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:: 2007 22 September :: 9.59am

I looked back behind me in math yesterday to "see where the teacher went"

and josh was glaring at the front of the classroom
and we made eyecontact
except he looked really really scary, so I was like O___O and turned back around

then later when we had to get into groups, we made eyecontact again, but he went and talked to Michelle
I am hoping he only talked to her because he knows her from a different class and doesn't find her attractive

she did get prettier since last year and stuff though. nice hair.

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:: 2007 14 September :: 2.04pm

no josh today
and I was checking out this sophomore that looks sooo much like Tristan, just with slightly longer hair
and er, I think he saw me, told his friend, and they both glanced at me, said something and laughed

ahaha. haha.

also tae bo is quite literally insane as two insane things living in insane city.

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:: 2007 13 September :: 4.47pm

goodbye mike

helloooo new kid (aka Josh)


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