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:: 2010 29 March :: 2.48 am

Where are my training wheels?
Someone asked me on a date.
He's cute and sweet.
I liked him once upon a time.

I'm stressed over this.
Though it's just as friends.

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:: 2009 11 December :: 4.51 pm

Oh my, hello!
Would you like an update about my life?
Well here you go!

I broke up with Tony.
I'm so good at being in relationships.
We still live together.
It's getting easier to be around each other.
He's been a huge jerk lately.
I haven't been mean or anything.
I simply need to figure out what I want from life.
Maybe.. eventually.. I will find someone to be with.
I know what I want in a relationship now, at least.
I plan to be super picky when I actually try to look.
It will be a while before I start looking.

Well I have other things going on.
They aren't big so I won't tell :P

I hope your lives are going well!


:: 2009 10 April :: 6.47 pm

I haven't updated in a while.

I miss going places.
I miss my friends.

emo emo emo.


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:: 2008 16 December :: 12.30 am

Mmm.. I LOVE how Regina makes me feel.
All over in my bones and soul.

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:: 2008 21 January :: 12.37 am

I hate when names haunt.



:: 2007 7 November :: 2.09 am

I'm not surprised.

Habits form.
Habits form.
Habits always kill.


:: 2007 6 November :: 12.08 am

Are they still in love?


:: 2007 17 October :: 3.16 pm

First place I drove to all by my lonesome: Joe's.

Baby steps.
I feel less stressed.
Last night I was imagining driving.
I crashed a lot in my imagination.
Today was a better reality.
I rock.

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:: 2007 17 October :: 12.33 am

Red Head
At first it was an amazing orange.
My family laughed at me.
Chelsi flipped a bit.
The girl at Sally's laughed at me.
Now it's an odd (good) red.
I am pleased with it.

Petoskey was so wonderful.
I enjoy king sized beds.
I also enjoy heaters on 80.

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:: 2007 11 October :: 2.12 pm

Bad News
I passed my driving test.

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