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User:viking-punk (user# 10577)
Location: Holtville, California, United States
Yahoo! IM:viking_punk2004 [add user]
MSN IM:viking_punk
Bio:i''ve been classified as a punk/goth/rocker chick/preppie/normal/unusual/unique i'm just me i guess...i've got a boyfriend (joel) & i love him...i'm a band geek but it's all good...i write songs on my guitar & sing a lot...don't talk shit bou t me cuz i inherited a short temper from my "father" the way i'm 16...if that means anything to anyone!
Friends:(3) blacktears844, DartHaVoK, lilkristen
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Interests:(15) chatting on msn, evanescence, going to the movies, learning new things, mtv, music, playing instruments, renting movies, singing, songwriting, taking quizes, talking to my bf joey, vh1, working at the radio station, writing in this journal
Created:2003-08-12 02:40:48
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