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:: 2011 7 November :: 3.15 pm

Shit my mom says...

*On the phone with mom* Mom: "Was that my car you hit the curb twice in?" Hollie: "Uhhh no" Mom: "Look at me" Hollie: "Mom were on the phone..." Mom: "Well I didn't like how you said no" lol mom

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:: 2011 4 September :: 12.43 pm

This happend Tuesday...

This was probably one of the worst days of my life. Went to catch the 10am ferry, were just about to load and had to turn around because I was to sick. I called and spent 20 minutes on hold to get the tickets transfered over so Greg can pick them up. Greg & Tony make the 11. I sleep for an hour, get up decide I am well enough to make the 1... bad idea #1. Get on the 1... bad idea #2. Taking the ferry in general is never a good idea for me as I get motion sickness. And I probably should have taken the hint when even my chewable gravol wasn't making me feel better. Anyways... made it to Vancouver in a somewhat stable state. Get in a car accident. Get lost. Stopped at 7/11 to ask directions, no one spoke English/didn't know where Rogers arena was even though it was only 2 blocks away. Spill my puke bucket all over the the car. Have a break down. Greg comes to find me, we make it to the hotel and I have to go get the tickets because they didn't put Greg down as an alternate pickup (Even after spending 20 minutes with customer service). At that point very dehydrated, hadn't kept anything down in almost 24 hours. Walk 15 blocks or so to get tickets...Another bad idea. Walk back. Almost about to pass out when I made the desicion I wasn't physically going to be able to go to the concert. Had to convince Greg to let me take his car and go home (after crashing his car). So hotel/ticket and two ferry trips for nothing. Missing out on seeing one of my all time favorite bands and am now roughly $500 in the hole. Yes this day is certainly in the top 4 of worst days of my life. Also spent the entire time puking or feeling like puke.

Lessons I learned from today: Always pay the extra for emergency cancellation fees. Give myself time to feel better (i.e. not jumping out of bed after 3 hours of puking and deciding in 15 minutes that I feel fine). And most importantly stay at home when you have the flu.


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:: 2011 26 July :: 7.14 am

Greg: "Apparently Germanís are crazy hard workers" Hollie: "Yeah, well it makes sense, like look at the Nazi's"

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:: 2011 9 June :: 8.24 pm

Shit my mom says...

Only 1 lady at the blood clinc is able to find my veins because they're so deep. So my mom asked for her name, she said her name was Jennifer but that there were 3 people there with the same name. So mom said "Oh we'll just ask for the Jen that goes deep." I just face palmed and started laughing, the lady went red but laughed as well, then mom realized what she had said. LOL MOM

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:: 2011 3 June :: 10.01 pm

Hollie - Hmmm...whats a bride mean in english ( cook, helper or friend )
Greg - Heres a hint for you....your really good at it.
Hollie - must be helper
Greg - *smacks face* yes hollie...your a good helper....
Hollie then goes to the next question.

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:: 2011 30 May :: 10.39 pm

Hollie: "Hey Jodi, where did mom put her airhorn?" Jodi: "I dunno... *long pause* *LOLOLOLOL no way dude that would be sooooo mean"

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:: 2011 23 May :: 9.47 am

Every step I take I am further from where I want to be. I'm always running from things I can't see.

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:: 2011 1 May :: 1.55 pm

Shit my dad says...

Dad: "Jeez you're a night owl" Hollie: "Sure am. Just got in from the gym" Dad: "Wow, I just got up from the couch"

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:: 2011 15 February :: 10.43 pm

Sweat baby sweat...

Speaking of flu shots, I do believe I would benefit from one next year!
Working with kids is killing me.
This is the 3rd time I've been sick this year alone!
I've had Norwalk, the flu and now whatever it is I have now... half the symptoms fall under cold category and half under flu.
Either way I can't stand it.
I don't like flu shots, I've never had one... I'm more of a "let it run its course" kinda person.
I don't even like taking medication unless its really necessary...
But given that I've been so sick so often and I work with kids I think getting a flu shot and getting sick once is better than constantly.

Shit Sam says:

| ; S a m ; | | says:
i was going to tell you this tonight
i was driving home from dropping alex off at work.. and there's these three stupid police cycleists on the road
it was super annoying! I mean they piss me off already.. but make them cops.

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:: 2011 15 February :: 10.37 pm

Talking about flu shots with Sam. I love the shit she says.

Give to me sweet sacred bliss says:
i got swine flu, one of the worst flus i've had but i wasn't old or dying so i didn't need or want the shot
| | ; S a m ; | | says:
they only made us because we had mexicans consitantly coming in and out of the country
Give to me sweet sacred bliss says:
but i dunno, flu shots have been around for ages, tons of people get them every year. Yeah it will make me sick for a week buttttttt if it prevents weeks upon weeks of sickness its worth a shot... HAHAH GET IT worth a shot!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA
| | ; S a m ; | | says:
true story
Give to me sweet sacred bliss says:
damn mexicans
| | ; S a m ; | | says:
between the guests and the cast memmerbs
Give to me sweet sacred bliss says:
fb status
i love the shit you say

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:: 2011 10 February :: 10.01 pm

In every dream you're my guiding light.

Happy with the way things have been the past few days... at least for the most part :)

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:: 2011 7 February :: 1.05 pm

Shit my mom says.

My mom was sitting there watching the tv listings channel for like 10 minutes, finally I said "are you going to just watch the tv listings?"
And she was like "oh did it change!? I thought it was just a commercial".

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:: 2011 7 February :: 12.26 am

I should start a blog about "shit my mom says"...

She was talking to my about the new guy my sister has been seeing and she said
"apparently he's a chef! and not the kind at Mcdonalds"
... I just looked at her and laughed and said
"wow we must be poor if you think people who flip crappy burgers at Mcdonalds are chefs..."

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:: 2011 6 February :: 2.45 am

Reading through my past entries really makes me think... as always... I need to update more!

It's really nice to be able to spill everything and no that no one in my life can read it. It's also really nice to look back and see how things have changed for me, and how different I used to be.

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:: 2011 6 February :: 2.29 am

There is a wound that's always bleeding.
There is a road I'm always walking.
And I know you'll never return to this place .

Been dealing with a lot lately.

Trying to move forward with my life, trying to change things, make things happen. New year, new me right? Maybe it was the new year or maybe it was the signifigance I put on turning 20? Whatever the reason... in most ways I've been doing really well.. working on my fitness, got a new job in September that I love, quit the overnight job that I had been working since October (that I hated!) took up yoga again, and pole dancing again :) Been making more of an effort to establish myself, figure myself out and discover more about myself. All in all those things are going fairly well.

I have realized a lot in the past two months, and I have changed a lot. I'm trying to let go of a lot of agression and sadness that i've harboured. I'm trying to see things in a new light, and making an honest effort to look at the positive aspects of things... its definately not an easy thing for me but I am trying. I'm also realizing to appreciate and accept myself. I realize these changes don't just happen over night, and that there will be setbacks along the way.
This isn't all coming out the way I want, it seems sort of scatterbrained in a sense... could be because its almost 3am and I'm pretty tired or that im just so eager to write that everything is just kinda pouring out.

The only way to end this, that best describes where I am currently at and completely contradicts half of what I said... but for all the right reasons, is this...
A memory that could hold me back.

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