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User:vanishedx3heart (user# 24107)
Location: Cokeburg, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:ohhaiimeex3 [add buddy]
Bio:i'm 16.. i live in a small southwestern pennsylvania town of 150 people. i have 4 pets, and live with my mother and sister. i have the two best friends in the world [Jena/Becky], they have journals here too.. =p. the love scene for me right now is kinda, blah, and yeah.
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Interests:(22) black and white photos, dashboard confessional, diet coke, family, friends, john candy and chevy chase comedies, lifetime movie network, lollipops, marilyn monroe, mint chocolate chip ice cream, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, purses, reading, romance movies and books, roseanne, sappy love songs, staind, sunsets and beach scenes <33, the used, writing
Created:2005-01-30 21:30:25
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