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:: 2006 22 April :: 2.17 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: U2-with or without you

Wow, its been quite the time since i've been in here. Not a whole lot is new. I no longer work in the factory. I got a store on Alpine. Its just like the one in Cedar that my parents own, except its a different name, and i'm the manager of this one. So thats pretty exciting. It calls for a long summer, but it also calls for a lot of money! Umm.....i'm on crutches right now, lol so that kinda sucks. But it shouldn't last long. I strained a muscle on my foot. Let's sister moved back in with me. Her and Todd are kinda having troubles. Kelsie is gettin big. She will be a year old on June 3rd. I can't wait for the day to come when she says her first word. She's crawling pretty good, but she can't walk yet, and she's really trying to talk. So all that is pretty exciting. I don't know what else to talk about really. I just recently turned 19 on April 7th. yay. I spent my birthday weekend with my sister. So that was a lot of fun. It's nice to be around her more. If any of you know me and my sister, then you know what i mean. We're a close brother and sister. Hmm......and thats probably about it. Kevin L. Meek

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:: 2005 4 November :: 5.05 pm
:: Music: Soul Survivor

Don't you hate being stuck at work with nothing to do, when you're not even supposed to be here in the first place? Yeah, well thats whats up with me right now, and i hate it. I started today at 7:30 and i'm not getting out of work until 6 now. I was supposed to get out at 4:30 because my parents were golfing and they were gonna come back when they were done at 4:30. I just knew it was gonna happen. My mom or dad would call me and tell me to stay until 6. And thats exactly what happened. That will be 10 1/2 hours i have worked today. It sucks. So that deffinately sets back my plans for the night. But what ever. So yeah, sorry for rambling on and on about work. I"m sure you all are too.


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:: 2005 21 October :: 9.25 am
:: Music: Wake me up when september ends

Well, i haven't updated this thing in a while.

Hmm......lets see, whats some interesting stuff that has recently happened?

Oh yeah, we had to give my dog tazz away. It was quite sad. I guess my parents came to the conclusion that nobody is ever home to give him attention, so we gave him away. I didn't know he was even gone until 2 days after it. I didn't even know we were giving him away, so that was some bull shit. Besides for my dog, not a whole lot has really happened. We basically rebuilt most of the inside of my house. We took out the kitchen floor, dining room floor, and living room floor, and we put down this wood grained floor. So that was pretty cool. Then we got a leather couch to match our chairs. Then we got a new dining room table, its glass. It has 8 chairs to it and the table sits up like bar counter height. Then we got a bunch of new glass tables in the living room. Then we got a 20" flat screen plasma tv that we put on the wall next to the dining room table so we can watch tv when we eat lol.

So yeah, not like any of that was interesting to any of you, but it is to me cause its where I live, ya know? But anyways, i'm working today, while all of you losers are home because you don't have school. So i think tonight i'm gonna go to the football game. And by the sounds of it i think me and Jessie are hanging out after the game.

Jessie, i haven't seen you or hung out with you since saturday night at my house. So we need to make a point of definately hanging out tonight after the game. We were doing a little bit of joy riding after we left my house lol. You just pulled up to the drive thru at BK, then backed up and left lol. So yeah, we need to hang out cause we haven't in a long time and i miss you and stuff.

But anyways, i gotta go WORK now.


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:: 2005 13 October :: 9.37 am
:: Music: Def Lepard-when love and hate collide

Well lets see........i haven't been on here in a while.

My weekend was pretty fun. I went to the football game friday night, and then i think....i went home. Saturday i took Becky and Jessie out to dinner for their homecoming dance, so that was pretty......interesting. Then saturday night i was hangin out with a few friends and i stayed the night there. That was a lot of fun too. I got to spend some time with a certain someone. I kinda liked her before hand, but after saturday night it turned into a lot. Hopefully me and her can spend more time together and make something happen. I think we would both be happy with it. I'm hoping that she feels the same way though. Anyways, umm sunday i went home and just sat there and didn't really do anything. I went golfing, and then i went to tyler's house later on that night. But other than that, i work every day and try to make plans to do something when i get done every night.

I finally talked to my mom the other night. It was the first time i talked to her since my birthday back in April. But then again it kinda made me sad. I was hoping to hear some really good reason to why she hasn't called in so long, but her reason was she is too busy. Good to know she is too busy for her two kids. She can't stop for 15 minutes out of her busy days to call her kids that live 2,000 miles away? When her son just graduated from high school, and her daughter just had a baby and got her own apartment. So it was good to talk to her, but just sad to hear her say...."i've just been really busy."

So yeah, but anyways i should probably go now. Somebody give me something to do today and leave me a comment so i can read it. lol


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:: 2005 22 September :: 7.57 am
:: Mood: tired

What crapy weather today. I'm at work waiting for my dad to get here and its down-pouring outside. This is one of the days when i wish i was at school, cause this means i have to work in the rain. So yeah, umm not a whole lot new with me, just working like usual. I don't really have much time to do anything anymore.

Oh yeah, Jesse, i still need to pick you up from school and take you to lunch. I haven't forgot, but i just need to have a slow day at work so i can take a long lunch break lol ! Then we can do some more catching up and talk about our "stuff!"

OK, well i have to go, feel free to leave me another cool, fun, exciting comment lol!

Kevin L. Meek

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:: 2005 25 August :: 2.53 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Gorillaz-Feel Good

Well howdy.

I'm quite bored right now. I'm just sitting at work. There are no customers and nothing to do, so yeah. I'm not exactly sure what i am doing tonight. I think i'm just hanging out with Randy. Going to some sports place that he wants to go to. But other than that, i have nothing going on. So if anybody feels like doing something or hanging out or whatever, call my cell phone. 262-3578.

But anyways, i'm doing good, my family is doing good, my dogs are doing good. My sister is doing really good right now. She's got her apartment, Todd is still with her, they take care of the baby. She's getting so big and she's starting to smile and laugh, which just cracks me right up.

So yeah, i don't really have anything else to say.

But somebody could be really nice and leave me a good comment!


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:: 2005 18 August :: 4.32 pm
:: Mood: bored

Well, how is everybody doing?, thats good to hear. I'm doing pretty good actually. Things aren't the best, but they could be a lot worse. Last weekend I went to Tyler Mull's party. That was quite the blast.....from what i remember. Then Friday night i went with Lee Armstrong, Danny Rector, and Jake Holland to The Grill. That was a lot of fun too. But then we got kicked out because of a fight. But it wasn't our fault, so its all good. Then saturday i went with Lance up to Howard City and went to Amanda's work. It was the first time i saw her in like almost 2 years. She still looks good. Still as pretty as she was last time i saw her. I miss hanging out with her. We talk every now and then, but we never get to hang out and it makes me sad. But hey, what can ya do. I've been working and keeping busy lately also.

I have more to say, but i have to say it later cause i have to go cause i'm at work.


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:: 2005 6 August :: 9.46 am
:: Mood: tired and bored
:: Music: Def Lepard

Well, its been quite the time since i've been in here. Going on like 7 months now or something like that.

Well, i guess i'll start with the bad/depressing news. Emily broke up with me July 20th. We were together almost 9 months. It was bad........i mean really bad. I just can't stop thinking about her. I swear...for a while ....thinking about her was the only reason that i didn't kill myself. I don't want to kill myself and i'm not going to, but i did. Last week was the first time i saw her in 2 weeks. I saw her at the gas station. Then later on that night at a friends house. We didn't really talk at all and it was quite awkward. But then we talked on the phone the next day for like an hour. Nothing happened. We just kinda concluded that we would just try to be best friends. She still loves me and wants to be friends, is what she said. So yeah, once again i was heart broken. But you know what, thats life. Shit happens, and most of the time there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it, so why try.

Well, i guess the good news is my summer is going pretty good. Except for the whole paragraph up above. I'm hangin out with alot of my old friends that i haven't been around in a long time. Its alot of fun. My sister had her baby towards the end of may or beginning of June, one of the two. But she had a girl. Her name is Kelsie Rose. Kamie and Todd just got their appartment too. So i'm really happy for my sister right now. She has a baby, a job, support for the baby, and her own place with the baby's father. Its good to know that she's in good hands right now.

So yeah...i haven't wrote in here in a long time. I'm sure i missed a few people's birthday's.

Umm...Happy 18th B-day to Amy! But i already saw you after your birthday.

Erika....happy 17th birthday to you.

Um......and yeah i can't really think of anybody elses. So if i missed you, then i'm sorry and happy birthday. I've gotta get going now. Everybody in here should leave me a message or comment. It will make me feel good cause then i'll know that people read what i write and yeah.

Kevin L. Meek

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:: 2005 2 January :: 10.46 am
:: Mood: tired

This break has been great. I went to Florida on Christmas day and i got back on the 28th. So that was a fun little vacation. I spent alot of time with Emily too. We always have fun together. There are times where we just sit at my house and do nothing. We would just lie on my bed and talk for hours. It doesn't sound fun, but for some reason iti s. We will always find something to talk about. I love how compatable we are and how nothing else really matters except for the fact that we are together. So yeah, but off i go now.


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:: 2004 12 December :: 3.06 pm

This weekend was absolutely one of the best weekends i could possibly have. My parents went to Mt. Pleasent Friday night and they didnt get back until like 6 saturday afternoon. Emily came over Friday night, then we went to the game and dance. We have so much fun together. Everything is just so amazing. After the dance Tyler came over and stayed the night. Then saturday i worked from 10-3. Then i picked up Emily and we went to my house. Then we hung out with Nick and JD for a few hours. And yeah it was just an awesome weekend. My sister is here now too. I love her, and its good to see her every once in a while. I would like to more often, but hey, shit happens.


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:: 2004 5 December :: 1.11 am
:: Mood: shocked

Dear lord tonight was insane. It started off with me working a few hours. Then i picked up Emily and we went to my house for a little while. I was gonna go to the play...but my brother would have been home by himself cause my parents were gone...and he didnt want to go. So we stayed at home and had some friends over. And everything was great...until 10:30 rolled around. I won't mention names....but an old story was brought up between this ex-couple and all hell broke loose. These people were bitching and screaming and fighting so bad that people were climbing through my livingroom window to get outside to be away from them. So, it might not seem like much, but if you were there then you know it was quite a big deal and it was very shocking. So yeah, thats all that really happened this weekend. Not real interesting. But yeah off i go now to bed for some sleep.


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:: 2004 21 November :: 3.22 pm
:: Mood: bored

Well, its been quite the time since i've been on this thing. A lot has deffinately happened. I haven't heard anything new with my mom, so nothin new there. But, for winter break i'm going to Florida. We are gonna stay at Disney World for 3 days. sister is pregnant. So i'm gonna be an uncle in about 8 months here. So thats a good thing and a bad thing. I mean i'm happy for her, but then again i feel real bad cause she's not ready for it. It's gonna be so tough on her. But besides that, everything is going really well. I'm happy with my life right now. I can't really complain. I'm playing in the Meijer PowerBilt Golf Tour next summer. So i'm pretty excited about that one. I'm going to Ohio for baseball spring training during spring break too. Which is kinda gay cause its the week that i turn 18. So my sister is gonna take me to the casino when i get back from Ohio.

It would be nice to hear from some people i haven't heard from in a while. So anybody feel free to leave a comment or something.


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:: 2004 23 October :: 9.43 am
:: Mood: tired

So yeah, i went to the Haunt last night. That was alot of fun, and quite scary. My golf season is over. We took 6th at our Regionals golf match. We beat 90 teams and lost to 24. So we had an overall good season. School is going pretty good i guess. I just got a 96 on my Unit 1 english test, so thats cool. I just got done with my friendship essay. I did ok on it i guess. Ashley was in it...because she's just cool like that. I used her in my essay for a real life experience about how our friendship like fell apart a while back. But i love Ashley, we have a great friendship.

Off i go now.


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:: 2004 10 October :: 9.29 pm

Well......i really don't even know where to begin. The only thing that i can say to sum everything up is......she's a bitch. I really don't want to get into it all again. But i will say 1 thing that really made me pissed off and it really made me feel like shit. I was talking to "her" on my cell phone on the way back from my golf regional match. She was bitching at usual. I asked her..."so are you going to homecoming still?" (cause me and her were supposed to go together and things got screwed up and then we arent gonna go) So i just was asking to see if she was still gonna go. So i asked her and she said "are you?" So i told her....i was like "um no probably not." So then she said "well good thing i had a back up date then." Well good for you. Do you want a god damn medal or something?! It really pissed me off. Good to know that you just have this huge line of guys waiting in line for you to go to homecoming with, or go out with or probably have sex with. What ever floats your boat. I swear she is some type of god damn retard who needs to have her arm chopped off and beat to death with it. I don't deserve to be she played me. She used me like i was nothing. Unless i do deserve it. But i really don't know cause girls are just way too confusing these days. But whatever, i really don't care anymore.

But yeah i'm off to bed now. Ashley call me if you get this before you go to bed. If not....then dont worry about it, i'll just talk to you in drama monday.

Kevin L. Meek

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:: 2004 3 October :: 5.10 pm
:: Mood: confused

So yeah.....i'm still not really sure if she's still using me or not. But i'm quite pissed at her. She didnt call me or attempt to talk to me at all on friday or saturday. And what does she do saturday night......yeah she goes over to sparta for the homecoming dance. Horseshit, complete horseshit. But oh well. She's a dumb bitch. I keep hearing things about her left and right. It really frustrates me. I'm just gonna stop this shit with me and her. She's the one that liked me to begin with, and now she's screwing it all up on her own. Fuck her.

Its good to know that i have friends that care about me and my feelings. Friends who are willing to go out on a limb and go against another friend because of what they did wrong. If that makes any sense to any of you. But Ashley know's what i'm talking about. So...thanks Ash.

So anyways......tomorrow i get to leave school at 7:45. So i basically dont even have to go to 1st hour. My conference golf tournament is tomorrow. Yay for me. Wish me luck.


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