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User:toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (user# 20999)
Location: The Hood, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:isawthepope79 [add buddy]
Bio:Uhhh my names Leah (you can call me Nic) im 14 and im a freshman at Wayne High School. Yeah....nothing special here....dude WO ericas cousin Danny is SUPER hot...yeah...just thought i'd point that out. ALEX IS MY BESTESTESTEST FRIEND!!! WooT w00t!!! Hmmm. Well now. Goodbye.
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Interests:(67) Annoying everyone, 98 Mute, AFI, Alakline Trio, ALL, Bigwig, Blue Collar Special, Bombshell Rocks, Bouncing Souls, Brand New, Brand New, Bubbles, causing destruction, DAVE GROHL IS MY IDOL, Death by stereo, Dropkick murphys, dyeing my hair, Eating, ERICAS COUSIN IS HOT WO DANNY YEAH, Fender guitars, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Gettin in fights, Gibson guitars, Good Charlotte, Green Day, H2O, Hot Water Music, Kill Hannah, Less Than Jake, Lost Prophets, Making my own clothes, Markers, Matchbox Twenty, MeST, Motion city soundtrack, MxPx, MY BEST FRIEND ALEX KILGORE, My computer, My family, My friends, My shoes, Nirvana, Paul reed smith Guitars, people watching, Pissing People off, playing my guitar, Punk guys, Punk rock shows, Scaring people, Singing, Sleeping, Smile empty soul, Socks, Spare lead, The Ataris, The internet, The Ramones, The sex pistols, The starting line, The Used, Thinking, Toilet papering houses, TOM BECK, Trapt, unwritten law, writing
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