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04-10-2004 03:51am

You're fun to talk to!

I've gotten to know you in 2 days!

You're total AWESOMENESS!!!!



07-04-2004 06:26pm

for what its worth, you are one of my best friends. you help me no matter what you are willing to take care of me. so i will do the same for you. you are a great friend and so, again, i will do the same for you. so now we just wait..... until our time comes to change and grow yet again........ in other words a classic stand-still. there will be a shift, change, what have you.... but for now i guess all we can do is just enjoy the solitued and the quiet of our elegant minds.

elegance is found within you........ it takes a keen eye, willing soul, attentive mind, and a tender heart to find it.

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