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:: 2005 16 November :: 2.12 pm

god damn im a victum of a bad hair cut.

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:: 2005 12 December :: 3.00 pm

well i got a new car its a 1989 buick park ave. its alot nicer than the thunderbird even tho i loved that car. trying to find a job so i can start saving up for next year. next year im moving to chicago with ben so i can hopefully open a shop even tho thats a very stupid idea unless im really good at it which im hoping is how its gona be. brads probly gona come to hes gona do all this stuff with me and ben too, thats alot of talent. next weekend im geting business cards made, josh (my older brother) is helping me. he lives in ludingtun which is were ill be at all next weekend. im getting my hair cut on tuesday its gona be short no more rat hair for me. does anyone know of any places that are hiring?

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:: 2005 1 November :: 8.18 pm

i need a job
a real job
im really not getting the money i need to work at michels so i think im just gona give up on her cause really shell just hold me back. im just gona get a job and save up for the shop and get my tattoo equiptmen to i can start making some money.
i have tons of people who already want me to do stuff for them which is pretty neat (the preasure is on, i have to get good or else i let everyone down) but im really excited.
i need to find things to do to keep my mind off of things and i think im doing pretty good at that but i bet i could try a little harder. i need a new car to, wow i need alot of things and i think i need to stop bitching, mabye thats why no one every says anything.

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:: 2005 28 October :: 10.43 am

well this weekend is all fucked up , i have no clue whats going on at all. me and erica are suppose to do something like dinner because its sort of our 3 year anniversery and its also halloween and i dont know what were doing for that either. so i was talking to my buddy ben and he wants me to move out to chicago when he gets out of the mariens and im not sure if i want to, id be away from my friends all the time and my family but... mabye its something i need. i got some more of my chest piece filled in and boy did it hurt!
life right now is freakin crazy and things are hard to hear when they come form someones mouth who is suppose to love you but i guess everything happens for a reason, i just hope i dont lose her after all this is done. i just need to surround myself with happy things, well thats enough for now.

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:: 2005 20 October :: 9.45 am

well the tattoo convention was awsome. there were around 70 tattoo shops there and there was a lot of buzzing going on, i love the sound a tattoo gun makes. i got my picture takin with the lizard man he was freakin cool as hell and funny too. i didnt get a tattoo there because of the money factor but i didnt get some cool stuff. well im gettling all of my tattoo supplys for christmas as gifts so im pretty happy about that. i still need to get 500 bucks around some how. oh well if she dosent want to hire me ill talk to other shops that might need a piercer.
with that said good bye

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:: 2005 13 October :: 4.32 pm

well i was playin outside with sam (yes my little brother) and we had a great idea

were going to try and start a football frezbie team, well actually two (or more) teams of 6 and were gona play at the beach or in back yards.

soo if anyone is intrested leave a comment!!

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:: 2005 11 October :: 7.14 pm

well tattoo convention is this weekend. im really excited, to be around so many artest is going to be really cool theres going to be 57! tattoo shops there tattooing.
after that im going to have to start my apprentiship in Grand rapids at grand rapids custom design. and at the end of this month im going to a tattoo party to do some piercings...i need to get more rings.
well i finilly got my whole band together were gona get together this week hopefully.
oh well. talk to you all later

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:: 2005 4 October :: 10.03 am

my back hurts soo frickin bad, i pulled like ever muscle lifting the front end of my car off of a curb (long stupid story..dont ask). at first i though i was gona get a hurnia because i got that sharp pain in my crotch but i just pulled out my hole lower back.
going to milwaukee in two weeks, its gona be a freakin Blast!
so i think im gona get a emprior scorpion, mabye not i dont know.
things are getting better but they still could get even better. but im going to homecoming:)
gona start playing d&d again. i need one more person so does anyone want to play?
well im gona go curl up in pain.

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:: 2005 30 September :: 4.26 pm

im really excited, me brad and david are all going to wisconsion to go to a bog tattoo convetion in two weeks. its gona be sweet. were getting a hotel room and were gona tap the whole trip from start to finish.
but i still feel really sad and down. im just not happy with whats going on erica and i. i feel like its pointless to even try and let her know that i love her... but i still do.
ive tryed everything to be a better person but i guess nothing worked or is working.
im gona go draw some pictures.
if anyone wants to hang out give me a call, i hate being alone.

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:: 2005 28 September :: 4.46 pm

well i got the outline of my chest piece done today. it fuckin hurt but if it dident hurt it wouldnt mean anything. well in october im probly gona go to a tattoo convention in wisconsion. theres gona be miget wrestling and the lizard man is gona be there. GOD DAMN its gona be fuckin awsome. and there are gona be tattoo contests and im gona enter my chest if its done by then but im not sure if it will be, it stil need to be outlined again and then it has to get colored. but enough of me. how are you doing?

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:: 2005 25 September :: 5.17 pm

i dont understand? my life is going really good right now but the one thing that matters most is fading away. i feel like shit, i know i have friends but my friends cant give me what i need, how she makes me feel... usually things are only crappy like this for little spirts. but this is the realy thing and it really puts a drag on my life. and she wants me to be with other girls so i dont feel like this. no other girl would give me the time of day because there afraid of her so im destined to wait untel she makes up her mind. im waiting for an aswer that is puting my life on a temperary stand still. i need money, i need some one to love me back, i need a life. ive been doing a whole lot of nothing really.
I still love her but i think this is the end.

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:: 2005 18 September :: 10.42 am

well yesterday was awsome. i did alot of piercings and made a good amount of cash. me and chad did both of a guys nipples at the same time. some fat slut got her clit and nipples pierced. got to see some awsome bands. there was a girl there who was a fire breather and a fire eater and she was kinda like a stripper to but she didnt take of any cloths and i think the coolest thing of all was i got to see a guy and a girl do a suspension (which is were you put hooks in you then they pick you up by them and swing you around, theres different ways to do it to) i think i might want to try it some day. just because id like to see what they go threw and what they feel because they seemed like the were having fun. id like to try alot of things before i die. well i did pretty good met some cool people and just had a good ass time

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:: 2005 15 September :: 6.11 pm

so i went to met the guy who is gona teach me all the stuff i need to know. hes a cool guy, he said its gona be $500 bucks. my dad keeps telling me that im not gona go anywhere with doing this. ive always loved my parents and when they say stuff like that it really makes me feel pretty down. i need more money so i think im gona try to get a third shift job at meijer, try is underlined five times. i really dont have much to lose if i dont get a job at meijer. only five months until ben comes home finilly. then hes done for good, im soo frikn happy, were gona get an appartment together...i think.

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:: 2005 13 September :: 8.34 pm

so i might be working at the shop this weekend. makin some money. thats really all i got to say.

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:: 2005 12 September :: 5.35 pm

well i guess im going to do alot more piercings this weekend hopefully its not a big dissipointment like last time. so im trying to get my band going again and i think i will actually get it going this time because everyone seemes like they want to get it going. i got a good song list so im ready to get this bitch going.
im just boarded all the time. i need to get ahold of that dick in grand rapids who is teaching me that stuff so i can actually work the only shitty thing is that ill have to work everyday from 12 to 8 except on sundays. but i guess thats what i gots to do. i got to get started somewhere, im gona open my own shop and its gona be great. im really dona do it to its eather gona be in grand haven or ludington, what do you guys think?

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