GO!!! <33 g0o fefe!

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:: 2004 17 April :: 10.46 am
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: sarah n kaela`*

i c0uld never leavve y0u n0w . *
Heyy guyz- muh week waz prettie b0ring . . yesterday~* sarrah came 0ver n than we walked 2 kaela..nick called me and was biitchin at me and he t0ld me he wuznt g0in t0 the m0viez s0 im lyk 0kayy fine n he lyk said i waz bein a bitch n hung up 0n me-but yea than kaela came bak w/ us we g0t readii n went t0 the m0vviez.. g0t there n nick was there =] but he was ign0rin me =/ `nd he t0ld me he waznt g0nna hang 0ut w/ me cuz i was being a bitch `nd he wanted t0 hang 0ut w/ j0sh n markus didnt c0me s0 me n kaela were sadd l0l n than chris, sarah, kaela,lee, & matt hadda walk round 4 lyk 2 hourz cuz they w0uldnt let us in to a m0vie till 9 n than we went into sc0oby d0oby d0o 2. . . `nd me n nick made up =D but he hadda hang out w/ j0sh s0 i didnt see him the wh0le time but dats 0kay
*i l0ve j0shua !`* n than we all left 1nd kaela n sarah spent the night n we watched a scary m0vie but fell asleep l0l
t0day im g0in t0 a parteey i think *
x0x i l0ove kaela n sarah !! x0x

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:: 2004 15 April :: 11.33 pm

i keep changing my journal. i think im done for a while. i like it. thanks lizzi for the icon n codes =]

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:: 2004 13 April :: 10.11 am

I Dont Know How

You look at me,
As i bow my head in shame.
You and I both know that,
Things could never be the same.

I remember when we were,
The best of friends.
But now things seem so different,
Im not sure if my heart will ever mend.

We've said some hurtful words,
And done some stupid stuff.
No matter how close we got,
It never seemed like enough.

I dont know who is at fault,
And i dont know what to do,
Our friendship is no more,
But i just dont know,
How to let go of you.

Written by: Jillane Dahms
November 25th 2002

I luv you and miss you britty ='(

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:: 2004 12 April :: 5.39 pm
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: Dont tell me..

0ne m0nth babii <3.

Heyy..well thursday i went to cassandras.. we g0t off at a diff. bus st0p s0 we could buy junk f0od n hair dye 4 matt . . n than we walked 2 cassandra's - l0ng walk l0l.. than matt came 0ver & we decided n0t t0 die his hair cuhz his mom wuld gr0und him.. than we went t0 the m0viez.. saw muh babii =] than dr0pped cassandra 0ff . . piked up sarah n went h0me . . we watched a m0vie n than fell asleep . . friday me & sarah did n0thin all day as usual n jus sat round than went to markus's parrty.. that waz perdi funn l0l ;] kinda krazii.. ALOT of ppl were there . . but i jus m0stly hung out w/ nick.. we went h0me round 11 .. sarah n kaela spent the night.. kaela left earlii sat. m0rnin .. n me n sarah made a new rec0rd- stayin in bed f0r 21 hourz!! l0l wOop wOop we watched 80's m0viez n sat around in our pj's all day long . . it was fun =] C THESE EYES? I C U W/ THESE EYES!! lma0 -* d0nt ask !! n than she left round 8.. than i watched a m0vie w/ my mommy =] n sunday=easter .. went 0ut 2 dinner w/ my family .. we were s0p0sed 2 met amanda,ashley, & mckenna n their fam but n0o .. they culdnt come s0o it was BORING jill called me but we only talked for like 5 minutes than me n sarah talked on the f0ne till lyk midnight . . l0l n watched a reallie intresting show.. ;] tehe...& t0day i was s0p0sed 2 g0 to the m0viez n than g0 2 nicks but my m0m was being gayy & w0uldnt take me s0o oh well . .
she is sucha sweetie =]
shes the onlie une who cared i was havin a bad day t0day !

bLu eyed fLoosie: ..... britt whats wrogggg

at least someone cares

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:: 2004 8 April :: 3.45 pm

If y0u g0 `nd leave me here 0n mii 0wn..
Heyy guyzz .. im in l.a. rite now . doin my research, borredd... my week has ben buzy s0 farr.. m0nday sarah came 0ver `nd we w0rked 0n 0ur n0te kardz [ well n0t reallie l0l ] we m0ztly juz watched t.v.-liztened 2 muzik n hung 0ut- than kaela kame 0ver 2.. than we dr0ve em b0th h0me.. tuezday went to jayz..erik kame 0ver & we went 2 dinner. . than i went h0me.. wednesday me & sarah left sk0ol earlii- g0t muh hair dun =] i <333 itt!! `nd than we went sh0ppin- got lotza pink l0l . . t0day im g0in t0 cassandras n were g0nna die mattz hair & than sarah is c 0min 2 my h0use =] `nd i mite g0 t0 the m0viez & C muh babiii =]

jay is being MEAN.

than ill wait f0r y0u

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