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:: 2005 10 August :: 4.28pm
:: Music: simple plan- untitled

kyle called me last nite + we talked for quite a while=) soo that made me happy. he bought me something but wont tell me what it issssss. grrr. *l0l* i love presents, who doesnt?

i had to clean today + i have to start packing for vaca. im going shopping with my mom tonight + possibly driving so i can get my license soon. hmm i also have lots of other stuff to do.

my sister called today while i was eating lunch + well she called my dad + all i heard was him like freaking out on the phone saying what happend. sooo, it turns out that she was in a car accident. shes okay but someone just plowed right into her. so once all that was settled we got back to our normal day. i dunno what she will drive tho cus she was on the drivers side back tire + she cant drive it or the car would scrape the tire cus its dented. soo.

i better get going + finish getting ready + then leave. <3

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