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:: 2005 21 July :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: The Pillows- Fun Fun Fun Okay!

Just when you thought I was dead!
Yes, Doctor Adrian is, indeed, alive!
AND! With a new boy toy to play with by the name of 'Tobias'.
xD He's amusing, I think I'll keep him.

Luke, the twelve year old boy who visits my house almost all the time, is having family issues- as usual. Which leaves poor Adrian with a demented child to entertain, while Toby cooks dinner for us.

It's like one big dysfunctional family. xx;

But, besides frequent doctor-trips, I've been doing okay. n.n
I haven't had any trouble paying off bills since Toby forces me to allow him to help. He's an angel. @_@; I wish I could marry him. xD

Mm, nothing else to say, really.

I painted my nails pink. xD

Oh, you know you love me.

Barely legal,

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:: 2005 31 May :: 11.35 pm
:: Mood: depressed
:: Music: Naruto OST

I feel horrible.
I'm depressed for a thousand different reasons.
There's the fact that I've never been in a normal, loving relationship with anyone. And the second I think I'm in a good relationship, said boyfriend beats me up when they get drunk, it's a great pattern, really. The part about my roleplaying skills obviously dying. I can barely afford to pay my rent. I'm half afraid to leave my apartment because of ignorant idiots who very much like to take a baseball bat to my head. I have /very/ few real friends anymore. No matter what I do for people, it's like they don't give a damn about it. I'm no door mat, but when I speak up, they get all fucking offended like it's my fault their assholes. So why bother? Because I'm an attention craving whore. xx; I'm also very sensitive about what my friend's think of me. Everyone else can rot in hell, fuck what they think. But, my friend's matter, so when they don't talk to me or don't give a shit about me, I just feel so empty.

In need of a decent friend,
-Adrian <3

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:: 2005 12 May :: 8.47 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Miyavi- Girls, be ambitious


Just so everyone knows I'm not dead, I'm posting.

I wanna roleplay...baaad...


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:: 2005 17 April :: 7.40 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Fly High and Sky High

Oh em gee, I have a journal!
'Lo! o__o I'm Adrian, your local rainbow whore, yaoi obsessed, anime freak, with an unhealthy love for j-rock...person. <3 My screenname is Uke, which is the best thing ever. -Dies- Er, I'm seventeen and I'm from the big G-A, yo.

I hate it here. ._. -Sulk-

Right, I'm really into Japanese culture in general. I swear I was born in the wrong country. @_@

I'm hopelessly perverted and don't so much as try to hide it. I like sex. Yummy gay sex with whatever guy I'm with at the time. Don't like it? Go screw yourself. n__n -Beams-

Well, I have buisness to attend to. O.o Perhaps I'll post later with something interesting to say.

Comment if you love me <3!

Hugs and stiches,

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