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User:unbleachedblond (user# 948)
Location: Fremont, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:unbleachedblond [add buddy]
Bio:i occupy a minute speck of this diverse world.
Friends:(6) clementine, fatman, jburt1, jessa_lynne, randomperson, tabletop
Friend Of:(3) clementine, Fatman, jburt1
Interests:(48) beltline bar, bowling, brownies, chapstick, cheez-its, chicken, chinese food, criminal justice, dancing, driving, egg nog, ethnic food, facing my fears, family guy, flirting, football, goofing off, gummy bears, guys, hair dye, having fun, hockey, karaoke, living my life to the fullest, lucky charms, marlboro reds, merry-go-rounds, movies, music, Muskegon Community College, nail polish, old people, partying, pink, pool, reeses puffs, ritz bits, rock-climbing, shopping, simpsons, skittles, soccer, south park, spanky's, sports, steak'n'shake, strawberry shakes, work
Created:2002-07-16 11:01:18
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