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:: 2003 18 May :: 2.08 pm
:: Music: "In the fields"

Goodbye, for real now.
For various reasons, but catalyzed by some recent misuse from a couple readers, I have decided to delete the contents of this journal. Post a comment or email me if you care to receive future updates, and let me know on what kind of time basis you'd like it. I'm not sure in what format they will be yet.

All entries were backed up, so if you happen to be interested in my past life, send me a note, and especially if I'm in a good mood, I'll be glad to let you =). However, I didn't save all the comments because that would've taken too much time. Nevertheless, some of those were saved too.

Thank you for your patronage and respect in reading my little story for the past year or so.

Good luck!

dima42 (a)

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