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Interests:(75) 999, a static lullaby, against me!, alexisonfire, anarchy, anti-establishment, anti-flag, anti-homophobia, anti-rascism, anti-sexism, aus rotten, bands, being a hero :), beloved, bondage pants, bondage shorts, boys, cat shows, catch 22, cats, chocolate milk, clothes,, crayons, dead kennedys, dog shows, dogs, dropkick murphys, goldfinger, guys, ice cream, julianna theory, ketchup, less than jake, little kids, markers, milk, mohawks, music, music, nachos, name taken, no use for a name, nofx, paint it black, paint it black, permanint markers, piercings, poison the well, punk, punk rock, rancid, reading, reel big fish, revolting, rise against, rock, suicidal tendencies, tattoos, temporary markers, the bouncing souls, the casualties, the clash, the code, the distillers, the ramones, the starting line, the suicide machines, the used, thought riot, thrice, thursday, water, writing music, writing poetry, zao
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