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:: 2005 20 November :: 2.20 am

Hello and Goodbye
I absolutely love not showing up, almost as much as I enjoy disappointing everyone.

Sorry guys, I just don't care for any MUD right now. I'm not upset. I must just have poor time management because I don't seem to have time for MUDs at all. I've, well, moved on. I miss coding, I really do, but right now I'm just taking a long, long, long ass break. Enjoying life right now, so.. wish me the best. I sure wish you guys at LL the best.

And to my only good friends, thanks Kartman and Sheepboy. You guys will always rock.

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:: 2005 24 July :: 8.41 pm

Progress Report
I chuckled when I saw Zyferus made money off NAAJS. I mean it was worth a shot, and that's awesome. :P

I was disheartened when I learned that, once again, Salius had combined Ela with LL, but I decided to stay regardless and see how it goes, again. This time with a lot less hope and wishful thinking. I also decided to switch to Newbieland and put Charlton on hold -- this way I'll get one area done faster because another creator is working on it with me. So far I've redone half of the Newbieland's ice cavern descriptions. I had plans to finish them yesterday or earlier today but I wasn't in the mood. :| What an excuse.

Got work in the morning so I don't know when I'll next touch up the ice caverns.

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:: 2005 14 July :: 6.34 pm

I sure don't mind a change.. 'cause I fell on black days.
Some interesting news. I know it's been ages since I last posted on this journal, mainly because it was for Lost Legends and with my last post everything seemed lost. Today Salius gives me word that he found an old ass copy of Lost Legends -- about mid-2002. Better yet, that I can work on that instead of LoE. Which I absolutely intend to.

I need to refine my search for some old LL notepad logs of changes I was making during that time and after. I had notepad files of complete area descriptions I never put in-game.. my inconvenient desire to put everything out at once instead of changing one room at a time.

I'll start with Charlton. Rework descriptions (in fact, I intend to completely redo them. I'm even considering changing streetname and/or the filenames.) Hard work ahead, but I am so fucking willing to go through all the way on this one. I want to be fucking satisfied with Charlton before I do anything else.

Rooms -- Go through all room descriptions, starting with the streets. Possible renaming and editing exits, add more features, change add_item to match descriptions, add chats for any sights of interest nearby.
NPCs -- Re-balance them to suit town, add more denizens, add more inventory and clothing (randomize a lot of their inventory for the time being). Considering removing QNPCs for the time being. All the work I intend to do for Charlton, I don't yet know which quests I want to alter.
Quests -- A lot of the quests in Charlton are down with Newbieland's difficulty, which I intend to provide more searching, or more skill usage to accomplish. Alter current quests. This includes QNPC chats (adding more options when a player asks them about the quest -- more player friendly) and possible rewards.

All I have planned right now. Hopefully I won't post too much more during this time.

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:: 2004 12 December :: 8.16 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: HIM - Sweet Pandemonium

Could have sworn I posted a good-bye entry before I left..
Since Legends of Elanathia reverted to Elanathia's roughly untouched mudlib (compared to Lost Legends'), I left. That was that. Goodbye coding days. I was upset I didn't get creator status, for one, and I didn't feel like I needed to ask or be asked for it. I've been with Lost Legends since October 21, 2001. I didn't like the mudlib 'idea' either of course, and that was over the top for me. I know there were so many screw-ups in the mudlib and dodgy code thanks to a fucked up ego-driven multiple personality bastard, but to me that mudlib was better. And I recall the customized parts and features in LL's mudlib were going to get implemented into Ela's, but I was not going to sit and idle there (heh..) for that to kick in. I can not stand MUDs like that. Spam hell. Shoddy NPCs running around asking to be killed, but so poorly coded that players don't feel it is even worth the privilege to be acknowledged and slaughtered, because they KNOW ten more of the EXACT SAME NPC will run into the room and flood lines of howdy-do's and how's-the-weather. GAH. Like bloody Mexicans -- never travelling alone.

"That's just wrong!" Aww...

Anyway, I'll probably switch over to another journal. If I find another MUD to put idle time into, I'll most likely continue the usage of this paid account. Tsk.

Better yet, if you know of an LPMUD that doesn't suck, I can code something here and there. Just email me with the MUD address info and a brief description of the world would be cool, too.

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:: 2004 1 November :: 4.29 pm

Happy Belated Halloween
According to good friend call query_halloween()FESTIVITY_H, Halloween is still present. How was your Halloween? Mine was groovy, and by groovy I mean it wasn't too great. I played pool in a dorm across my workplace with a semi-co-worker, who seems intent on being my 'type'. Not to mention I was playing with chemically burned hands.. which challenge is interesting and all that, but it sucked.

I recall last Halloween I went trick-or-treating in a black trash bag. The year before that I was mudding (on LL I recall), the year before that I was with my sister and her crossdresser. The year before that I was on New Moon/dispensing candy at the door. Year before that, I recall hanging with my father as he scoured the streets for evildoers. Year before that, I do believe I was trick-or-treating with an old friend. ..I love Halloween.

Which, last night I subtlety hinted through the phone that I wanted a semi-friend to join me at the Halloween get-together, and that he declined, to "hand out candy", I must say I have taken personally. That was my invitation to forget all mistakes and arguments; an invitation he won't see again. Halloween..

My mother's birthday is coming up, and if I don't get called in, I'll have the day off. I'm very excited to now have a debit card.. that's all.. I'll write LoE news in a bit, or so.

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:: 2004 28 August :: 7.04 pm

My mind is pacing.. could my heart be racing?
I cannot define this happiness, it's borderline unbearable, it's tremendous in the highest regard.. I cannot define it. INEFFABLE IS THE WORD.

Yet, simply saying I'm fucking happy would more than likely do it justice.

But that's not why you should read this journal.. you want to hear about Lost Legends, no? Otherwise you'd be on my un-Lost Legends journal. No?

Which amuses me terribly so.. (aye, off-topicness is my forte) I didn't tell anyone, not even friends, not even people who read this journal, that I do in fact have two. Firstly, I figured if someone really, really, really wanted to find out they could. But that's not what amuses me. It amuses me when I say, "Oh you didn't know?" as if they were, in fact, supposed to. Because I didn't tell anyone, right? Get it? I can't say I know why I did that. I sometimes tell people, to paraphrase, "Is my humour so hard to see?" when right now I'm answering, "Why, yes, yes it is."

Heh..... sooo.

I start so many projects and what-nots on Lost Legends. I put area projects off hold because we have no players because... and so I started to redo Charlton room descriptions in a notepad file. This way I can update all of the rooms (mighty helllll) relatively at the same time, instead of having them updated one day, and one day, and one day, because I know some invisible player is going to complain that many rooms SUCK and the other rooms DON'T. Athankyou.

I can read them invisible players' minds now. They transmit these waves that say, "UNIFIED GOSHDARN ROOM DESCRIPTIONS POR FAVOR." Because the players.. no, I don't know why they do this. Or why they know Spanish.

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:: 2004 27 August :: 2.15 am

A fourteen minute interlude to a life less tickled than yours.
Listening to music so blaring through my headphones I am getting complaints from the next room; sitting here in my boxers with an insatiable urge to code.. to code.

And I have a headache.

Soda? Undereating? Not enough exercise? Not enough sleep? Perhaps, all of the above.

And I want to code.

It's a habit I'm getting back into, typically derived from the absence of a life. I'm so unfortunate to let a great friend go. I have an address but somehow convinced myself it's not worth bothering over. It takes pieces of me away but I know they no longer appreciate me, so.. it's ok if I let them be. It's ok.

How unfortunate all of this? I have others in mind I let go. I wish I didn't always act the way I sometimes do.. I shouldn't try fitting humour into this. It's really not funny, really. From a madman's point of view, certainly.

Perhaps it's just the mood; the moment. I'm entirely motivated to code. I wish that desire could replace the lack thereof in life itself. Bad habits just get the better of me, what can I say? Should I post disclaimers everywhere for people to see before they get to know me? Or would my words go wasted, because there will always be someone who will think it can't be that bad, that I can't be that obvious and open to my mistakes and personality flaws. But, no, really, I am. I detach. I get bored. I fall off the face of the Earth.

It's all my fault and I'm perfectly content to admit it. I deserve to miss some people, I got what I got.

I had an idea for Legends of Elanathia, which forever from now on will be abbreviated, to make a Necronomicon inspired area. Oh the humour in THAT.

It's just the mood.

The moment.

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:: 2004 11 July :: 9.23 am

I did pay for this journal account, the least I could do is write in it..
Lost Legends news... what's there to mention? The coming and going of creators is frustrating. The new Admin.. :| I wonder how that came about. My mind kept fluctuating between whether it was worth the inconvenience to stay with Lost Legends despite the communication and answers I've been hoping to hear, or simply leave and perhaps visit occassionally. Or perhaps not at all. Knowing that Yajra came back made me want to stay. Knowing Salius is taking her place, temporarily or not, makes me want to leave. I have nothing against him, in fact I like the guy, but it feels too much like the dreaded "merge" that has been rumoured. I mean, what the hell? "As shimmer can no longer pay for our genesismuds hosting..." Fucking hello? I offered to pay to keep Lost Legends on the genesismuds server. I tried to help to keep things the same but now it is out of my reach and I'm not happy enough to try anymore. All I see is that anything I do is not going to change a thing and anything I'd like to see is never going to happen. Sad times are these. Fucking retarded too if I do say so myself.

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:: 2004 26 May :: 7.34 am

Keeping comical logs are one of my best friends in MUD life.
You'd have to know who Airmid is (from New Moon) to appreciate this log the way I do. I found this after reminiscing and had to laugh. It's back from Lost Legends in 2002. Awesome.

(chat) Airmid: i really need someone from over there to get my liaison file for me..
(chat) Darkangel: not gonna happen
(chat) Nomad: Dont try to get me to get it airmid.
(chat) Airmid: i never said i was going to
(chat) Nomad: Well then who are you talking to? there is only three other people.
(chat) Darkangel was wondering too. Pretty obvious, huh?
(chat) Airmid: making comments to myself, apprently. don't get moody on me, i
didn't ask you to do squat
(chat) Nomad: You can type ":really needs someone from over there to get her liaison file"
(chat) Nomad: It works quite well for personal notes
(chat) Nomad: You can also set up in zmud a trigger that will capture that.
(chat) Nomad: I mean without chat infront of it
(chat) Airmid: oh oh oh! i know! i know!! i can type: go to hell, Nomad.
[Airmid left Lost Legends]
(chat) Nomad: Actually "go to hell, Nomad." will return "What?"

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:: 2004 21 May :: 10.42 pm

Silly players seeking rewards from creators.
You tell Inky: The door should no longer lock now, thanks for pointing that out. :)
Inky tells you: Can I get my two nymph calls back as a reward? :)
You tell Inky: You got a generous thanks and a good mark in the book of Lost Legend Souls, that's reward enough. ;)

You know what'd be funny though? Actually making a book of Lost Legend Souls in the town hall for all the world to see. I'd laugh so hard. I'd laugh even harder if the players liked that. I mean, instead of material rewards for making the MUD a better place, why not something so cheap and effortless than a tome to record how each player has helped. And do a point system!! Ahahaha. Like Kindergarden style, red face, yellow face, green face, ohhhh yeaaaaa.

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