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I'm baaaaaad. (:

Hello, I'm Corinne! Your average seventeen year old girl living in Maryland with hopes and goals too big to exist in my little head. :]

I've had my journal for about three years now, and on multiple occasion, my interests have been deleted. I guess after the third time, I realized how extremely irritated I was with re-typing 700-some interests every few months. So excuse the lack of them, I'm not a dull person who likes nothing, I just value what little time we have in this life to blab about what I like. If you ever read my journal entries, you should get a good idea.

HINT. My taste in things from food to music is very...VERY eclectic.

If you are like me and despite your age, are still stuck on the addiction I like to call Neopets, feel free to add me. Click here - especially if you haven't signed up yet! (Prepare to have no life)

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