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User:worldsworstaccident (user# 24173)
Location: New Jersey, United States
I'm Allison

I will be as wild as I want to be

Nothing can stop me now
I don't care anymore
Nothing can stop me now
I just don't care

Im sixteen from New Jersey.
I love piercings.
I have snakebites.
I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I believe in karma.
I love makeup, sewing, stuffed animals,
beading, photography, and art!
Let's not forget hello kitty and my little pony.
I'm against homophobia, and I'm terrified of heights.
I have my own opinions, and my own ideas.
I'M ME!! =]

Friends:(3) ChibiKeriana, kitsune, mieko
Friend Of:(2) Kitsune, mieko
Interests:(40) aim, bright colors, cats, color, computers, cute things, decora, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyes, fashion, hello kitty, hot pink, japanese fashions, kittens, kitties, kryolan, leopard print, lime green, lip piercings, mac, makeup, making clothes, music, my friends, my little pony, photography, photoshop, piercings, purple, rainbows, sewing, stuffed animals, text messaging, unicorns, video games, water, writing, zebra print, óż
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