The Time Spent Here, Is the Time Wasted elsewhere.
I was asked to say what's on my mind at any given moment.
Below is the excerpts of raw brain power being wasted twisting knots and going in circles.


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:: 2011 27 October :: 12.29 am

A horse is not a home
"Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest:
Love, hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers:
Love, nightmare-like, lies heavy on my chest,
And weaves itself into my midnight slumbers!"
William S. Gilbert

Being sick is really annoying. My nose is raw now from tissue usage. My head feels like is ready to explode most times. The body ache sucks . I cant wait until the coughing kicks in...
To top it all off Ive been running into fits of this ache inside my chest for the past couple days. 10-30min of having the feeling of someones hands inside my chest just squeezing body parts. Im not good with anatomy but Id venture a guess and say kidney's. If not that then the liver. Just feels like hands are in there twisting them. I should see a doctor but I think I caused the problem with the meds I got hopped up on to try and get it under control once I started feeling sick. Popped a lot of cold/congestion stuff, zrytec, and some avil/ibprophane for headaches from sinus pressure.

Hope it passes.

Moving right along I seriously wonder how much longer I can stand being alone. Companionship is a necessity in the human life I think. Someone who can find a fulfilling life without it I applaud you. Im a lesser man who needs that person. I need someone to push me, challenge me, love me, and share things with. Daily. Nightly. The longer, more frequent, I come across these situations like with 'her' right now the more and more Im sure of what I want in a relationship. Which makes me that much harder to be with.

Im already not a super social person. This blows.

I should have been born in a different place at a different time. Im not meant for this age. I stroll through life hating myself with this current time. Modern convenience destroys me.

Love unrequited is love that harder for one and avoided by another.

:: 2011 23 October :: 7.40 pm

All Hallows Eve
I miss the old version of Halloween. Everyone these days seems to be obsessed with the gore, guts, and violence version of the holiday thats starting to form.

Remember when it was about outfits from the colonial era and stories that scared you because they played on original fears? Fears of the unknown the unexplained. The emblematic stories!

Stories of creatures that went bump in the night. Werewolves, vampires, and headless horsemen. Creatures that were able to take victims then disappear into the shadows they came from.

These days all I hear and see is zombies and godlike killers like that of Jason. Its all about how much blood will spew from a wound, how many people they can kill, or how much guts they can show.

It all seems Psychotic murderers and stories of undead walking the earth.

Zombies are dumb. The idea of an apocalypse revolving around them is even more stupid. People who like them are stupid. Common sense alone would suggest that something thats dead doesnt make sense roaming around. The only case of undead walking is Jesus, and he didnt go around eating people now did he?

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:: 2011 23 October :: 1.34 am

I think I got across to her today. She might understand things now, even if it was only a few brief statements. That might be wishful thinking, but lets hope not.

Might go hang out with her soon.

She might show up for Thanksgiving still. Sounds like she was planning on that already, regardless of what she wont acknowledge or requite.

:: 2011 19 October :: 2.23 am

SEPTEMBER 1st 2011 It all began spiraling downward
Why are you so callous about my feelings?

How many times had I brought the issue up. You make me want to flip the switch and ignore you forever.

I hate knowing you right now. What could I have done with the time Ive wasted on you?

"Men can never be just friends with women"

You can be coworkers, colleagues,related by family, married, divorced, or roomates. Never just friends though.

:: 2011 16 October :: 5.46 pm

Ya um fuck.

Another downer day. Not as bad as last time but its on its way.

Today was a day full of more being pushed away and being scorned. I dont like being made to always feel like I should be apologizing.

Im more than setteled on this issue. I gave up. Ill be friends but not like it was. I cant let her use me like this. I wont be her emotional feel better about her self person. Fuck that.

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:: 2011 13 October :: 1.40 pm

At this moment, I feel like Im good on the withstanding issue. Ive contemplated the issue, Ive skirted the issue, Ive wrestled with it multiple times. I think Im okay now.

Im drawing the line.

Im pulling back now.

I may not be the most comfortable now but I think Im good baring some unforeseen curve ball.

Friends it is. I wont always try to be there. I wont try to go the extra mile. If you want it, YOU have to ask for it. I tried doing it and got nothing but headaches and heartaches. I dont need to walk around with those chips on my shoulder anymore.

I dont go out of my way for just anyone. I go out of my way for everyone in some fashion, but this one I cant go any further with. I will withhold.

You cant assume the privileges of a status you dont accept the consequences for. Take responsibility of your actions on my feelings. Express more than just a terribly overplayed statement.

That wont cut it. Return to sender.

EDIT: Ive been searching for the words on this kind of statement forever now. I cant believe it never came to me. Commitment. Bam! Make a commitment to me. Ive been alive 24yrs and seen plenty of stuff to know what I require out of this word. So get to stepping.

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:: 2011 12 October :: 11.42 pm
:: Mood: listless

Im going crazy. 2 steps forward one step back all the damn time.

Ugh. The thoughts racing through my head.

Take a step back Kelly. Stop jumping to conclusions.

Nope. Im drawn.


Oiy vey

:: 2011 11 October :: 10.27 pm

Seems to be easier when you can distract yourself with work.

I feel a little better today. I hope this is the case for the next week or so.

Friday when I get home from Cadi I guess I have to set a show at the YMCA for the GR Marathon. Tear down on Saturday.

We'll see how things go. One day at a time.

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:: 2011 10 October :: 1.52 pm

Show me you care Marley. Go over the edge. Show me some emotion behind this.

If you want me around, make me see it. Go out of your way to show it.

EDIT: You wish you could fix me. You can. Ive given you the tools, use them. Dont skirt the issue and Ill be on stable ground way faster.

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:: 2011 9 October :: 3.48 pm

Just finished[still going] a 30min shower.

EDIT: Just finished breaking down

EDIT: Having a break down

EDIT: Broke

EDIT: Broken

Ya....glad Im alone at home today.

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:: 2011 6 October :: 6.47 am

Her responses are just so dead. I dont have a better word for it. Does she even know how much shes torn my heart?

Im really sick of being alone.

I had such high hopes about her. About us.

Thats been torn to shreds.

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:: 2011 5 October :: 12.54 pm

Beans were spilled last night, albeit abruptly[read: poorly].

I probably left her in a mess around her friends. If I did I bet theyd say "dont go" "hes an asshole" or something of that nature.
Those sentiments really help right now...NOT.

I didnt mean for this to happen but it happened. I cant help that I feel this way about her. What I can help is whether or not I should bother trying to feel this way about her. If she cant tell me that, then I can try to decide.

Shes mad/sad about not having answers for me. Im mad because I need answers. I told her I would make them for her if she cant. I really dont like the answer Ill end up using but I know that its probably the best I can offer since shes "a free spirit" and she might "wake up one day and not like you[me]."

Isnt this what a relationship revolves around? Liking someone, then being with or without them over time. Changing with or without them. Then deciding if you dont want to be with them one day or staying with them for more days?

I really hate this.

This whole thing makes me think about Rachel and how I had that issue come up again and again. Makes me hate myself when my self esteem is already basically at rock bottom.

If bad things happen to good people, then do good things happen to bad people?

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:: 2011 4 October :: 11.13 pm
:: Music: The Beatles- "Eleanor Rigby"

Fleshed "IT" out
Thats just a dirty title. Ha....*empty laugh here*

All the lonely people
Where do they come from?
All the lonely people
Where to they all belong?

Im one of them. Where I belong is up to who I open up to. She is that person. So...I need to know if I put it away behind its lock or I make her a key. I cant just showcase it for everyone. That's not who I am or how I work.

Special attention, special treatment, and expectations from me are opened up.

This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my a.d.d. baby

This is how an angel cries...

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:: 2011 4 October :: 1.01 am

While she tears her brains out over essays and tests. I tear my brains out over putting myself out there and tossing my heart around like a rag.

Seriously. Women continue to astound me.

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:: 2011 4 October :: 12.51 am

Skip Town
She really has a knack for flaking out. Seriously. She didnt tell me a time tonight. She offered to get back to me tomorrow on it. So, this is the 2nd time shes blown off a deadline of need to know.

She wanted to know if I would be mad. Ya. I would be.
-I got work off during the busy season on a week I probably could have taken overtime hours on.
- I have this huge issue of what "we" are....if "we" "are"
- This would be the 2nd flip out just before a visit
- 2nd girl that I get a fucked up relation with over long distance
-- after promising myself I wouldnt do this again!
- Wanting me/Wanting me a friend/Asking for more of me/Not being there for me in the way I need afterwords


Seriously Ill flip if she doesnt come. Ill straight out link her this damn emo spread and go full tilt on her about it. This is my stress. This is what youve done with my head. And its only whats being captured for minutes at a time on here.

Ill wall myself off from her to clam my feeling up. I might come back to talk to her. I might not. I certainly wont let myself open back up again to her even if I cannot wall myself.

Ill back off and do less for her. Ill be around less. Ill not try to be there fro her.

This is what shes doing to me. Tearing me apart.

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