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:: 2004 21 October :: 1.06 am

so maybe it was just like any other day.
it was your day. but it's not over.
not all was said and done.
i know what you want.
there's still more to come.
please forgive me for your disappointment.
i won't let you down.
...........\ with /............
..............\ _/...............

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:: 2004 14 October :: 10.35 pm

There is no limit.
i wish-
moments like that could be every moment.
that everything we do is just for you and me.
until then..

i'm afraid to trust.
nothing seems to make sense in my mind.
things arn't what i had expected.
i may be going in the wrong direction.
i don't want to go back to start.
i don't know where i belong.

i believe in my heart.
i believe in you.
i don't doubt i'll get hurt.
prove to me it will be worth it.
(P.S. I love you.)


:: 2004 23 July :: 1.32 pm

When heaven looks my way.
Im back.
Aruba was something else.
Something other than amazing.
Here the word amazing cease to exist.
Its more like phenomenal.
It was in the water and in the sky.
It was is the land and in the animals.
It WAS phenomenal.

We went in this cave. Deep into the ground. Called the "tunnel of love", because the opening from above is shaped like a heart. There were mucha cucarachas. And it was dark and sweaty. I got such a rush.

We also went horseback riding for over two hours. My horses name was Churro. We rode across the desert then along the east coast. It was like I was in a cowboys and indians movie. As if we were chasing something. We flew and I loved it.

My favorite place there was the southern point. We walked out as far as we could. And there we were standing on a cliff looking down and the most beautiful ocean breaking on the rocks. Ive never seen anything like it. I wanted to dive off and be one with such an incredible site.

And in everything that took my breath away. There you were. <3

Just you wait ;-)


:: 2004 15 July :: 3.32 pm

its so good to hear your voice.
i wait for that time.
when you make my day.
to remind me.
you arn't that far away.

id love for you to show me. sounds like a nice place to be. i have to get up around six to make the flight to aruba tomorrow morning. im excited about it, but im actually looking forward to seeing you more. i hope you are. although i wouldnt expect you to look forward to coming home. im not getting as much done as i thought i would but i dont care. ohh, did you hear about bobo? 8( he was a tiger that got loose and well, he was shot. well i gotta pack. check your email. Ich liebe Sie! <3 Behalten Sie in Berührung.
i see you when i look at the sun.


:: 2004 13 July :: 7.56 pm

seperation anxiety
im living six hours into the future to be where you are, since im stuck in your past. im glad youre having a good time. i think about you like crazzzy. and im jealous of mike. 8p Well I have that scholar award ceremony tomorrow from 6 to 8. I was thinking about going to the gym today, but I decided Id rather wait for you. i miss you flanky. <3IWishYouWereHere.


:: 2004 12 July :: 1.07 am

Tomorrow sucks.
I was just messin with pictures and made a hilarious one of me and sean. And now its my journal icon.

Sean is leaving. Im really attached and Im going to miss him so. I know time will be my enemy for a while. At least until I leave for Aruba.

Sean; I miss you already!
No worries. Have lots of fun. <3iloveyou. 8 )


:: 2004 7 July :: 1.37 pm

Fourth of July was totally awesome. Not to mention the night before. ;-) Fireworks, in that split second, are everything I want my life to be. Though Im a slacker, it was a fun time. and bottle rockets scare the dickins outta me.
Well things are starting to fall into place. Ive slighty added a few gizmos to my journal. and I dont start work until after I come back from vacation. 8 D yessss! My entire house will also soon be under construction. whata mess. well im off to my paint. <3


:: 2004 29 June :: 1.05 pm

Im anxious about these next couple of weeks. Stuffs been going on. New car, new school, new job. I hate having to drive far unless its a road trip. Sean leaves in two weeks. Those two weeks will be so long. Meanwhile I'll be gone too. I want to go to Daytona before we leave. And then back to Orlando when we come back? I hope so.

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:: 2004 17 June :: 5.41 pm
:: Mood: excited

tomorrow - just another day.
Almost six hours until my 17th birthday. And to think I almost forgot. Also Saturday is a 'Grease' performance in Miami and I'm going. I love grease, I love cake, I love surprises, I love you. 8D

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:: 2004 24 May :: 12.23 am
:: Mood: surprised

the perfect date with the perfect guy
wonderful you. my hero. my knight in shining armor. who saved me from all of my bad luck. from all of our bad luck. after the worst night in my life. i can't speak of how much it meant to me. a hidden side of you that fought its way out. just one more time. and the way you looked at me. the way i always want you to look at me. a smile every second. and all my favorites. surprises. flowers. the beach. quiznos. melting pot dessert. my happy ending.


:: 2004 23 May :: 12.23 am
:: Mood: thrilled

so... I graduated!
Today was a long day. A really good day. It was THEE day. My first breath all over again. Helloooo world!


:: 2004 19 May :: 3.13 pm
:: Mood: weird

what now
how is this world to be filled with sweet nothings when there arn't any? how can someone forgive when no one asks to be forgiven? how can we go on in a world that seems to be fading? maybe i'm going blind. maybe you're covering my eyes to surprise me. maybe i'm a dreamer stuck in a nightmare. where art thou? when i need thee most?
thy lips taste so sweet, but thy tounge is bitter in thy mouth. i don't know your language. i don't want to speak silence anymore. show me through mine.
if this is love,
why don't you run after me?
why are you a stranger?


:: 2004 12 May :: 11.13 am

The end.
It's over. I've learned so much. About people; about life. I cherish the experience. Though I wish some things never did come to an end. I'm relieved. Excited where I will go from here. It's time to forgive, remember, but don't regret. And start new. Just enjoy the ride.
Summer starts now.


:: 2004 2 May :: 11.27 pm

this marks a new beginning.

thy heart will always beat for thee.
mark my words.

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:: 2003 25 December :: 12.49 am

Merry Christmas

light up my day.
light up my eyes.
light up my life.

so i hope sometimes you think about me. i know i think about you. i want these days to be great. i wish i knew how to heal time.
and make mistakes only of glory. but whats said is said. and whats done is done.
so now i'll be on my way.

this is a new day.

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