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:: 2009 5 February :: 5.50 pm

Does anyone have any thoughts on what a "traditional" American is?

I mean everyone probably thinks they know this it they substitute typical or conservative, but what do think a traditional American is?

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:: 2008 24 September :: 11.11 pm

What is wrong with this picture?

A "compassionate conservative" at the start of his presidency, George Bush is now asking us to socialize the banking sector. I wouldn't be suprised if Canada was planning to invade because of some crazy domino theory that the rest of the free world will slip into a quasi-communist system.

But seriously folks. This is a little prepostrous and hard to swallow. McCain seems to be playing right into it. What if this gets worse? Then are we just going to suspend the election? Is it just me or does this have the potential to unravel the American government, and not jus tthe American economy? I guess it doesn't matter because after the bill pass they will be one and the same I guess.

And by the way, I do not see how this is going to affect me. I guess I can understand how a slow down in financial markets is going to impact investor confidence. I can also see how the reduction in credit is going to force business to not invest in costly new projects with a ton of risk. I can see that this will slow down "progress." But will it really matter? Not to me I don't think. As long as there is a job, then I will be okay. Now if were talking Great Depression proportions, then we might not be okay. But if we let things get that bad, then shame on our government. I know, it sounds kind of ironic. Not wanting the government to do something now, but wanting them to step in if it gets worse. Yes, it makes perfect sense in my little libertarian train of thought. This is why regulation is good. To prevent these kinds of things. We need a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt. I'm sorry, McCain, you are not it. Maybe Palin, but her business suits scare me and make me think that all she would do for domestic security was wag her finger at a gun toting Iranian cab driver. It would be the worst pr mess since someone landed on an aircraft carrier declaring total victory.

Wall Street has no guilt and no shame. That is why I have no guilt and no shame. These guys should be sent to Wyoming, or Nebraska, or wherever (not Iowa because they get to vote for president there first, we don't want to give them anything ressembling power) to live out their days farming corn and soy beans. Then we should take all their private money and use it to bail out the firms that they've run into the ground. And then give ownership of those firms to the people who's mortgages are owned by those firms so that they are not getting screwed for missing a month's payment.

Then and only then can we turn our heads and watch "It's a Beautiful Life" on TV.

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:: 2008 18 September :: 6.39 pm

RSS in Plain English

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:: 2008 8 September :: 7.39 pm

What gives the Supreme Court to hear cases from the individual states?
Today we take for granted the appeal process in our legal system. Although the Supreme Court hears only 3% of its cases appealed from state courts it is still understood in our legal fabric that the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. Unlike today, at the founding of our federal system the Supreme Court did not automatically have the authority to hear appeals from state courts.

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:: 2008 1 September :: 11.37 pm

So I think I can live wiht my aunt being a biker chick. It was nice to see her and her new guy Ray seems to be very nice. A more down to earth type guy. A real man's man if you know what I mean. She looks happier than I had seen her in a long time and that was good.

Another troubling incident. Apparently someone at the park and my cousin Megan are dating. Now, they are only in their early teens so I'm sure it's nothing serious. The troubling thing is something that my mom said. She told me and then she said "I hope it doesn't last." Well, I can understand her not wanting Megan to hang around the park because it would be awkward. The whole, "hi, I'm your aunt but I have never been a part of your life" bit. But it troubles me that my mom would wish for someone not to be happy. Her problem is with my uncle, not his kids. Maybe this is me feeling a slight bit of remorse for having this multitude of cousins that I have no idea who they are.

So, I just got done reading "The Audacity of Hope." After Obama's selection of Biden I was kind of down. My biggest knock against Obama is that I am afraid of the people who he will put in office to run this country. I agree with his vision. I like his ability to stir someting deep inside of people. But can he be an effective leader and be fair in all respects of government. Probably not. I wish he could be and have people that he could appoint that believe in the same things he does. But there are not that many people in Washington qualified that don't view a cabinet post as anything more than a way to reward their friends, make themselves rich, and campaign for their next job. Not that things would be any different with McCain, but you don't expect that out of him.
I truly believe that this is shaping up to be a big victory for the Democrats. It is kind of a Kennedy v. Reagan type case if there ever had been one, but with a 21st century twist.
The woman from Alaska scares me.

So long for now.

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:: 2008 19 August :: 10.24 pm

We bought a house today. 1494 3 Mile Rd.

It's a nice house.

My parents also got two offers on their house.

If you want to see the updates we made to their house, there are pictures. Follow the link:

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:: 2008 13 February :: 11.26 am

So I am trying to figure out if I am a genius or everyone is not as smart as I give them credit for.

I just got back my exam from my intro class today and I did very well *52 out of 50* I got one wrong with three extra credit points. the one I got wrong was even something minor (I forgot one word in the definition of a short answer question).

Being such an easy test, I figured everyone else would do fairly well. I don't feel as if I spend extra time outside of class. I don't feel as though I pay extra close attention in class. I did think that some people were taking the test a little too seriously. I think they were very stressed aver the test due tot he fact that it was mostly short-answer essay with only 3 multiple choice. Some people had pages and pages of notes, others made flash cards. I spent about five minutes reviewing the material. No big deal.

Apparently it was big deal. I saw a couple of the tests of my classmates. They got 37 out of 50. That's a 74%. I finished 30% higher than they did. Those two must not have been the only ones to finish that bas either because the class average is a 37.

Not that I am trying to toot my own horn here, and I guess I really shouldn't considering it is a 100 level college course, but these people have to be smarter than this.

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:: 2008 28 January :: 11.48 am

So I know I'm not around much. Here or anywhere for that matter.

It's amazing what getting married, moving to a far off distant place (well Kentwood isn't that far off and distant for some people, but it seems so to me, especially everyday when I drive to work), work 50 hours a week, go to school, and having a dog can do to you (yes, I had to figure out that I actually wanted this paragraph to only be one sentence).

All that might be changing. Well, not all of it. Well, actually, not most of it. I will still be married, working, going to school, and having a dog, but I might not be living so far away. We (Mica and I) have reached a tentative rent-to-own agreement with my parents to live in the house I grew up in. We're both very excited. As much as I resented the town when I was growing up, I really miss it there. Everyone knows I don't like change and leaving there just makes me feel isolated. My job lets me be involved in the community, and I am involved in so many things it will be nice to be back there. So, from now on we will be spending our weekends painting and doing all sorts of things to get the house ready to move into at the end of April. So hopefully I will be seeing you all soon, not jsut through the drive thru ;).

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:: 2007 12 October :: 10.14 pm

I find myself sitting here writing this hoping that at some point tonight I will have an internet connection to steal from one of our neighbors so I can share this all with you.

This is the Marriage Eve. Tomorrow I will be married. As much as some people talk about how scary marriage is, I have not felt any of that. Yet. Right now takes me back. I am sitting in our apartment all by myself. You know, the bride and groom are not supposed to see one another, it is bad luck. It takes me back to all those years I spent at home, alone by myself on a Friday night. My parents would be up at the lake and so would my sister and I would have the whole house to myself. That is just the kind of dork that I am that I spent many nights, at home by myself when other people my age were out partying, meeting new people, or just generally indulging in whatever kind of behavior our generation uses to escape. Knowing this fact it is pretty amazing that I found anyone to marry me at all.
I mulled over my options for tonight. On the way home I thought about stopping at B-Dubs, sitting at the bar drinking soda in pure obscurity while watching playoff baseball. I thought about going to see a movie all by myself (the only other time I did that was when I was utterly depressed and had a teenage girl tell me how horrible her life was because she had to change positions for softball). I thought about coming home, calling Keith and seeing if he wanted to stay with me for a few hours. But after thinking all those options through in my head I decided that me here by myself was the best course of action. Why? Well this is what I came up with.
When I would spend all that time alone I would do nothing most of the time. However, there were times when a creative force would just take hold of me and I would be compelled to write something, pick up a guitar and play until my fingers hurt, or just merely wax philosophically until I had so many good ideas in a row that I could not write them down fast enough. I thought tonight had that kind of potential. Besides this, what you are reading now, I think nothing else is going to happen.
For me, those nights of philosophical thought seemed to happen sitting in my room. While it was nice when my parents were gone and I could do anything I want, but did nothing, it was always better when I could be locked away in my room late at night. The nights I liked to be the most creative were the nights that were supposed to mean something. I would stay up really late on Christmas Eve in those years. Locked away in my room, watching TV, all those Christmas commercials on, everything decked out in green and red. I would lie under my blankets in my sweats, the heater turned on and the sweet smell of hot metal because it had run for too long. I would wonder about this Christmas, or what the year had been like and how next year could be better (or I would just swear off commercialism as the downfall of American civil society and go out the next day and buy stuff). It was a mixture of optimism and hope that got me going, for a long time that was all I had to cling to. That is what tonight feels like.
I have all the optimism and hope in the world tonight. It feels like Christmas Eve, but 10.000x bigger. I am getting the best present in the whole wide world. God has sent me the world’s biggest Tootsie Pop. For two years I have slowly been trying to get to the delicious center and tomorrow is the day it finally happens. Tomorrow I get a wife, and that is the best present a man could ever get.

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:: 2007 10 October :: 1.25 am

Okay, so I know I haven't updated in ?????? 9 months?

Sorry about that.

Life gets busy.

First of all I would never recommend Davenport University to anyway. Perhaps more details to follow in another 9 months.

I have a puppy. Should I say we have a puppy. And right now she is sick. Apparently she has a virus that is highly contagious and is deadly if not treated. We caught it early, so hopefully she is going to be okay. She seems fine right now, we just have to make sure she keeps eating and drinking.

I was watching the parade on Saturday. It brought back to me memories of being in a band. I don't know why. It just struck me that one of the coolest things I had ever done was play in a parade. The opportunities that God gives you are truly amazing.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who haven't realized yet, I'm getting married on Saturday. Peace.

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:: 2007 11 February :: 8.55 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Santana, Supernatural Album

I downloaded the whole Supernatural album off of Ruckus. That album is so good. You can just feel the passion in the air. Good music.

In other news, I'm thinking about trying to write a short story. I've been reading Churchill's "History of the English Speaking People" over the last few weeks. It has inspired me, at least in part to revive a short story that I think I once wrote (isn't it strange how memory plays trick on you) about a merchant in Boston. Something about suicide and making chairs. Anyway, it ended in suicide I think. Too dark and depressing for yours truly, but I feel like I could at least explore it.

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:: 2007 4 February :: 9.55 am

161 TIMES!!!!
Barely over 140 times last year.

2007 Detroit Tigers telecast schedule

Tigers to be on TV 161 times

Mon. 2, TORONTO, 1, FSN / WJBK

Wed. 4, TORONTO, 1, FSN

Thu. 5, TORONTO, 1, FSN

Fri. 6, at Kansas City, 8, FSN

Sat. 7, at Kansas City, 2, No TV*

Sun. 8, at Kansas City, 2, WJBK

Mon. 9, at Baltimore, 3, FSN

Tue. 10, at Baltimore, 7, FSN

Wed. 11, at Baltimore, 7, FSN PLUS

Thu. 12, at Toronto, 7, FSN

Fri. 13, at Toronto, 7, FSN PLUS

Sat. 14, at Toronto, 1, FSN

Sun. 15, at Toronto, 1, FSN

Mon. 16, KANSAS CITY, 7, FSN



Fri. 20, CHI. WHITE SOX, 7, FSN

Sat. 21, CHI. WHITE SOX, 1, FSN

Sun. 22, CHI. WHITE SOX, 1, WJBK

Mon. 23, at L.A. Angels, 10, FSN

Tue. 24, at L.A. Angels, 10, FSN

Wed. 25, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Thu. 26, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Fri. 27, MINNESOTA, 7, FSN

Sat. 28, MINNESOTA, 1, FSN

Sun. 29, MINNESOTA, 1, FSN

Mon. 30, BALTIMORE, 7, FSN




Fri. 4, at Kansas City, 8, FSN

Sat. 5, at Kansas City, 7, FSN

Sun. 6, at Kansas City, 2, WJBK

Tue. 8, SEATTLE, 7, FSN

Wed. 9, SEATTLE, 7, FSN

Thu. 10, SEATTLE, 1, FSN

Fri. 11, at Minnesota, 8, FSN

Sat. 12, at Minnesota, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 13, at Minnesota, 8, ESPN

Mon. 14, at Boston, 7, FSN

Tue. 15, at Boston, 7, FSN

Wed. 16, at Boston, 7, FSN

Thu. 17, at Boston, 7, FSN

Fri. 18, ST. LOUIS, 7, FSN

Sat. 19, ST. LOUIS, 7, FSN

Sun. 20, ST. LOUIS 1, WJBK

Tue. 22, L.A. ANGELS, 7, FSN

Wed. 23, L.A. ANGELS, 7, FSN

Thu. 24, L.A. ANGELS, 1, FSN

Fri. 25, CLEVELAND, 7, FSN

Sat. 26, CLEVELAND, 7, FSN


Mon. 28, at Tampa Bay, 7, FSN

Tue. 29, at Tampa Bay, 7, FSN

Wed. 30, at Tampa Bay, 7, FSN

Thu. 31, at Cleveland, 7, FSN


Fri. 1, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Sat. 2, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Sun. 3, at Cleveland, 1, FSN

Tue. 5, at Texas, 8:30, FSN

Wed. 6, at Texas, 8:30, FSN

Thu. 7, at Texas, 8:30, FSN

Fri. 8, N.Y. METS, 7, FSN

Sat. 9, N.Y. METS, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 10, N.Y. METS, 1, WJBK

Tue. 12, MILWAUKEE, 7, FSN

Wed. 13, MILWAUKEE, 7, FSN

Thu. 14, MILWAUKEE, 1, FSN

Fri. 15, at Philadelphia, 7, FSN

Sat. 16, at Philadelphia, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 17, at Philadelphia, 1:30, WJBK

Mon. 18, at Washington, 7, FSN

Tue. 19, at Washington, 7, FSN

Wed. 20, at Washington, 7, FSN

Fri. 22, at Atlanta, 7:30, FSN

Sat. 23, at Atlanta, 7, FSN

Sun. 24, at Atlanta, 1, WJBK

Mon. 25, TEXAS, 7, FSN

Tue. 26, TEXAS, 7, FSN

Wed. 27, TEXAS, 1, FSN

Thu. 28, TEXAS, 1, FSN

Fri. 29, MINNESOTA, 7, FSN

Sat. 30, MINNESOTA, 3:55, FOX






Fri. 6, BOSTON, 7, FSN

Sat. 7, BOSTON, 7, WJBK

Sun. 8, BOSTON, 1, WJBK

Thu. 12, at Seattle, 10, FSN

Fri. 13, at Seattle, 10, FSN

Sat. 14, at Seattle, 10 FSN

Sun. 15, at Seattle, 4, FSN

Tue. 17, at Minnesota, 8, FSN

Wed. 18, at Minnesota, 8, FSN

Thu. 19, at Minnesota, 1, FSN

Fri. 20, KANSAS CITY, 7, FSN

Sat. 21, KANSAS CITY, 7, FSN


Mon. 23, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Tue. 24, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Wed. 25, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Thu. 26, at Chi. White Sox, 2, FSN

Fri. 27, at L.A. Angels, 10, FSN

Sat. 28, at L.A. Angels, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 29, at L.A. Angels, 3:30, FSN

Mon. 30, at Oakland, 10, FSN

Tue. 31, at Oakland, 10, FSN


Wed. 1, at Oakland, 3:30, FSN

Fri. 3, CHI. WHITE SOX, 7, FSN

Sat. 4, CHI. WHITE SOX, 7, FSN


Mon. 6, TAMPA BAY, 7, FSN

Tue. 7, TAMPA BAY, 7, FSN

Wed. 8, TAMPA BAY, 7, FSN

Thu. 9, TAMPA BAY, 1, FSN

Fri. 10, OAKLAND, 7, FSN

Sat. 11, OAKLAND, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 12, OAKLAND, 1, WJBK

Mon. 13, OAKLAND, 7, FSN

Tue. 14, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Wed. Aug. 15, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Thu. 16, at N.Y. Yankees, 7, FSN

Fri. 17, at N.Y. Yankees, 7, FSN

Sat. 18, at N.Y. Yankees, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 19, at N.Y. Yankees, 1, WJBK

Tue. 21, CLEVELAND, 7, FSN

Wed. 22, CLEVELAND, 7, FSN

Thu. 23, CLEVELAND, 1, FSN

Fri. 24, N.Y. YANKEES, 7, FSN

Sat. 25, N.Y. YANKEES, 7, WJBK

Sun. 26, N.Y. YANKEES, 1, WJBK

Mon. 27, N.Y. YANKEES, 7, FSN

Tue. 28, at Kansas City, 8, FSN

Wed. 29, at Kansas City, 8, FSN

Thu. 30, at Kansas City, 2, FSN

Fri. 31, at Oakland, 10, FSN


Sat. 1, at Oakland, 3:55, FOX

Sun. 2, at Oakland, 4, FSN

Tue. 4, CHI. WHITE SOX, 7, FSN

Wed. 5, CHI. WHITE SOX, 7, FSN

Thu. 6, CHI. WHITE SOX, 1, FSN

Fri. 7, SEATTLE, 7, FSN

Sat. 8, SEATTLE, 7, FSN

Sun. 9, SEATTLE, 1, FSN

Tue. 11, TEXAS, 7, FSN

Wed. 12, TEXAS, 7, FSN

Fri. 14, at Minnesota, 8, FSN

Sat. 15, at Minnesota, 7, WJBK

Sun. 16, at Minnesota, 2, FSN

Mon. 17, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Tue. 18, at Cleveland, 7, FSN

Wed. 19, at Cleveland, noon, FSN

Fri. 21, KANSAS CITY, 7, FSN

Sat. 22, KANSAS CITY, 7, FSN

Sun. 23, KANSAS CITY, 1, FSN

Mon. 24, MINNESOTA, 7, FSN

Tue. 25, MINNESOTA, 7, FSN

Wed. 26, MINNESOTA, 7, FSN

Fri. 28, at Chi. White Sox, 8, FSN

Sat. 29, at Chi. White Sox, 7, FSN

Sun. 30, at Chi. White Sox, 2, FSN

Home games in CAPS

FSN — FSN Detroit.

FSN PLUS — Alternate channel provided by cable / satellite providers.

WJBK — Channel 2 in Detroit (games also air on other regional affiliates to be determined).

FOX — FOX Saturday Baseball Game of the Week (available locally on Channel 2).

ESPN — ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

* The April 7 game is not available to be televised because it is scheduled within the exclusivity window for the FOX Game of the Week.

All dates/times subject to change. All times listed are Eastern.

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:: 2006 2 November :: 7.01 am

What is the ultimate torture for someone who writes all the time and is good at it?
Getting graded down on your writing.

I got a paper back that I wrote awhile ago for my Bio Lab. I got 18.5 out of 25. And I got marked down for grammar and flow. GRAMMAR AND FLOW. How do I get a B+ in my capstone which is all about your ability to write, and can't manage it in a stupid Bio class. To make matters worse, the kid in my group who always shows up late, never does any work and mooches off of me and the other guy got a 21.5 out of 25. Are you kidding me?!
Now I'm glad I didn't do well on my lab report. I totally bombed it and I know it. It's okay. I just hope it's worth her time to give it the grade it deserves. However, no matter what grade I get I'm still going to pass the class. I did the math. I don't like her. I gave her a horrible evaluation at the end of the semester. I mean, she didn't even know what we were doing in that class. She never got the instructions right and got lazier and lazier throughout the semester. This is one of the true professors I really dislike.

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:: 2006 7 November :: 9.36 am

I'm enjoying facebook right now. I like how they tell you what your relationship is to someone, like they are the ultimate authority.

This is what is says about my relationship to Mica: Mica is your significant other. You hooked up and are dating.

This is what is says about my relationship with Michelle: Michelle is your friend and relative.

Facebook is like a soothing voice. A corrective mother telling you what your relationship with everyone else in the world is. It could come in very handy if I ever get amnesia.

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:: 2006 6 November :: 5.39 pm

Is a rose, if by any other name, still not lovely?

Is a crutch, if by any other name, still not aiding and abetting in the coping with or enjoyment of life?

It's spilled from one journal to the next, it might as well be my turn to host the discussion for awhile.

I think I know what Rube's is getting at. I say crutch, you think bad. I say tool the facilitates walking (as in the literal definition of crutch), you say good. In this way, I say crutch+drugs as a way to cope with life, you say no. I say tool+plant, you say a way to feel happy or get enjoyment out of life.

That brings it back to the whole debate. If you are using a drug to get enjoyment, or to "feel good" then are you not using the drug in such a way that it could be considered a crutch (def. a tool which is used to do something that was previously unable to be accomplished considering the circumstances). Why would you need a drug to make you "feel good" if you could not otherwise "feel good" without the drug?

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