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:: 2009 13 October :: 6.35am

Here we go.

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:: 2009 11 October :: 10.32am

I am exciiiiited!

I've been nervous for days and though I know once I get on the plane my stomach is going to be in knots again and I'm going to feel sick, that's ok.

I was freaking out about packing, but it's going surprisingly well so I think that's helping my anxiety a bit. I was also stressing a bit about all of the things I had to buy, but everything I need right away is purchased and I have money for what I need when I get there.

I feel like Wednesday cannot come soon enough. For a while I was almost dreading this and sad, but I think it's coming at the best possible time for me. I think it's what I should be doing. I know the first month is probably going to suck, I'm going to want to come home, and it's going to be exceptionally hard, but it not being easy is probably what makes the journey worth it.

When I fly solo, I fly so high.

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:: 2009 8 October :: 11.42pm

I just watched my little niece walk for the first time. And I cried.

Someday, far far away, I am excited to be a mom.
(Adoption, of course).

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