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:: 2003 19 November :: 10.53 pm

point blank


:: 2003 12 November :: 4.26 pm

follow my footprints, be my shadow.
enter my body, look through my eyes.
trace my every word.
nothing else.
who are you to say who i am.
to say what i do is right or wrong.
to say whether im kind or cruel.
but judge me.
nothing else.
we arnt the same.
you arnt better, nor am i.
hate me. love me.
and nothing else.

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:: 2003 9 November :: 6.59 pm

this is you, and me.
the tatoo on my back. the blood in my veins. the piercing in my stomach. the piercing of my skin.

this is our world
our home
this is our fear
our bliss
this is our time

lost in space. we always search for our purpose. for company. but no matter what we'll always be alone. but i choose not to be. i choose to feel. and thats just what i'll do.
it wouldnt be precise unless we took eternity.

this is us.


:: 2003 28 October :: 10.19 pm

theres lust and then theres love
yesturday is done. and maybe tomorrow will sink in. the waves only crash when you look my way. and those eyes glitter from the reflection of the water directly at me. my heart soars all around you. like when the wind blows the sand around in circles. speak our unseen fortune. an expression of one thousand words. or in your case just three. one moment doesnt mean the rest of my life. you do.


:: 2003 19 October :: 11.15 pm

back then i knew what today would bring.
i knew what was going to happen.
i could see it in your eyes.
and i felt it in my veins.
there was always something different about you.
something different between us.
and ive known all along.
and now i know what it feels like to be crazy.
and i know that it must mean something.
i want these moments to last.
this is the prime of our lives.
and i want to spend it with you.


:: 2003 12 October :: 3.43 pm

forget about church.
forget about my dad and your sister.
forget about my aunt and uncle.
and your neice and nephew.
forget about our families.
and our friends.
and forget about everyone else.

no one has to know who we are.


:: 2003 1 October :: 3.31 pm

day one
i hope i dont come on too strong. but ive got this side you havent seen before. ive got this side i havent seen before. and let me tell you, you wont be disappointed.
ive got the moves, ive got the words, ive got the look.
and those hands. gorgeous hands. they have this deep affection over me. my weakness that you have control over. now its my turn. let me teach you a little somethin. look out because i'll make my move and there aint no goin back.

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:: 2003 29 September :: 8.49 pm

never have i seemed to care to know what to say. i feel afraid to let me out. i wouldnt want to take a chance of failing to prove myself wrong.

my eyes glow red. their charisma shaded. everytime i open them from my slumber all i see is blur. and beyond what i can see is you. and light flows through my eyes and my body. and beyond what i can feel is you.

never will i hold back to you.

never will you wonder who i really am. or what i really want.

never will you have to question me. because you'll always have the answers.

my bad habits all have new purpose these days. and i love the feeling of my fingertips touching the depth of you. and never do you leave a bad taste in my mouth. and i can taste the serenity of you on the edges. sweet and bitter all the same.

never will i wear dark glasses.

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:: 2003 28 September :: 11.28 pm

times going by slow, its now 9:30
the rain drops are dancing in the street
and i can hear them singing your name
so i think maybe if i lose myself listening to it
the time would speed by
and once it stops, you'd be here
then when its all over i look at the clock
and it reads 9:35, just five minutes later
and i, i wish you were here.


:: 2003 8 September :: 3.36 pm
:: Mood: optimistic

its these days im given
each none like the other
and they tell my story that you wont forget
carved in my soul
each page written in gold
and marked by your fingerprints
(this is only the beginning of the series)

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:: 2003 6 July :: 2.55 am

just a fool to believe i have anything you need

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:: 2003 6 July :: 2.32 am

craZy glue
you wanna hear something crazy

im scared of feeling the rest of my life..

..then how i feel when im with you.

(This is where it started.)

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:: 2003 15 April :: 8.39 pm
:: Mood: frustrated
:: Music: bad religion-inner logic

but there really wasnt much point, and I gave up the idea out of laziness.
everything in life is made out to be a competition. today i decided. i shouldnt have to. i dont want to. im gonna let loose. and dance some more. tomorrows a whole new story.

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:: 2003 20 March :: 9.24 pm
:: Mood: numb
:: Music: jimmy eat world

I've just intercepted an untuned station
If you've fooled others, then considered yourself fooled as well. Human nature has become too smart to let instinct come in the way. But I see still some cant hold strong. The temptation and urge takes control.

To take control, you must first find control. Other wise consider yourself a mess.
You have now become your own victim.

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:: 2003 9 March :: 10.09 pm
:: Mood: weird

you wouldn't believe
he was a king 'til she laid waste. now he can not fill up the space. and i just see him drifting while he's drifting. on bourbon alley feeling low. just because she let him go. i don't think he even knows. he'll ever be fine. and he's got a head full of ideas. let me tell ya. that you wouldn't believe. and he's got a heart made of pure gold. and something else so many tricks up his sleeve.

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