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:: 2008 25 June :: 11.34 pm
:: Mood: creative

gimme gimme
i want word to stop fucking up so i can fix my resume
so i can get a better job.
i want to get my bachelor's, then my master's, then my doctorate
and then live and work internationally.
i want to travel.
i want to own a business.
i want better porn.
i want a new vibrator.
i want to fuck and
i want a new bed to fuck in and
i want a new apartment for the new bed and
i want the apartment to be in a city i've never lived in before.
i want space so
i can have pets and
i want my own shelter.
i want a new car.
i want a garden.
i want a camcorder and
i want to film my life as it happens.
i want to write books.
i want to marry my boyfriend and
sometimes i want to have intimate girl friends.

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