The Time Spent Here, Is the Time Wasted elsewhere.
I was asked to say what's on my mind at any given moment.
Below is the excerpts of raw brain power being wasted twisting knots and going in circles.


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:: 2011 2 October :: 8.49 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: The Black Keys- "Ten Cent Pistol"

So Frustrated
Im just so damn frustrated with myself about this. I want to shout and make a big deal about it to her but I cant make myself do it. Especially not in person, or face, and definitely not without knowing how shes doing with her situation there.

If I, and I probably will, take it out on her like that then I will feel 100000 times worse about things between us.

This is hurting me. This will make me clam up and wall off from her for awhile if things go bad. I cant see a solution with that not happening unless I get the outcome Im begging for.

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:: 2011 2 October :: 12.39 am
:: Mood: weird
:: Music: College feat. Electric Youth- "She never came back"

Loss for Words

At the start of the morning,
before the sunrise was yawning,
the dream was now fading,
like there she goes.

Ok! Where to begin.
I asked her to slate the visit. She wavered. It was more than unnerving.

Im not looking forward to the responses I get. Or rather I dont get? Its going to be so damn hard. I feel in my mind, I know the answers already, and they scare me. I dont want to have those ones.

Should I be upfront and get it off my chest the first day? Or do I show her an awesome weekend then talk about it before she leaves? Grr. I could use a seriously good talk with a trusted confidant right about now, but sadly I do not have one! I need a shoulder. To listen. To converse. To enlighten me.

I need black or whites. I cannot take grey.



Give me the answer Im looking for.

If you dont know, and I dont know what you want, then you lose me. Plain and simple.

I find it will be the only option to wall myself off from you for some time while I decide how to cope and move on. Ive been one of the few consistent faces in your life for the last few years. Ive been there in shit days and good days. Ive helped you decide to take a leap now! Why cant you take one for me!? If nothing else, I think I deserve it.

Call me selfish on that. I think I deserve a shot. Even then, will that be enough? A title, a public title in words or cyberspace...will that satiate me? God, I hope so. It will have to do that and then some. Compensate me for the worrying Ill do about being faithful, fair, and true.

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:: 2011 25 September :: 10.43 pm

Work was hell. I came home to her cheering me up and making me so happy tonight. I needed this! SO! BAD!

Shes also def coming in just under 2weeks so I think Ill hold on my decision and be the one freaking out when she shows up. We shall see if this holds.

Its funny actually, with my guard totally down and my empathy at full she seems to be able to delve deeper into what it means to be 'with' me. I think that makes her like me more. If this wasnt long distance Id have her snatched up easily.

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:: 2011 25 September :: 12.10 am

Your love is a verb
Here in my room.
Here in my room.
Here in my room.

Pink tractorbeam into your incision
Head spinning as free as Dervish's whirl
I came here expecting next to nothing
So thank you for being "that" kind of girl.

Ugh I cant believe how black and white my brain is sometimes. She was around to say goodnight to tonight. That made my day. I spent all day at work thinking bout her and this situation Ive(we) made. So now I can talk to her and it warms my soul. I love that.

I'm obliged to you babe, but this place you see, is trying to hold me down
I want more than you can offer (Hold me down)
I am off to anywhere but here (Hold me down)
I keep walking so nobody can hold me down

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:: 2011 24 September :: 8.57 pm
:: Music: Miike Snow- "Black & Blue"

You SHOULD not pass!
I hope you havent read these. I would advise against reading anything here. Seriously. Dont. Read. Any of it.

Looking at 64-65 hours for the week this week. I will LOVE this check. I plan to try and save it, but I honestly think I wont be able to let myself do that. Ya I know I shouldnt, but I think one last strong gesture is coming. Something to make her rethink the "i dont know" feeling.

Apparently Im a sadistic s.o.b. I like her, but I cant get her to just suck it up and decide something other than fence sitting. Either you want to bemore than friends or just be friends. One will make me keep trying to be there at every possible time. The other...well ...ya...

I really want this to work out I have it going in my head. That almost never happens.

Song time!

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:: 2011 23 September :: 11.02 pm
:: Music: Miike Snow- "Silvia"

I think Ive made my mind up on the situation at hand. I hate the decision but I think its best. Man,...that is had to say.

I dont plan to leave her or change my feelings about her. Ill just have to restrict myself. Bottle it up, shuffle it under the rug? Something else basically.

I cant have myself trying to win her over and only keep getting the same answer. If you dont want to be tied down and say "what if tomorrow I dont want to be with you or something..."(paraphrase) then my only option is to try harder or stop trying. Right? Right.

I think between being 'told off' last time. Ok not told off, but being rejected because of who I am(was) and how we met. and being tossed constant curve balls this time I cant decide to first of the two options.

Again, I hate to even say(type) that.

I cant keep the constant indecision in check anymore.
You dont want to tell people were together? Ok fine, but then why do(should?) I feel so attached to you? Why do I withhold myself from the possibilities of others to be at odds with this long distance thing?
From my perspective: Small battles mean a lot. Give me this one and I can go miles with it. Its a solid foundation. Girlfriend. Easy.
You dont like telling people how we met? Fine, ya, it sucks. I hate the specifics too, but at least Im not gonna lie about them.

God Damnit this is hard to write! Fuck.

How did I end up in another one of these situations!?

Why cant I just have a nice, normal, and simple relationship? No.
Why cant this be a normal, simple relationship?
Why must this be so hard? Why does it feel like its being so much harder for me than her?

Dont tell me "i dont know" search yourself for the answers! Please! You cant ask of my feelings if you give that answer when I ask for yours. Its not fair.

I know things are crazy for you. I know youre growing up. I know youve had a big change in your life. Then why cant I be something consistent? Wouldnt that be nice? Something solid, something you can know is not changing when you fall asleep at night?

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:: 2011 21 September :: 7.27 pm

Turn of phrase?
Ive never really felt avoided before. I feel so now. Im not a huge fan when its combined with the feeling of fading interest(recipient).

I really detest not being in your life like i was. I was given time and time was given in return. Now I feel lonely and left out. Losing you? Losing it.

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:: 2011 20 September :: 11.22 pm

What the problem is? Part 2
Tried to organize my thoughts some. I doubt theyll look that way.

I hate that I constantly find myself unable to be with someone who is closer. Someone who I can hold daily. Sorry if that hurts to read, but cmon, its true. Im not the only one who knows that.

I hate that I always look at those younger than me when it comes to the opposite sex. Whats up with that? always younger than me, does that make me someone who cannot cope with those my own age? I dont have an answer for that, or explanation.

I wont be the first, or last, to say to me that I am way too depressing. Well I have a response for that. Fuck. You. Plain and simple. Walk a mile in my shoes or some such thing.
Dealing with myself is like dealing with an over crowded room. Everyone has opinions and objectsives, but who speaks the loudest? And when? If I was able to represent my brain without question I would put forth some design of the classic id, ego, superego. One person has goals, drive and intentions. Another one gladly agrees to most things it says. Perhaps the second one is just a yes man? I dont know. the third one is me, what I actually do. The first two are simply watching and following the last one. Does that make sense? Idoub tit.

I digress.

I dont know how to take the news of I was given in response to my questions. I cannot formulate any sort of plan from it. It leaves me sitting here trying to decide if I lean in or out on the situation as a whole. It is not clear to me how you could 'wake up tomorrow and decide not to do this/that'.
If this is truly how you feel, why cannot you at least give in for now? Then deal with the situation when and if it comes about? That makes both parties happy. Like adults you can decide to be amiable with things later having known such was possible.(probable?)
Comparatively, why not just tell me off now? Saves any possible headache later. Time is a premium on this existence. Let the labor bear fruit or let the work be given to others who would gladly take up the responsibilities. If you act now at least things wouldnt be horrible later?Or would they, whos to say they would?

I need to do some soul searching, sadly none of the 3 voices want to raise their hands and plead the case. Parts 1 & 2 simply left to let part 3 type for itself.

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:: 2011 20 September :: 10.48 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Pinback-

What the problem is?
Things I want to get off my chest. See below. Ive pulled my pockets inside out and I feel weird. I feel relief, but why? I didnt get what I wanted to get out of the conversation. In lieu of an answer Ive been set upon by gesticulate poses and indifference. Where does it leave me?

Ill tell you where it leaves me. It leaves me here. Contemplating the shit stain of a life I lead. It leads me here, to expose my wounds for further lashings. I leads to the state I was in but no more than a few days ago.
Unable to sleep any worthy duration of time and completely unfocused on tasks at hand. Chiefly among which is driving. I shouldnt be left in a car alone at night. It leads to bad moments 'upstairs'.

I can only imagine what someone else might gleam from reading this psychotic babble that i type with my fingers without even looking. I spew forth these words and know that it helps. But it can also hurt! Hurt someone i want to not hurt.

I told myself after last time i wouldnt go near situations like this. I tripped up a few years ago, got handed some good fortune by not being reciprocated. Here I am though, ready for more trouble. Ready to be socked in the face. I dont really know if this makes me resilient or just stupid.

FUCK! Oh no, not about this situation. I sneezed...all over the keyboard. I hate that. Just like I hate this troublesome situation I continue to find myself in.

Im circling the drain knowing that Im unable to even bother trying to just jump ship and go down the drain faster than the flow would like.

Ill continue later, but why I dont know Ill just spew forth more of this nonsense off the cuff raw brain ...junk?

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:: 2011 14 September :: 9.00 am

I go from an awkward time with this lesbian ordeal where she actually told me she felt confused for awhile into another wonderful thought moment,'

Fuck me. I hate my brain.

If she isnt going to give into having a real relationship and title it properly Im going to get increasingly irate over time. Why do I want a title? Why do you think? I want her. Im insecure and I like titles. I enjoy that tiny amount of ownership it offers me. That comforts me.

If she meets someone else while doing this "Im happy, lets just keep it how it is." She WILL more than likely lose me as a friend and as someone who lo..likes her.

Im on the verge of trying to turn my life around...AGAIN. I cant put my love life on hold for her while she figures herself out with this lesbian bullshit and college guys. I need someone(now) and Id like that someone to be her, but if she wont give me what I need then I will be unable to keep up a strong face.

If she reads this then I hope she understands. Small victories mean miles of happiness.

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:: 2011 1 September :: 12.47 am
:: Mood: confused


What do you do when the girl you like just started college, in a new city, and you dont see her very often?


Now what do you do when said girl were to suddenly now meet a bunch of other girls? ...Who were gay.


Finally, what do you do if you think one of said girls is liking your girl too much? (Or from what youve seen/heard it would appear this way)

The thought of a gay girl possibly taking away your girlfriend really sucks. Seriously. WTF do you do?

:: 2011 19 February :: 2.44 pm

The rant to end all other rants...I had.
Ive been slowly working on writing something huge. Every event in my life that still haunts me in some fashion. Every event that I recall thats ever kept my mind awake at night frustrating the hell out of me. What I have already is about 6 pages long. So, I can only imagine how bad things will be by the end of it.

The good news is I think putting these things down somewhere will def help.

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:: 2010 25 October :: 7.31 pm

I cannot stand pompous people. I cannot stand being belittled.

All the little walls, all the little rules, they mean nothing to me.

I deny you self satisfaction over a declaration of being better than.

Fuck you. Fuck the high horse you think you rode in on.

News for ya, your horse smells like shit.

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:: 2010 17 October :: 10.39 pm

Fuck this shit. Working 99hrs in 2 weeks sucks balls. Not looking forward to another like that again.

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:: 2010 25 June :: 4.43 pm

"Fear profits a man nothing,The Skin of our lives was woven by the All-Father long ago.Run from your fate if you will,hide in a hole,you will not live a moment longer.Running will only make you die tired."

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