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User:xXxbriteybearxXx (user# 24170)
Location: United States
Yahoo! IM:iluvgoodcharlotte4e [add user]
Bio:Hey Lovers!! It's Britey and I'm cute!! Lol!! I tend to be a big bitch!! i have another site!! it's It's really cute!!
Friend Of:(1) theedgeofyouratmosphere
Interests:(21) acting and drama, and of course AMERICAN EAGLE!!, dooney and burke, friends, guys, kisses in the rain, lightening bugs, LOUIS VUITTON, math, MONEY, my dog, photography, poetry, pumpkins, school, SHOPPING, sleeping, swimming in the dark, the killers, thunderstorms, writing in general
Created:2005-06-09 11:30:21
Last Update:06 17 2005
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