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:: 2006 16 May :: 10.39 pm


anyone want a tattoo or piercings replay or call


please we need your help and support.

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:: 2006 8 May :: 1.08 pm

well i just finished my first week at a tattoo shop working with chris and whatnot. i made some pretty good money to. if anyone is intrested in a tattoo party get ahold of me threw hear or if ramiro is still having it get ahold of him. me and chris are going to open our own shop very very soon and if anyone wants to make donations..(like anyone is that nice) it would be awsome.
everyone have a good day.

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:: 2006 3 April :: 1.36 pm

ive never been more misserible in my life.....some of this shit just isent fair.

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:: 2006 29 March :: 11.27 pm

well i got a hair cut, two new piercings, and the day off. well i think i look good. hard to talk but its good. doing nothing for spring break, hopefully having a tattoo party! wanna come?

what are you doing for break?

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:: 2006 24 March :: 5.29 pm

if anyone has any questions about tattooing or piercings i have a new email for that, its

and if theres any one whos intrested in coming to a tattoo party let me know on woohu!!!

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:: 2006 21 March :: 6.24 pm

is anyone intrested in getting small tattoos for free
not gaurenteeing them to be perfect. but come one its a FREE TATTOO
mabye thats not a good thing tho.
but i need people to help me out big time so it would be really nice for anyone to help.

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:: 2006 20 March :: 11.16 am

ok my house phone is now turned off so if you want to get ahold of me call my cell

my cell is 520-1993

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:: 2006 13 March :: 7.51 pm

when i walk through parts of this house i feel like were moving out. its weird but its great because everything looks soo great in her. im glad my family stoped fighting. my mom might be able to come home from the hospital this weekend, ill probly have to leard how to give her shots which is no big deal, i dont really have a problem with needles i mean thats what i do is work with them, im supprised im not a heiroin (sp) uses.
i miss my friends.

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:: 2006 10 March :: 1.07 pm

for those who care my mother is out of i.c.u. im soo happy shes out. hopefully next week shell come home. gona start cleaning the house for her and were gona need help so if anyone cares to help movie alot and alot of old toys and broken junk let me know. my down stairs family room is huge but theres alot of junk lying around but once its cleaned i get to turn half of the shop into a tattoo shop which is awsome cause theres a slider door and the half id be getting is pretty big so i could have small get togthers in there whenever i wanted. so if anyone is willing to help my family her and there would be awsome.
god i need to sleep.

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:: 2006 5 March :: 7.58 pm

well moms been in the hospital for the past week and shell be gone this week to, shes in i.c.u..
all ive done latly is play D&D which i cant complain but i still am kinda down. i went to breakfast with david the other day which was fun. hung out and played video games. everyone in this family is fighting and angery and worried and its pretty annoying i wish some of the adults would relize there are more important things to do than fight.
but like i said im pretty down..i guess the doctors are saying my mom might not make it which is pretty sad but shes not gona give up even tho here body already is. they have her on a resporator and shes got pumps on her legs that keep her blood moving. they say the cemo triggered it and now shes gona have her second treatment on tuesday so i have to keep my fingers crossed that it wont get worse.

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:: 2006 1 March :: 12.30 pm

well god damn.....
after only one day at wicked ways i have already been replaced.....
just because i did one bad belly button and i wasent experenced(sp). i feel like i let myself down, no i let myself down and ben. i was so frickin proud of myself and i screwed up. well i need to focus on tattooing anyways. but like i said im still proud to say i was an employee of wicked ways which in my mind is one of the best tattoo shops in michigan. theres a tattoo convention coming up on march i think 15,16 and 17 or its 17,18and 19 but it dosent matter im gona go to that cause it will make me feel better. but yea now my life sucks again.....

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:: 2006 28 February :: 11.57 am

well yesterday was my first day at wicked ways. it was pretty cool i guess. the place is soo soo clean. i think ill like it there but i have to get alot better at piercings if im gona stay so im gona need some people to practice on. i only work mondays, wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. i went to dinner with erica davy and ramiro after words which was fun to i havent eaten that much in a long time but yea other than that theres not much else that new so later.

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:: 2006 26 February :: 11.47 pm

well i guess there is some gold in all this grey

i got a job at wicked ways tattoo and piercing in comstock park.
well i dont really want to say i have the job because im going there to work tommorow but he can say that im not really what hes looking for but i dont really care because i doubt that he'll say that.
but yea thats all i really wanted to say is that im the piercer at wicked ways.

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:: 2006 25 February :: 8.48 pm

i hate to bitch and complain soo much but im gona and if your my friend youll listen.
i hate this, i feel like a ass hole. i feel like im a horriable person because im mad at my mom. it pisses me off to see how shes acting how shes milking this for all its worth, i feel like it might not be as bad as it really is. everyone is making her think shes completely helpless and is gona die and thats how shes treating it, its like shes giving up and that makes me mad as hell.
my car is a piece of shit, i was suppose to be getting a better car when i got ride of my thunderbird insted i got a car with a leaky gas tank and on top of that i get in a god damn accident.
i get my hopes up because of chad and getting a job at a shop but nope. once again i think im gona get a job and of course i get let down.
not to sound like a depressed emo kid or anything this is just how i feel......i feel like the whole god damn world is out to get me, i need a break.

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:: 2006 24 February :: 4.57 pm

well god damn
i was driving home from sand lake and some smart ass pulled out of the bank and just kinda waited for me to hit him.... my shoulders alittle sore and my car is too but its all good. the guy seemed nice, poor basterd only had the car for two days.

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