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[ godessalthena ]

:: 2012 3 March :: 2.40am

I'm sorry I couldn't be everything I was meant to be.

I'm sorry I am myself.

I'm so sorry I fuck everything up.

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:: 2010 4 November :: 2.09pm

Thanks for coming to my birthday Mamelia and Sus!

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:: 2010 17 October :: 2.56am
:: Mood: indifferent

I move around the Internet way too much.

If anyone is interested in reconnecting, find me on facebook. Search "Meg Miley", based in Atlanta. (I previously said to search for "Megan" but FB blocked me out of that account.) I also no longer use Myspace, and rarely ever get on aim (meganlikespants) or yahoo (shirtzors). If you happen to be anti facebook, shoot me an email or something (meggmiley@gmail.com). Just be sure to remind me you're from this site. It's been so long!

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:: 2010 7 September :: 8.29pm

"The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you."

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:: 2010 15 August :: 10.33pm

If i knew then whats so obvious now, you'd still be here.

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