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:: 2010 3 April :: 8.28 pm
:: Mood: blah

Obsessed, WonderCon
So I went to WonderCon today. I wish I get to stay longer. Something stupid I did. I missed out on the Prince of Persia panel because I went to A Nightmare On Elm Street ticketed drawing, but I won. I could go and get that signed item at 1:45pm, but Resident Evil panel happens at the same time. I went to the Resident Evil panel, and thought maybe I could go get that signed item later. But they already close. I went at 2:22pm, and the guy said it was right at 1:45pm. I shouldn't have went to the Resident Evil panel. I wanted that signed item. Oh well. At least this taught me something. I can't be late for anything. That's the thing with me. I tend to want things to go my way, but the world doesn't revolve around me. I thought, since I had the bracelet, it might still be there for me. Better luck next time.

What I really want in life is freedom. I want a free will to do whatever I want. I don't ask much. I just want to enjoy entertainment. I sound childish, but obsessed people understand me. I think I'm way too obsessed with movies. I have to be honest. I'm obsessed with entertainment way too much. Imagine if I had my own place. What will it be like? Filled with movies, music, posters, props, snacks, candies, desserts and toys!

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:: 2010 1 April :: 11.42 pm

All I want is to have a normal life. I want to do what I want to do. I want to have my own personal life. And I get made fun of for doing something I enjoy. I like going to the movies or entertainment related stuff, but I'm constantly being made fun of. I'm tired of this. I knew everything was too good to be true when I got to go to all the movie screenings. I just knew there would be something that would stop me from going from time to time. This week, I saw 1 movie. I usually watch 2-3 per week. All I want is freedom to relax. I usually never bother anyone anyway. This is not a very good spring break for me. I kind of wished it was over because I'm not happy. Next week is school and I have that test to take. I didn't even get to meet up with my fellow classmates to study.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't alive, so I won't have any emotions. I want to have normal feelings like everyone else, but I find myself suppressing those feelings all the time. When I talk about love, people go, "Aaaawwww." Well, those are my true feelings. If I want to love someone, I'll only love one guy. People don't seem to believe me. I'm just that type of person. If I love someone, I'll only love one person.

People who understand me are usually strangers too. When they're strangers, they're not always there. People are good to me though. They listen and care what I have to say.

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:: 2010 28 March :: 10.14 pm

I need an alone time to do whatever I want without any interruptions. I hadn't had that in a while.

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