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Bio:My Name is Delphine and I write Quixotic Dreams, a lifestyle blog about all things Lolita. First let me clarify, Lolita is not the book adaptation. Lolita is a lifestyle based around fashion and elegance. Mostly from the Victorian or Edwardian era. But there are far more styles that just keep growing now as the fashion makes headway. Here I want to help every girl find her inner princess. Im not talking about the spoiled little rich girl princess, I find that this quote sums it up pretty well. “Yet another take on the rising popularity of being a “princess” is the gentleness and refined composure associated with the title. It often conjures images of elegance and self-control, and among the younger generations, is a depiction of all things feminine and lovely.” I started Quixotic Dreams as a website, but now have moved here to create it as a more formal blog. I have tried other communities such as live journal and even myspace but have found Woohu to be smaller and more intimate. I am quite looking forward to enjoying my new home here.
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