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:: 2005 3 April :: 5.53 pm
:: Music: Fight Test // The Flaming Lips

I am back! Here is my birthday winnings:

-The abovely-mentioned CD from my widdle sister
-35 bucks from Gramma & Grampa T
-My very own laptop!!!

That last one is particularily exciting but it's in the mail at the moment. Unlike my previous one, it is not employed at Siemens running conveyor belt systems half the time. I'm kinda fuzzy on what the specs are for it, but it's customized and is a pretty nice machine.

Anyone wanna do something? If not I am condemned to rake the lawn and crap.


:: 2005 3 April :: 9.18 am
:: Music: Blue Glasses // Smokey And Miho

It is my birthday! I even feel 18.

I am going over to my grandparents later so I don't know if the thing I talked about with Rachel and Katie will work out... it might still... not sure.

I had a dream last night I had a big, hulkin' monster buddy. It was pretty awesome. We went to Meijers and he ate all the meat, and then we escaped out the back way up the hills.

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:: 2005 31 March :: 10.07 pm
:: Music: Fast One // Cowboys & Monsters

Kurt Angle is crazy! Wow. Rey Mysterio is awesome. I wish I had pay-per-view, Wrestlemainia is on my birthday : (


:: 2005 29 March :: 11.22 pm
:: Music: That's Life // The Living Brass

The later I stay up doing this report on the effects of Oxycontin abuse, the more attractive it sounds : / Sigh, I need sleep.

I had an awesome evening. :) Things were kinda crappy until 7:00 rolled around. I defected to Jenison, bwa ha ha

Also, I commandeth thee, stop being angsty. I don't want none o' these poor-me's flyin around. Life is awesome, not everything depends on how people are treating you. God loves you, just remember that when people get you down.


:: 2005 28 March :: 9.49 pm
:: Music: Paranoid // Black Sabbath

Something I've relearned lately: life gets so much better when you let go and give up everything to God. I mean, some of the things I've wanted were just stupid, and it's great to be able to focus on things that really matter that God has planned for you and actually give you some fufillment. And even sometimes the things you give up that you cared so much about come back to you new and improved, without all of the grime you tried to put there yourself. Anyway, I'm probably not making sense, but it's great and I thank God for it.

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:: 2005 28 March :: 5.37 pm
:: Music: Cry Out For Love // Holy Soldier

'Tis a good day for METAL!!!

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:: 2005 27 March :: 6.10 pm
:: Music: Double Bass // The Gorillaz

Bleagh | P


:: 2005 26 March :: 10.05 pm
:: Music: Latin Simone // The Gorillaz

Toady was fun, me and Brett went bowling. We hung out with Jess and Pam and David there, and talked and had fun and generally annoyed Jess's boss (you know, that grouchy guy at the bowling alley that yells at kids a lot). It was pretty fun.

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:: 2005 24 March :: 10.57 pm


Taken From the Flatfoot 56 Website:

Attention!!!!! We have been given a big opportunity to be apart of a city wide competition put on by the Chicago Tribune news paper. We are one of ten bands chosen by the newspaper for the competition. What it requires is for the fans of each band to go to the competition's website and vote for their favorite band. We need you guys on this one! This is a big opportunity for us and a good opportunity for fans of punk to show that they are alive and kicking. We are the only punk band to be included in the contest. The voting will begin on Wednesday March 23 and will run until Sunday the 27th. The website is and the contest and information will be put on the site on Wednesday March 23. Please help us out and go to the site and vote for the good old boys from the south side.,0,1253288.story?coll=mmx-music_top_heds


:: 2005 24 March :: 10.09 pm
:: Music: Close Behind // Calexico

I'm sorry about my rant there, I was just really mad and blew stuff out of perportion. I do that a lot.

In short, if you haven't heard, I lost my job. Dang ol' economy.


:: 2005 23 March :: 10.33 pm
:: Music: Plane Crash Girl // W.A.C.O. (the wild acoustic chamber orchestra)


If you do not I will have to eat your brains

Have a terrific night's sleep.

-the monitor lizard kisser

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:: 2005 22 March :: 7.21 pm
:: Music: Untitled II // Calexico

Just for y'alls pure infotainment, I will be leaving Rockford on May 31 for other lands. I might be back a weekend or so but maybe not. So, if you want, get all your hangouts with me for the entire ensuing year out of your system over the next two months and a half. I'll miss you guys. : (

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:: 2005 20 March :: 10.33 pm

Sunken Waltz

washed my face in the rivers of Empire
made my bed from a cardboard crate
down in the City of Quartz
no news, no new regrets
tossed a Susan B. over my shoulder
and prayed it would rain and rain,
submerge the whole Western states
call it a last fair deal
with an American seal
and corporate hand shake

take the story of Carpenter Mike
dropped his tools and his keys and left
and headed out as far as he could
past the cities and gated neighborhoods
he slept ‘neath the stars
wrote down what he dreamt
and he built a machine
for no one to see
then took flight, first light
of new morning


:: 2005 18 March :: 8.03 pm
:: Music: They Dwell On Other Girls // Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra (W.A.C.O.)

Blah blah blah, some people are all talk

And now for the song mentioned above
You can find it here if you wish. I am not totally sure about the words but I think they're pretty accurate.

I always flirt with death, there ain't nothing I can do about it
I can face your threats and stand up straight and tall and shout about it
I think I'm on another world with you, with you
I'm on another planet with you

You get under my skin, I don't find it irritating
I always pay to win but I don't need to be rehabilitated
I think I'm on another world with you, with you
I'm on another planet with you, with you

Another world, another planet
Another planet, another planet oh no

Space travel's in my blood, there ain't nothing I can do about it
Long journeys wear me out but oh gosh, I can't live without it
I think I'm on another world with you, with you
I'm on another planet with you, with you
Another battle means nothing to gain
Another planet means bringing me down


:: 2005 17 March :: 10.58 pm
:: Music: Subtle Alliance // Living Sacrifice

Down with emo : P


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