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:: 2006 29 June :: 4.33 pm

Hey yall how are ya?? I'm good i'm up in michigan right now visiting woot! so yeah i'm graduated, and workin my ass off, not goin to college yet but soon enough. well thats about it. lifes about as boring as it gets

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:: 2006 11 May :: 10.48 am

Hey everyone how is it goin things are good here, me and Daryl been together 7 months and a week now....yay!! Last day of school is tomorrow :(:( its sad then i Grad the 19!! OMG i cant believe this!!! But anywho. I am exempt from my exams so i dont have to take them cuz im good like that woooot! lol welp ill let yalls go love yas!

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:: 2006 4 April :: 10.24 am

Howdy!!! Well things are good me and Daryl have been together 6 Months, this friday *my prom night* WOOOT! Gosh i love him so much. I went to Portland TN with him *where he is from* and met his family they all seem really nice. So things are goin real good there, Soccer is also goin good, last weekend we won one game and tied the other it was awesome i was proud of myself!!! :D yeah, and i have been tanning for prom, and working, i have ACT's Saturday morning. so yeah great stuff...not. HOLY COW 6 weeks left of school!!! :(:(:(:( Its sad i dont wanna leave, but ya gotta go sometime. ya know. welpers, i guess ill ttyl LOVE YAS!!!!

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:: 2005 23 December :: 6.43 pm

Hey What yall been up to? I've just been workin and goin to school, I cannot believe this school year is almost done! I mean i'm thinkin about next and what ill be doin and it wont be high school anymore, the other day i was lookin through my yearbook from last year, *Autumn Silvers picked it up for me...thank Audie!!* and i was thinkin about what i would do with my hair next year, then i was like wait...I'm not in High school next year, To tell you the truth, I'm scared, Now is the time for real life and reality to hit me, and I really dont think I'm ready for it...I mean i have my dad to help me but He isnt always gonna be there, Its nuts...
I feel like i have just now moved to Tennessee and am just gettin to know my friends down there whom i love to death, I'm so glad i got down there and met new ppl, They mean the world to me...But so does everyone up here, Its 2 different worlds ill tell you that much, What with the KKK, yeah its real shit down there, get this a new mexican resturaunt came and within a week the KKK Spray painted KKK on their New sign...Thats when it hit me that its totally different down there...But anywho.
I hope ya'll have an Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,Good luck with your Futures!!

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:: 2005 2 December :: 11.31 pm

Hey guys whats up!! not much here just talkin to my boyfriend!! WHOM I LOVE TO DEATH, He is sooo Sexy! lol anywho, things are goin good, i'm back at work again unfortunatly but hey its money and the only money i got lol well I dont got much to say LOVE YA'LL

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:: 2005 23 November :: 2.37 am

Hey Ya'll whats up!!! Not much here well a lot actually my dad and janet are gettin divorced thank god! lol
I have a Boyfriend, his name is Daryl weve been goin out a month and i love him so much! but yeah n e who ttyl@

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:: 2005 14 October :: 6.04 am

Hey everyone its Heather, well i'm doin really good down here its fun, but i miss ya'll a lot I have a lot of new friends but i miss my old ones :(:( I'm in school right now, but we are in the library so yeah, anywho i dont have much to say ttyl!@

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:: 2005 20 July :: 12.57 am

Hey everyone, well as you know i'm moved to Tennessee now, and i'm likin it but i have no friends and so i'm kinda waitin for school to start, which is aug 8th, so yeah, and I miss everyone a lot, i've cried 4 times in the 3 weeks we've been there, its really friggen hard esp cuz i miss my sister so much, god this is hard, but i have my room all nice and settled how i want it, and a lot has happened but its to much, i will say we go to this pool and the lifegaurd there is friggen hott! he is a senior at my school, woot go me, haha, had a taco bell guy hit on me that was a lil weird but he was a pimp he was smackin other girls azz and kissin others it was funny, but yeah anyways i will ttyl later, i wont be able to update often we wont have the internet, and i know i'm up here now but i'm only here for a whole day, so sorry if i cant see you my main priority is my lil sister, i really wanna see all of you but i cant, I LOVE YOU, if yall wanna call me *haha there goes the accent already, jk!* my number is (423)-949-9443 call me!

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:: 2005 7 June :: 7.29 pm

Well i'm at autumns right now, just to tell yall i'm movin in 2 weeks and dont have much more time to hang out with anyone, cuz ill be packin :( sadness i know, anyways, i wont be updating much, not the i ever do cuz my dad took the cable modum away :( more sadness, well i g2g byes!

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:: 2005 24 May :: 8.30 pm

Well 27 days left, and 4 days of school *sighs* this really depresses me...well if anyone wants to hang out with me b4 i go leave a comment, er call me 696-2032. *hugs all* byes....

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:: 2005 14 May :: 3.57 pm

SO i havent updated in here in a long while. I only have about 35 days left before I move, I'm really excited, but really not at the same time ya know? *sighs* i'm gonna miss my friends and Jordyn *my lil sis* so much, but maybe ill be back in the future, who knows, Anyways, I will talk to you all laters.

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:: 2005 2 April :: 12.26 am

yeah so thats my sister and i, I'm gonna miss her when i move :(

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:: 2005 14 March :: 9.16 pm

you know you love it.

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:: 2005 13 March :: 4.00 pm

Well On saturday my mom came and got my sisters and i and we found out she has temporary custody of jordyn, and why she did. I guess that Jacks *jordyns dad* sister wrote my mom a letter sayin that jack had been cought by her, sexually abusing her neices and nephews when they were younger, and my mom and aunt took that right to the lawyer and now he cant see her till after the court date, which is in april on the 10th, I couldnt beleive that, when she said that, my mouth dropped to the floor, and i guess on friday when my mom got her from jack that jordyn had a blood blister on her hand and my mom was like *hun what is that from* and she goes *well i wanted to call sisy's and you, and when you called i knew it was you, so i went to pick up the phone and he slammed the phone down on my hand* I wanna kick jacks ass SOO bad right now... but yeah, so i'm really glad i got to see her though, and i got a lot of pics of her with my camera. but anywho I'm doin alright dads here, and so yeah...well i think thats it...ttyl!


Oh and my mom and aunt are takin jordyn to the doc to see if he did anything to her, and she is goin to see a counseler

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:: 2005 11 March :: 5.44 pm

Ever feel like your in a strange mood where your not happy, but your not sad either? thats how i feel for some odd reason....i feel like this a lot of times. *shrugs shoulders* oh well.

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