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User:whitenailpolish (user# 10552)
Location: Bakersfield, California, United States
Yahoo! IM:xx_christina [add user]
Bio:I'm 14 and I'm a girl.. uh yeah I think that's about it.. anything else you care to know, ask.
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Interests:(41) music, acoustic guitar, alkaline trio, andrew mcmahon, blink 182, blue, brand new, code red mountain dew, count the stars, cursive, dashboard confessional, dickies, eeyore, finch, further seems forever, grease, grey, Harry Potter, hats, hot hot heat, konstantine, pants, pepsi, red, rubberbands, rufio, saves the day, senses fail, shaggy haired boys, silver sharpies, something corporate, stars, strawberry shortcake, sunglasses, taking back sunday, the brendan leonard show, the juliana theory, the used, tinkerbell, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, winnie the pooh
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