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:: 2004 29 June :: 4.44 pm
:: Music: Something I Can Never Have-NIN

Long time? Sure it is.

Has been. Will be. Don't have much motivation. Heh. Trying to write doesn't work. Things just come up shitty.

I miss the first time. Not the last time. . .but the first.

Um. . .I miss myself.

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:: 2004 9 June :: 11.16 pm
:: Mood: Wow
:: Music: I Will Find You-Enya

::I Will Find You, If It Takes A Long Long Time. . .::
Long time no right.

Been busy, and gone. . .

School's out. Great. Went to Colorado for a wedding, getting ready to go to Cali, then to New York. Not excited for CA. But it works.

Err. Not much to say. Me and my Lover couldn't be better. . and Well . . . I dunno. Things are swell I suppose.

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:: 2004 2 June :: 8.53 pm
:: Mood: Dreamy. . .
:: Music: Evening Star-LOTR

::Not Even I Cry::
Hard to type, just got my nails done. Long time no update huh?

Been busy, testing, throwing parties, hanging out with "friends". Guess I'm having fun. . .not much though.

I'm going to miss school. This summer is going to suck but one thing, and even then, I don't think it will happen. But I'm hoping. . .for him.

Anyways. . .not much to write, I have nothing to say. . .

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