*real eyez.... realize...real liez*

2 days left til *16*..yay
LadiePerfection/Taylor Duzer: yeah whatever because u kno u cant resist his sexin.
all he gotta do it not give u any for 2 weeks
and u will b runnin to have his babies. "give it to me daddy!"

I vow to never break your heart, I'll never let you down, for better or worse,
I'll always be around


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:: 2004 2 August :: 6.43 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: A.Keys* Karma


its official
tomorrow I will finally be officially a redhead =P... so happy..not too red..but if ya wanna be technical..itz red...

"courtney I don't want you having red hair"
"not even like that? ::points::"
::courtney picks up a color::
"ooh I like that Courtney"
"it looks red"
"no I think its brown"
"i like it too..brownish red"
::buys the color::

1 hr later

::Courtney looks @ it in the good bright lite::
"mother its red" [no i don't really call her that..]
"let me see... ooh..well I like that red.."

...point being..
it was the same color different style and length!!!!
..black people..sike nah

good byeeee jet black! uh Uh..can't listen to If I Aint Got You anymore..Quadra played it out for me..Javonne noes..marching band tomorrow..I might see my boo..that makes me smile..ahhh red red red..I wanna wear red..

attention: for once in my life no cute bois in the laundromat

nor tha mall..

but I saw my sister Sydney..and Whit..and Melvin. Ahhh!! Im going soon..tomorrow Im gettin a silk wrap for my nails done..ilk.. I ain't noe U Remind Me was on this CD.. I do like the remix tho so I'll listen to it. Only bad thing bout tomorrow is dat I gotta get up at 6 suttin..but it's worth it. Gosh.. I needta pack...fa real..and get more bootleg dvd's for da van we rentin.. :)..backseat to myself..

yea boi.. my own suite!!!! micro..fridge..bathroom..couch..tv..fone..desk..yes! All for -me-.. I swear.. if Old School [my cuz Gary], Avery, and Cory all gotta sleep in my room again there -will- be problems..Brittany and Colonia can stay..but da couch is mine.. I hate that drive across PA man.. ..got my camera in case I spot Ben :)

"he's ugly but he's sexy"
damn rite!.. jus like music.. jus like music..oh baby..I wanna go to Neshaminy..to relax my mind so I can be free.. yo.. I aint noe Shyne was part of dat J.Lo/Diddy gun scandal in NY..and HE is in jail for 10.. I WILL be seeing dat interview on MTV.. Im puttin it on my fone rite now..even if I am in Michigan.. I got cable! =D music makes a happy day..jus like music...ur music makes me wanna sing doobe doobe doo..

music is my heart and soul..more precious than gold....bangin song.. dadadadadadadada .. doo doo doo doot doo.. its a Midwest Swing y'all!...yeeaaa...whachu think we live on a farm? ..haha..yes Nelly, we do.

..Aiight yea..I don't have nuttin else to say fa now..red hair! Im not seein the Village anymore since Stephanie said it was gay [king arthur was too..] but its two hours..damn dats a lot of time to..well u don't need to know ;) ..sikeee.. ilk... 1 rapper..2 "wangs" ..and 3 chains...ilk Murph. yea my eyes be red..my lips a lil dark..bad smokers..but dey cool peoples. Aiight..buh bye :)

8.18 mo..
2 mo dayz @ home!

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

bosh if u readin u best comment! ............. please? :)

no she didn't!

:: 2004 31 July :: 10.15 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: Tweet* Call Me

i fixed my internet..
It's ironic that song is on because no one has called me... all day..but lets talk bout da past days anyways... ::flashback::

today*.. well I was woken by simone's cell fone alarm for kathleen..me and pebbles was still jus lyin dere lookin drugged out.. so den we ate breakfast & I was outta dere at around.. 1o:o5. I came home in my pajama bottoms..got there at 1o:3o...went back to sleep (thankfully) until 12:o0! Yea..so around 12:3o I took another shower..and my mom and I headed off to Columbus Mart [!]. I got..two more pair of Chinese slippers..I got lite blu & white..so now I have..lite/babi pink, black, white, and lite/babi blu.. yoo I want more...Ive decided I want a collection all for me. And yea.. I saw gold..dark blu..magenta..red..green.. all the otha colours I want. Wait till homecomin man..got da green weave man.. wait and see. So yea..I also got a pink fitted.. UNBROKEN SUNGLASSES that are also clear :) .. wat else..we went to Dutch Country to see da Amish..get sum lemonade..sum ice cream..and I got my smoked turkey!!

Now that I think about it I shuda had sum junky mess cuz dis is my last day..30 day workout plan =P..starts tomorrowww...yoo..I can cook salmon boii.. :)

So anyways when I got home.. I don't know how many naps I took.. we got 30 wings from Brothers..it was good specially w/ tha hot sauce.. yea played Simpsons..watched Simpsons..saw Don't Be a Menace again..tennis.. slept..and now Im on tha computer. Oh yea..I took my weave out rite..I got wavy hairz..its a nice lookin shaped fro ..thing and Im gettin my hairz did on ..Tuesday/Weds..

fR1day* so yea..talked on tha fone..cleaned..went to Simone's..me and Simone stayed up til four..it waz fun tho..we saw wat..2 movies..talked to folk..it was fun! :) lol..playin people and reminissin [sp] @ din din.. and actin a fool in da bedroom..Savion actin bad..it was fun.

ThuRsday*..well I went to Stephanie/CriStina's house.. I had fun! Played Mario Kart..walked to CVS..im mad dat I got a tan..it went away.. uhm yea..we went to Erroll's house..and Joe Scott was there..Erroll's dog waz loud..so yea we stayed dere for like 2o mins..started watchin Don't Be a Menace..then went to meet Edmond @ CVS..

y'all..I had da most banginest strawberri popsicle @ CVS for 99 cents and it had REAL strawberris in it dat u cud bite out...omg...so good

but yea..so we talked w/ Edmond fa lyke..15 mins..when we had went to CVS Brandon Hall sayd I looked different cuz @ first he cudn't tell who I waz..saw Lashara too..den we went back to Erroll's house..and uhm yea..dat was sum weird mess on tv... lets see.. nrop backwards.. goodness..dose horny lil chilren.. so yea we left around 5 so we waz dere fa lyke.. 1 hrz..den we walked back to Stephs and lied down in the cool air watched TV..and I went home @ 6 ish.

so yes..Ive had a pretty decent life..I am actually carrying money.. I need to take pictures before I leave..Erroll sayd hed pay for me..so.. I mite be doin dat..also hafta see my boo..go to marching band..hair..nails..PACK..but most importantly..laundry :) which I do lyke.. can't wait!! Oh guess wat..

Im not zZz'n on tha floor in the hotel anymore..we got tha suite!!! Im wit Aunt Carmen & Aunt Annette.. I get my own sofa...TV..coffee maker..fridge..ANDDDD microwave..oh..did I say bathroom too?
Ima p-i-m-p-e-t-t-e-s-t-a-r bosh.. gotta get dairy queen & chinese from da mall too tho..

aahh...can not WAIT now.. i jus hate da drive across PA..dem dayum mountains..

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

8.21mo [so I believe] til 16*
4 mo nites til I leave!

35oth entry!

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:: 2004 26 July :: 11.24 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: edmond talkin


yea...marching band tomorrow..woot ..nvm..look..comment on wat y'all think ..

who are you?

Sit down.
So come on baby,
tell me how you're feelin.
When you came home earlier, you had an expression on your face.
Baby...I was wonderin if I called and said "i love you" lately...
And if I didn't...
I do.
It gets stronger everyday.
I appreciate every little thing that you do for me.
From your lovin...
your workin...
your cookin...
and your smilin.
You say you do all them things just to keep me happy.
Keep me happy.
Come home early,
come relaxed,
come with a smile,
give me you.
A simple nibble on my ear is fine.
that -will- do.
Don't you remember?
You started out as my best friend.
Talk to me.
Let me know how you been.
Let me get inside,
to find the real you.
The real man that I love.
I miss my best friend.
My lova...
with that supa freaky side.
Just sit down,
shut up.
I wanna kiss you
right now.
Fall inside my world,
get entranced,
think it's an illusion.
We could do anything you want,
make sweet steamy love.
But first,
just sit down next to me.
Let's talk.
Wats good...
- c o u r t n e y

hmmmmmmm tastyyyyyy lol
Lushuz X anjeL: lol
Lushuz X anjeL: ya like?
KiS5eD bI A RoZe: :snaps fingers like in club:
Lushuz X anjeL: awwww yea
KiS5eD bI A RoZe: lol yuuuuuuup, ive bin wantin 2 write 4 sum time but cant find the starting inspiration

LadiePerfection: ahhh ha i love it
LadiePerfection: its so perfect
Lushuz X anjeL: really?
LadiePerfection: would i lie
Lushuz X anjeL: ..u do to ur father
LadiePerfection: and mother
Lushuz X anjeL: :-)
LadiePerfection: lol
Lushuz X anjeL: lol

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

8.26 mo til 16
1o dayz till Ben & Michigan!

no she didn't!

:: 2004 24 July :: 9.52 pm
:: Mood: thirsty
:: Music: Kid N Play* Get Funky --> Jadakiss* Why


hey...todayz saturday..and im in tha crib...but datz aiight.
..you don't have 2 call...itz okay grl...cuz ima be aiight tonite...
so yea..since Wednesday I waz @ javonne'z...last nite I got my hair did! =D still tite tho but datz all good..

so last nite malik called ..i told him to call from lyke 9-10...WHY does he call @ 12:43..hiz a-squiggle-squiggle LUCKY I wazn't woke up by mah fone..woulda got cussed out....Jersey hospitality babi... yeaa!! dey even shoutin out Jerzey girls on powa 99 rite now.. i memba when q1o2 waz talkin how Jersey girls got da biggest asses..lol.. but yea..less den 2 weeks til Michigan.. I gotta go to W'Wood to get sum airbrush man... and sum Chicken! ilk.. i noe dat isn't choppa style...but yea..me and Erroll talked fa lyke 2 hrs yestaday..funny ish.. heres da plan..

1. he proposes when Im 21-23
2. IF he iz in da NBA
3. we stay engaged for 2 years
4. I get famous
5. he says i drop out of college to have our first kid..psshh...
6. after we married of course..
7. i meet Carmelo
8. zZz w/ him finally..
9. me & emu stay togetha/break up.. not sure yet lol

...but Im already engaged... =O.. yooo..


I waz happy..general tso...chicken and brocolli..rice.. mmm mmm MMM! yea...dey shouted out Jersey again.. I was cleanin all day again...except when I talked to my boo for maybe.. 2 hourz.. :) til my mom ruined it..oh well..when I went to da hair store near Kum-Fong da ladi sayd she lyked mah hair and we talked bout synthetic and stuff..

and I also saw Mz. Gloria & Mz. Lois.. [jerry's niecez].. I didn't see Maybel & June [sis & brotha].. maybe next time..dey waz all surprised..dey ain't noe it waz me til he told dem. I lyked Lois' hair...cute stuff..and Gloria had diz cute lil short blonde fro goin on...my mom & I looked @ da kinky hair I want..shes gon let me get black & dark red highlighted in it... =D datz da colour Edmond told me to dye my hair too..how symbolic.. oh well..

so yea..Ima be talkin to Erroll on aim if y'all need me..and da Simpsons too I guess.. still lookin for Head Sprung.. marching band on Tuesday.. yay.. :)

׷,,`׷,,`׷ ׷

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y


no she didn't!

:: 2004 21 July :: 3.14 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: my cell fone ringin...

::smile smile::

yea..yestaday... =D that iz why I love Tuesdayz..

once upon a tyme dere waz a princess* named c o u r t n e y..
and she woke up on a tuesday @ 8:45am..
she went to the band room for marching band...
she played music, talked to her friendz, ate a subway, and talked to her friend on da fone.
then her, javonne, stephanie, and danielle l went to da mall for ice cream...which turned into Chick Fil'A.
Next her mommi and her went to KFC so dey'd have dinner already cooked.
So Courtney went home..cleaned out gamez in her top shelves..when the birthday girl Lashonna called
they talked and then they called edmond.
Then they all went out.
They went ear piercing, picture takin, and movie goin to see I-Robot [which she didn't wanna see but it was L's bday]
Courtney met an 18 yr old from Miami the first 5 mins she waz in da mall..
and wanted to buy earrings..but she didn't.
The movie was confusing..
They all stayed out until 11:30 ish...
Courtney had fun :)
the end

9.oO mo

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

no she didn't!

:: 2004 19 July :: 10.31 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Ciara f/ Petey P* Goodiez


my journal iz beautiful!

Courtney thanks:
and all tha wonderful sites dat showed me da transparent stuff
and herself..for being so dedicated =D

Well.. my boo waz @ work today...so I finally finished cleaning out my closet so I can redesign it.. =D ...yea..I had some clothes man! Why have I been harboring jeans since 7th grade? No idea..although 1 pair from 6th still fits and dey still mad long.. oh well.. found shoes...old barbie clothes..polly pocket stuff..haha it waz fun.. I got rid of more than I had planned too..yep yep

boy u noe it feels real good.. i love dat song man...

how do u make love till u drown?

oh some chick sent me an e-mail talkin bout how i waz wrong for thinkin deres a double standard dealing with sex... BS...dere iz..but wateva..

and next the nigga mite jack ya necklace... hello Kanye..

da espy awardz...

WERE HALARIOUS! Jamie Foxx had me rollin man..he was crackin on dem Lakers ...haha "shut up bitch ya lost!"

oh yes..marching band tomorrow..so I shud go already noe wat Im wearin tho..plain and simple.. red wifebeater..red shorts..red bandana..red earrings..clear lip gloss =D so yes.. I mite go out and celebrate my buddy's birthday tomorrow

Happy early 18th Lashonna

Jesus walk with me.. but yea..like I sayd..marching band bosh!.. u wish u cud be in it.. our first FBG iz vs Flo-town...we jus gotta get ready...Wednesday is da official 9mo mark..Saturday iz New Brunswick for drum core...CARMELATTAS bosh! :)

9.o2 mo...

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

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:: 2004 18 July :: 1.46 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: Xtina* make ova --> loon*down 4 me

stupid bosh..

"some day i am gonna conquer America and restore the old traditions of the south to the entire country"
-- good luck...people these dayz..

yo...two nites ago I dreamt I waz a pregnant cheerleader...wats really good lol...im watchin softball rite now..Arnold waz borin me..

"If girls want to take their shoes off at home, they should at least wear socks or flipflops or something. They shouldnt run around barefoot, its unladylike."
---...if u haven't guessed im back on my aol message boardz.. i shud print all diz stupid mess out.. note.. i love being barefoot

my eyez hurt..

>SAve youself 4 ya hubby!!

Well he most likey had sex why shouldnt I?
--AMEN!!!!!! girl gotta wait..lil boy can bone az many timez az he please...double standard...grrhh...

..i'll be back later..need to shut my eyez fa real..itz rainin!! :)

9.o3 mo


2 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 17 July :: 10.10 pm
:: Mood: surprised
:: Music: mario winans f/ loon* down 4 me ---> nasir*hate me now

im better..
once upon a time....
today a girl woke up wit da crib 2 herself for 3 hours!!!
and she waz happy..and her mommi even waz decent on da fone and brought her food from a place called Wendy's
.. u can hate me now..but i wont stop now...cuz i can't stop now.. u can hate me now...
so yea...she cleaned out her closet some more..
and now her room iz a mess..
then her boo called..
...and he jus did! :)
yea so she watched tv..took a short nap..
and her boo called her again
then she called her friends
and talked to Karen, Javonne, Sherryl, and Ray!
and now shes talking to Danny, Simone, Ray, Javonne & Edmond and having fun
she also had a cheesesteak
and shes tired of typing
she hates her mother no more
so buh bye :)
the end

..another day....i jus made another mistake dealing with boyz...lord ima regret disssss....

*real eyez....realize....real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

9.o4 mo

no she didn't!

:: 2004 16 July :: 11.25 pm
:: Mood: happy-ish

see itz a shame that lyke 13 secondz ago I was gonna write about how everything iz better now...
but that's not the case
now...she's still a full out bitch who I still..really do not like at all..
yea I went shoppin wit my auntie for shoes for sum wedding..
waz on tha fone fa lyke.. 3+ hrz..
and now im pissed off again
but I've discovered...I wanna go to tha movies..
and I still really do not lyke dat bitch
she wanna noe wat my fuckin problem iz..i'll tell her
i hate that her bitch ass iz home twenty four seven annoying the hell out of me, in my business, always in my face, not giving me any privacy, not letting me even fucking breathe... and then iz gonna ask me "whats my problem"...
...if she doesn't shut the fuck up
GRRRHH!!!! >:O
tada... i hate her even more
the end

9.o5 mo

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

no she didn't!

:: 2004 16 July :: 2.11 pm
:: Mood: pissed off

i hate my mom
i wish she never adopted me
i hate her
she's not even a bosh shes a full out bitch
she annoys the shyt out of me and Im sick of seeing her ugly face
i promised him I wudn't run
so I can't leave NJ...but im not staying here
im moving...
that's all
the end

2 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 15 July :: 11.08 pm
:: Mood: satisfied
:: Music: I <3 tha 90z music

today waz... halarious.... i saw da funniest things on tv...

'im a ken guy and where's my penis.. oh sh*t..where's my penis?!"

lol....da piece of shyt wit a X-maz hat on..funny stuff..so wat did I do today..

shoppin at Columbus Mart
got stuff....including 6 pretty coloured bras
Im mad dat dey had bootleg batteries
How da hell do u have "Duracell" batteries w/ a pink bunny on it dats different from da energizer one!!
Yea...eat McDonaldz
go home..played video gamez and took a nap
talked on tha fone...
went out....again..
with... cherelle edmond halinsco and zipporah
we went skating in Camden
..more McDonaldz..
came home..talked to a.. wat 11/12 yr old boy outside @ 1opm about how he iz finally

a grown man

computer and talkin to Simone
thaz all

tomorrow Im goin shoppin again! =D hahaha..."these were the dumb hoez dat dumped puffy"...lollll diz funny

michigan soon y'all...

9.o6 mo

*real eyez....realize....real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

no she didn't!

:: 2004 14 July :: 8.02 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Prince* When Dovez Cry --> Nasir Jones f/ Puffy* Hate Me Now

i <3 da rainz...

So yea... marching band waz yestaday...yo we got a lot of new people I neva realized it.. letz subtract lyke 9 seniorz from 42..which iz 33...we have 59 people now.. that means we gained 26...goodness! But yea... Im lovin da show..woo da first song iz my fav out of da three..and I <3 playin Tenaiye

..yes datz my tenor'z name.. Clairiece, Tenaiye, and Keyatta (clarinet, tenor, and keyboard)

u can hate me now..but i wont stop now ...cuz i cant stop now.. u can hate me now... yo I been watchin I <3 tha 90z..dis crazy white boi makes me DIE everytime he be sayin suttin..

can you stand tha rain?

First of all tell us about you
Age::16 in 9.o7 months
Fave Bands::boyz II men
Fave Movie::two can play that game / joy luck club
Favorite TV Show::real world
Favorite Manga/Anime::..used to be the japanese versionz of s.moon
Pets::used 2 have two frogs..gettin more
Fave Book::Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs / The Justus Girls
Just random questions
What are your hobbies?:band/sleep/video games/fone/handin out
If you were stuck in an elevator what 4 things would you take with you?:a boy.. duh.. cd..cd player..batteries
What do you think about love?:i waz scared of it..then didn't want it..then got it..
Wheres the best place to be?:out in the rain gettin wet and not givin a yanno wat
Choose one
Friends/Lover:lover..itz a shame lol okay friends!
Are you For or Agaisnt
War:..more against
Gay marriage:for
When was the last time you
Read a book?:Saturday
Talked to someone on the phone:around 2-3 diz aftanoon
Saw tv?:about 2 hours ago when i was playin hit and run
If so what did you see on tv?:jus told
Brushed your teeth?:like noon afta i woke up
Went to the mall?:friday :)
Bands you.. Like/Dislike
Good Charlotte:like
NOFX:never heard of dem..
Sum 41:yep
Linkin Park:yep
Skinny Puppy:nope
System of a down:nope
Story Of the Year:nope
If you can say Avril:..so so..not really
Love and all that crap
Do you have a Bf/GF?:not officially
If so since when?:.. uhm 5 point suttin months
Do you believe in love at first sight?:not really..
Love is...?:f*ckin weird
Do you like anyone?:yup :)
Does that person know?:yup
Would you tell that person?:yup
What do you think that person thinks about you?:im stubborn..
Is fun:tru
Is lame:tru
Is boring:tru
Is a waste of time:nah
Other Crap
You feel like?:going out to the movies
Why?:cuz im sick of being in here and i can't frickin drive
How do you dress?:not like a hoe..
What color is your hair?:jet black now..
What color are your eyes?:brown with black surrounding..no contacts :)
When is your B-Day?:april 21.. 9mo 1 week
Most hated band:..none really....ooh i noe nickleback
Your opinion on
Government:they noe too damn much and don't do ish bout it
Love:mixed feelings
Life:live it and love it
Death:don't want it coming too soon
Music:cant live without it..itz part of me
Poems:love them
Gay couples:let dem do them
health:every1 shud try to be
Other stupid stuff
3 words that describe you:stubborn, sexy, slow
3 words that describe your life:complicated, fun, drama filled
Youre almost done..
What time is it?:8 oh 6 pm
Are you bored?:sorta
What disney villain do you think you would be?:ooh! Jafar..cuz den i cud get a prince to be my male hoe!
Who were you in a past life?:a princess in dem days when dey wore bigggg poofy dresses..but still black :)
The white stripes...:wat..
Any final words?:nah
Fave Cartoon Character::Arnold/Dejanay/Doug/Spongebob/Lil
Take care,Have fun in life..
When was the last time you lied to someone?:can't remember

If youre bored take this brought to you by BZOINK!

lately, have i told you I love you..lately, have i told u still mean tha world to me?

don't think twice of our love..i say these things because i love it but itz hard to explain and im hopin that ur feelin tha same....dats da best and my favorite Tyrese song..Lately..woo! ..

i'll be ur wishing well tell me wat u want..

damn boi... u can singgg... and u dark and fyne.. like Ben!!! aahhh...sexi basketball playin beast dat i mite see in.. THREE WEEKZ!!!!!!!!!!!! okay..Deport Them.. im lovin dis old cd i made..shoop.. oooh ooh ooh...

---I - Start---
Birth name:courtney p. nicholle c-j
But they call you:pookie/cookie/ne ne / coco/ cori /co/tha baby grl
D.O.B./age:o 4 2-1 eighty 9
gender:i have real boobz..and i didn't take a pill or get surgery..so im a girl :)
skin color:milky chocolate
eye color:brown w/ black surrounding
hair color & style:black.. ponytail some hair hangin out
career/occupation:high school student
political party:democrat
any unique idenity elements:a very huge ass helps..
tatoos/peircings:two in one ear..1 in da other
which hand does the writing:right
marital status:..not single not taken..not dating
cigerette smoker:nah
college major/minor:communications/music or foreign languages/social studies
---II - Engagement---
hobbies:fone/jewelry collecting/watching sports/hanging out/writing
interests:boyz..NBA...music..otha sports too
sports/activities:marching & concert band, softball
instruments played:clarinet (clairiece) tenor sax (tenaiye) and keyboard (keyatta)
other engagements:basketball managing, parties :) , school government
you speak:english, spanish, french, japanese when i waz lil
---III - Preference---
smell:coco chanel- mademoiselle
style:wateva lookz good on me
store:old navy cuz dey jeans iz long for me
book:justus girls.. cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs
writer/author:slim lambright
perfume/cologne scent:mademoiselle
culture:ancient egyptian
---IV- Preference II- Music---
Music Genre:R&B/rap
musician:kevin blake- jazz
band/artist:boyz II men
drummer:my old buddy that left diz year! :(
rapper:Kanye / Luda
song:k.west* all fallz down
lyrics:lick him like a lollipop SHUD be licked - salt n peppa
instrument:tenor sax
best album:my mix tapes
best cover song:wat..
favorite song to play:when dovez cry/i wanna sex u up
favorite song to sing:misedu of l.hill
radio station:hot 97
music video:baby got back!! lol itz halarious
best concert ever:scream III
artists you've met:... :(
most rock n roll moment:...
---V - Preference III - Theatrical---
Genre:..none in particular
Actor:morris / johnny! / denzel
movie:two can play that game / joy luck club
play:ima switch to musical! MARY POPPINS
tv sitcom:real world
cartoon show:ARTHUR!! or Arnold
cartoon charactor:too many
tv channel:BET
documentary show:true life
game show:boiling points
game show host:joe rogan- fear factor
sports programming:Pardon the Interruption!!
director/writer:i forget dey namez..
lines from a movie:"dat was da day that -my- daddy died" - temptations movie
lines from a show:"shut up! shut the f*ck up! don't u EVER disrespect me the f*ck again!!" - aneesa, real world
old b/w movie:the secret annex..anne frank and peter..bad kidz
stars you've met:.. :(
other programs:nahh
---VI preference IV - Eating---
Dish:anything wit good pasta
resteraunt:olive garden..breadsticks baby!!
culture:ain't no culture..itz soul food!
fast-food place:chick fil'a!
vegtable:carrotz / pickles/ okra
fruit:strawberri / pineapple / watermelon
dessert:fruit salad
toppings/dressings:vanilla icing / french salad dressing
cereal:berry berry kix
pizza joint:dominoz
chineese food joint:kum fong
other joint:chick fil'a
snack:dry cereal
soda/drink:orange soda! / apple juice!
ice cream flavor:choc chip cookie dough
candy:blow pops
junk food:tortilla chips
cookie type:warm and chewy
ultimate yummyness:...choc cake w/ vanilla icing..
---VII preference V - more---
visual artist:..none really
art style:dat dot technique!
art period/era:renaissance
mueseum:art one in philly
period in history:ancient egypt
mythology:yea...love it
favorite things to study:mythology / ancient egypt
favorite craft store:rag shop
favorite clothing store:got a lot
vacation spot:detroit boiiii
enviroment:anywhere wit him
ideal spot for a home:virginia or city penthouse
ideal home:a phat apartment
---VIII preference VI - Realtionships/Sex---
Are you in a reltionship:yep not official
Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend:too much detail
Ideal Spouse(For marriage):ditto
Are you married or plan to ever be:maybe
Plan to have children #/names:he wantz kidz..i don't really.. / Feevah , Larreja, Keion
Ideal first date:walkin on da beach at nite afta a movie
Ideal way to spend time with her/him:ditto
Ideal make out location:=D hmm..da snow
Ideal sex location:wudn't u lyke to noe
Odd Sex location:oh goodness! uhm..ooh i noe! not spreading details tho..but a sunroof
Sex-style:sum1z a horny child.. dp..
Sex position:im not sayinnn :)
Oral or Regular is better?:whoz doin da oral..sike nah.. uhm regular
Kinky stuff:ooh i jus realized dis da sex part! damn im a virgin too.. da boi will noe..
Toys:a V..
Other stuff:a B.. or a S
Trick to preform:nooo
Trick preformed on you:not yetttttt
Sexy game:..im jus gonna say twister
Sexy clothing:nahhh
CLothes half on or totaly off:half on
Lights on or off:off
Way to tease:my finger!! hehe
---IX- Describing Experience Firsts/age---
first word:"no"..duh
first book:don't remember
First favorite toy:....
first favorite show:rugrats
first favorite music:brandy
first album ever owned:spice girls..lol
first favorite movie:lil rascals
first wedding for who:my cuz Cliff Sr.
first funeral for who:my .. mom's cousin..sumthing
first date with who/where::) da skating rink
first pet/name:dog/ Hondo
first peircing:ears.. 8 yrz old
first fight:sum white boi i didn't like.. not racially...
first kiss with who:no comment!!
first sexual act with who:k
first time having sex:not yett mannn!
first alchohaulic beverage:charlie brown's wit my mom
first smoked cigerette:nahhh
first drug experience:not yettt
first time in signicant trouble:..woo 7th grade..suspended..
first vacation:since i waz lil
first time arrested:never
first time being drunk:not yet
first time being high:not yet
first instrument played:summer of 4th grade..Clairiece
first sport played:soccer...summer after 4th
other engagments as a kid:african dancing..ballet..other junk
first favorite video game:crash bandicoot!
first gay experience if any:i waz kissed on da cheek by a girl and felt weird..lol
---X - good stuff preferences---
brand of cigerette:
brand of beer:
brand of liqour:
type of alchohaulic beverage:...:)
type of drug:pill
drug:xtasy :)
smoke shop:
head shop:a WAT shop!
liqour store:
drinking game:
toasting tradition:
drinking buddy:dane
tokin buddy:
druggie buddy:jasmin
place to drink:restaurant
place to smoke:nah
anything else?:nah
---XI - Your Slang, favorite thing to say when?---
Term used meaning-thats cool:hott
Term used meaning-thats lame:wack
Term used meaning-lame person:loser
Term used meaning-gay person:gay person..
Term used as a racial slur:cracker?? i don't use dem man
Term used meaning-cool person:..
Term used meaning-Drunk:drunk
Term used meaning-High:high
Term used meaning-Having Sex:f*ckin
Term used meaning-Prostitute:official whore
Term used referring to a Female:chick
Term used as reffering to a male:guy
Term used meaning-Oral sex on female:tootsie roll
Term used meaning-oral sex on male:yuck.. sike nah head
Term used meaning-Breasts:boobies/titties
Term used meaning-Penis:jon
Term used meaning-Erection:erect...
Term used meaning-Ejaculating:lol bustin
Term used meaning-Vagina:coochie
Term used meaning-Cigereette:ciggy
Term used meaning-Cocaine/Heroin/Marijuana:drugs
Term used meaning-Orgasm:bustin..
Term used meaning-permiscuious male:a
Term used meaning-permiscuious female:wat
Term used meaning-smoking marijuana:gettin high
Term used meaning-unattractive person:code 4
Term used meaning-showing off:actin up
Term used meaning-what's up:wat up
Term used meaning-do you understand/agree:ya feel me?
Term used meaning-going to the bathroom:peein
Term used meaning-i dont understand:i don get it
---XII- Concepts/Opinons---
racism:don't like it..will alwayz be here
gay marriages:go head
vegitarians:im cutting out beef..
lesbians:don't get a drucsh on me
bi's:don't gimme hiv
the american president:blah
the american government:blah
beggers/homeless:im gettin impatient
giving charity:
pre-marital sex:..can't help it sometimes
abortions:pro choice
strippers/harlots/prostitutes:good moniz man!
satan worshipers:I believe in Jesus
the occult:
death penalty:
crime & punishment:
cosmetic surgery:
illigitament births:
mental institutions:
the internet:
legalization of marijuana:
smoking in public areas:
sex scandals in the church:thats jus a dayum shame
the draft:
sweat shops/labor:
experiments on animals:
violence in schools:
security of USA:
violence in movies/video games:
the youth of today:
te future of the nation:
your future:
the halocaust:
ghosts and other supernaturals:
witch craft:
multiple gods:
---XIII - Describe & Rate your---
Art skill:7
writing skill:8
musical skill:8
intelligence level:8
athletic skill:7
sense of time/direction:8
teaching skill:6
who are your heros:
who do you look up to:
do people look up to you:
have you made anything:
---XIV - The closing.. Your Life in a Soundtrack---
Birth song:
Growing up song:
learning lessons song:
influental song:
first kiss song:
best friends song:
love song:
making love song:boyz ii men- i'll make love 2 u
having wild sex song:luda- wats ur fantasy
adventure song:
heartbreak song:
sadness song:
hate song:
destruction song:
dance song:
party song:
crazyness song:
falling asleep:
waking up:
'F*ck you' song:keliz- caught out there
Funny song:CAMELTOE
Odd song:
Classical song:

360 ways of yourself brought to you by BZOINK!

dat survey took me lyke an hour almost..and now Im talkin to Todd & Bobby so I will be back wheneva..

columbus mart tomorrow! bootlegggg stuff!!

*real eyez ... realize ... real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

4 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 10 July :: 9.35 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Color Me Badd* I Wanna Sex U Up


wildwoodx2 waz cancelled

no boardwalk tram
no good chicken
no boyz
no beach

but I went to my Mom-Mom'z..and ..

went 2 Columbus wit Mom-Mom & Katelyn
realized how annoying Thomas really can be
got good pizza
went shoppin
saw ugly boyz
saw Avon* on bootleg :)
took a nap
played basketball
sat by da pool
dat nap waz nice..
read I Spy bookz x2
more pizza..
played a game wit my folk
came home!

and here I am!
1mo x 5 =D



3 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 5 July :: 10.57 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: B.McKnight* The Only 1 4 Me


ive been around..but now i found..dat ur the only one for me.. =(

yea I jus was thinkin..I was in a happy mood still kinda am but now it's lyke..pssh f*ck off kinda thing.. yanno how ya try and be nice to people and they jus blow u off in ur f*ckin face or try and play u or somethin..I guess it's jus stupid drama but still..I hate treet [my word for shyt] lyke dat..i miss my boo..but anywaz I been drinkin mad agua lately.. hey its a water commercial.. I drink enuff water!

Yea so I was lookin @ da hotel dey want us to be at in michigan and I told my mom..uhm I ain't sleepin dere and neitha iz she so Im in charge for findin me, her, jerry, aunt c, aunt a, and j [all ?z] an actual nice hotel to sleep in..and we ain't goin to detroit either so Im all depressed cuz now I mite not meet Ben..but I got so many shirts I wanna wear..Ima be dere lyke..Thurs-Mon so yea.. but I hate dat drive ova dere..itz so terrible..

haha u can see all da goosebumps on my arm..its weird but Im really cold..yea..my scrapbookz are done.. :) ooh Prince iz on..I jus cant wait to get my armz around u to feel to feel ya touch... if i don't see ya real soon baby boy i mite go insane..itz a shame my mom sayd hiz name and I almost spit out my food in a restaurant cuz it came out of nowhere..boo sumtimes i wish i had more real friendz..wats good wit all dese b.mcknight songs..but i lyked dis one..cant rememba why we fell apart from sumthin that was so meant to be.. reminds me of sum1.. boo Serena lost..i waz so pissed but luckily I aint see it..I saw otha peoples :) lil boy waz cute..why am i callin him lil he waz olda den me..but I sayd no..proud of myself

do I eva cross ya mind anytime?... i miss u...

why am I ramblin on here..lemme do sumthin calm before I call sum1 and cuss dem out for bein a real shytti friend..

[10 things in your room]
1:my tv
3:a massive jewelry collection
4:COMFY bed
5:a cork board collage I made
6:a frog chair
7:a picture of us
8:da flowers he gave me
9:our book
10:pink pen collection
[9 things you love]
1:him :)
7:how bout sports all togetha
[8 songs you love]
1:all fallz down- k.west
2:i wanna sex u up- color me badd
3:alright- allen anthony
4:call my name- prince
5:bootylicious remix- DC
6:dirty girl- latrelle
7:nobody knows it but me- babyface
8:end of the road- boyz II men
[7 characterics you like about the other gender]
5:less drama
6:dancin skills
7:down south
[6 things that annoy you]
1:two faced peoples
2:cell fone thiefz!!!
3:my mom
4:not being home alone az much
5:being apart
6:Sleepy Brown
[5 things your wearing]
1:a bra...
2:pink/white/yello shorts
3:yello tank
5:c necklace
[4 of your nicknames]
3:co co
[3 words to describe you]
2:moody sometimes
[2 clothes brand you wear]
1:old navy
2:playtex :)
[1 thing you can't live without]

10 layers brought to you by BZOINK!

aiight.. I guess Im out now..ni nite..



9.16 mo

no she didn't!

:: 2004 4 July :: 11.08 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Kanye* New Workout Plan

<3 .. cross it out..make it bigger! :)
yes..i stole borrowed dis from u Javonne =/ but it looked fun..

[Current Clothes] pink stretchy hawaii shirt/plaid pink and green pants
[Current Mood ] awake
[ Current Music ] our song- Selfish
[ Current Taste ] gummy worms from da corna store w/ da cute ricans!!
[ Current Make-up ] lip balm..no colour
[ Current Hair ] pushed back wit a headband
[ Current Annoyance ] not seeing him
[ Current Smell ] popcorn bag
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] talking to him :/
[ Current Desktop Picture ] BEN!!! #3
[ Current Favorite Group ] n/a
[Current CD in CD Player] a mix I mad..
[Current Color Of Toenails] red
[Current Refreshment] wata

[ Last person you hugged ] forget..sum1 in Trenton
[ Last person you called ] Edmond
[ Last person that called you ] my auntie
[ Last person you IMed ] Erroll
[ Last person that IMed you ] Danny
[ Last person you emailed ] Jalysa
[ Last person that emailed you ] Danny
[ Last time you showered ] last nite
[ Last time you talked to your crush or b.f/ g.f ] not technically..but last nite

Opposite Sex
[x] turn ons: eyes, smile, personality, body sculpture
[x] do your parent's opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: no
[x] what kinda hair style?: i like dem to have a lot of hair on dey head... ben..carmelo..get da pic
[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?: little things like da current 1
[x] where do you go to meet new people?: out
[x] are you the type of person to HOLLER and ask for numbers?: sumtimes..yestaday..crazy

More About YOU!
[x] what are the last four digits of your phone number?: 8045/7933/4028
[x] if u were a crayon, what color would you be?: silver / pink!
[x] have you ever almost died?: almost falling off a ferris wheel count?
[x] have you ever won any special award?: yep! :)
[x] what's the stupidest thing you have ever done?: ..no comment :)
[x] how many kids do you want to have?: 0..he wantz 3 ish..
[x] son's name?: Lamant Usher Carmelo [serious] *ln*
[x] daughter's name?: Feevah [all me] Santaiya Navaeyah *ln*..and Younique/Larreja Jadzia Lashae
[x] shampoo?: mizani
[x] what are you most scared of?: dying too soon
[x] how many TV's do you have in your house?:4
[x] do you have your own TV?: yep!
[x] have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone?: yes..several timez
[x] who do you dream about?: Ben/Carmelo/Kanye/him :)

yea...so ima go and continue talking to danny and monnie now..have a blessed day..

happy birthday america

..and peace

"do you have my-nans-tral cramps?"
..itz a shame she cudn't say it rite



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:: 2004 3 July :: 11.21 pm
:: Mood: lonely


"watch the tramcar please" "no bitch shut the eff up and you watch me"

crazy white people + crazy spanish people + crazy negroez = run away :)

"how old are you"

"yup she go thru dem boiz lyke dat"

"dey hooked dat chicked up girl!!"

"put that away!!!!! put some clothes on"

"talkin bout how ur wife charity got so much money you need to go and buy some new shoes!!"

"itz official y'all!"

"Thats it"

y'all I had so much fun... :)

I love youuuuuu! :* next time..


3 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 1 July :: 11.00 pm
:: Mood: hot
:: Music: J-Kwon*Hood Hop

in 2dayz...

u eva appreciate suttin so much u thank God 4 it every day...
Yup itz lyke dat

i love youuuu!

Tis all.. 2 dayz..

9.2o mo

10 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 25 June :: 10.08 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Lauryn Hill* The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Jewelz is a PERV

**diz entry iz dedicated 2 Taylor since she gon read it**

had 2 go finger urself? - No negro!! Go somewhere!! lol So yes... look T..

Lushuz X anjeL: "its amazing how quickly feelings develope... wuts up wit that huh? (LMAO - and no, i'm not talkin about myself)" me?? :-\
LadiePerfection: yes court
LadiePerfection: my feelings for u are sooooo strong
Lushuz X anjeL: really?! same here!
LadiePerfection: lmao
Lushuz X anjeL: omg..im so happy taylor..
Lushuz X anjeL: sike nah
LadiePerfection: yet another reason why i love u court
Lushuz X anjeL: :-)
LadiePerfection: ur so slow and special just like me

So yes... ooh.. Hood Hop.. but yea.. I finally conquered a mission in The Simpsons:Hit and Run dat I cudn't get 4 lyke 2mo!!! Yea & I took a 2hr nap nap..and got a cheesesteak.

**my scrapbook iz done, it'll be shown @ marching band**

Marissa! Im sendin sum 4 u around... Monday ish or wheneva I get dem from Acme.. jus lettin yanno :)

yea...Im still excited bout dem pistons boiii!! and da draft..lordi lordi hello Jameer Nelson from St. Joseph's dats gon be playin wit 1 of my huzbands CARMELO!!!...yayy! Im off to stay online or play da simpsons.. Im out yo...wun luv

LadiePerfection: im reliving the moment
LadiePerfection: even though i wasnt there
LadiePerfection: using that imagery

^ur a stupid bosh :)

Aiight y'all..Im out now..good bye.

* j . c . n . p . courtney

4 ooh* | no she didn't!

:: 2004 23 June :: 2.45 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: R.Kelly* Happy People

withdrawl... :(
yea..yea yea....

my mom's runnin on and on to jerry bout how da cop was wrong [jivvy..da black 1] ..so yea.. im going to my cousin's graduation in "p-town" [pemberton...] step to the left..step to the right.. yea dis is a really pointless entry..but I was jus bored and wat not..and im in p w/drawl ..once again..so im a tad lonely .. boo :( but hey! "maybe you'll meet some of his friends".. im not getting my hopes up..i still think dey'll be ugly.. i kinda hope so.. 1 prob

i dunno wat 2 wear

i want some drugs..im tired ish and hot..and i only been up for almost 5 hours..but if im getting ready @ 4...leaving @ 5..and hour's nap is good..no talking 2 K 2day..damn =/.. oh look my cute buddy from that lives in england now is on.. good white one :) too bad he's... aww he turned 19 two weeks ago.. how cute...

y'all see Kanye on 106 last nite???

he looked so cute.. i liked da 1st Jesus Walks video..da one datz causin drama...oh well..buh bye!

* j . c . n . p . c .

sumthin special bout u..i mus really like u.. cuz not alotta guys r worth my time.. ooh baby baby baby .. its gettin kinda crazy..cuz u have taken ova my mind....

*AH HA! two more friends have payed 4 dey journals dat r on my friends list..good good :)

no she didn't!

:: 2004 21 June :: 7.09 pm
:: Mood: feel like fightin cuz of da song..
:: Music: J-Kwon* Hood Hop [!]

back online...

A little more in depth survey....
Are you taller/shorter than the rest of your family?:taller
How many times have you dyed your hair? What colors?:neva
What tattoos do you have? If none, what would you like?:none
What are your thoughts on piercings?:go for it..but i don't do pain for fun
How much do your own looks matter to you?:depends on where im goin / who im seein
Where do you usually shop for clothes?:some mall
Are you a thrifty shopper, or does price not matter?:don't give a yanno
How much makeup do you wear on an average day?:clear lip gloss..maybe eyeliner sumtimes @ home
How much time do you take getting ready to go out?:half an our-45 mins
Do you like to wear hats? What kinds?:yea! britney spears lookalikes
What did you think was the worst movie of all time?:ANIMAL FARM..xcept da sheep
If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?:paris/nicky hilton..not cuz dey white..cuz dey do absolutely NOTHING and make mad monies..
Ever buy a bootlegged VHS or DVD? If so, of what?:i ain't buy it..watched it
Would you rather watch movies at home or in the theater?:theater..but i don't like payin
What kind of food do you buy at the theater?:none..bring my own
What artist do you love to sing along with?:Kanye
What artist do you think has no right to be as popular as they are?:william hung
What's a song that makes you cry? (come on, there has to be one):babyface* nobody knows it but me
What movie makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts?:austin powers
Are there any dance/action/fighting scenes from a movie you can perform?:..neva thought about dat before
Is there any movie you can quote word for word?:the mummy / the mummy returns / go dog go :)
*Love and Dating*
What do you think of kissing on the first date?:it's fine wit me..
Have you ever experienced unrequited love?:unwat..
What is your ultimate fantasy date?:anything as long as its at da beach @ nite
Have you ever dreamt about your crush/significant other?:did last nite :)
Was is a good dream, or a nightmare?:it was good turned bad..his mommy got mad @ me in da dream
Do the words "I Love You" scare you?:not anymore..
Have you ever wanted to ask someone out but didn't? Why?:he was too old..and i didn't know his name!
What things can a guy/girl do that turn you on?:nonya..
Have you ever been on a blind date?:nah
Is there any specific appearance that will turn you away from a person?:f*cked up smile..
Do you occasionally chew on spoons?:nah..
Do you even know what that means?:nope
*The Past*
What was your favorite childhood toy?:my kenya doll
Did you play with kids in your neighborhood when you were little?:yea..
How many times have you moved?:4
What were your "awkward years"?:5th - mid8th grade
What's a childhood memory that you'll remember forever?:batman & robin w/ Mychal
Did you have a security blanket/stuffed animal you always slept with?:yep
What was yuor favorite childhood TV show?:Dinosaurs
Movie?:..Lion King
Did you have lots of new toys or hand-me-downs?:nah..
Is there anyhting you would change about your childhood if you could?:neva see my dad -period- since when i do i don't like it
*The Future*
Do you want to live in the same town for the rest of your life?:hell nah!!
Who right now do you think you could grow old with?:most likely pookie..or carmelo!
Do you worry about the future alot?:yes..i don't wanna die anytime soon
What's the next big event you're counting down to?:next time i see him :)
What kind of technology advances are you expecting?:you picking the sex of ur baby
Do you believe in a date for the end of the world?:wheneva i die :)
How do you think it will come about, anyway?:isn't it obvious
*Your Thoughts*
Do you believe in all the teachings of your religion?:no
If you could go back in time for 1 week, what date would you return to?:the week before feb 24th
What do you feel is the best source of venting sorrow or anger?:callin sum1 or writin it down..throwin a softball
Do you believe in magic?:wat kind..
Are computers annoying or helpful?:both
Does laundry really need to be separated into colors and whites?:yes
What's the best place to meet new people?:sports games / lunch room
Can the future be predicted?:sometimes
Is there anything that people do that drives you insane?:act two-faced
Why do you fill out these surveys?:to pass time
Attraction at a zoo/carnival:flamingos!! & seein the tigers eat..also posin on statues
Brand of peanut butter:makes me sick..
Genre of music:r&b, rap
Foreign food:calamares
Way to torture someone:..haha.. "the finger"
Flavor of muffin:blueberry
Toothpaste brand:crest..
Piece of memorabilia in your room:my cork board w/ stuff stuff on it
Writing utensil:my pink pens!
Extracurricular activity:basketball managing / marching band
Person to pick on:my cousin
Approx. how many good friends do you have?:4/5
Are you attracted to any of your friends?:mmhmm
What wsa the most mortifying moment you had in front of your friends?:none really
Who did you have the craziest convo with?:Jasmin & Karen..humanities & science..oh lord!
You ever have parties for no reason?:nah
What's something you've been grateful for from your friend(s)?:knowing dem
Does anyone just randomly show up at your house?:jessica
Did you ever know when a friend was keeping something from you?:yea
*Word Assocaition*
Jump:white men can't
Wire:cell fone
*Final Question*
List three random things about yourself that nobody knows.:nah..dey don't need 2 be mentioned

A little more in-depth survey brought to you by BZOINK!

coo coo chee ..coo coo chee.. coo coo chee..yea u noe u want sum..

i finally burned anotha cd after a month and my mom paid da aol bill..i had 31 e-mails..no junk mail.. yea!!!! piston champion in ya face phil j!! boyy...put it back..i love bein a woman..

i been 15 for 2 months already... 1/6 of da way dere baby!

my hood .. my hood muthaf*cka wats good..wats good muthaf*cka..

Age::15..2 mo officially today
Weight::dunno nemore
Grade::double digits boiii 1o
Who's Who
Funniest?:da grl who called me a dyslexc heipher
Prettiest?:a lot of us :)
Most Handsome?:..woo...no comment!
Who've you known the longest time?:my twin T & alyssa & renata & tiff
Who've you known the shortest time?:hmm... prolly sum of new freshmen
Best?:me! =D
Whom and With Whom?
Best Memory?:k
Worst Memory?:k
You wish you were still friends with::eg
You'll always be friends with::k
You love spending time with::k
You can tell anything to::k
Makes you laugh::sh
Shoulder to cry on::k
Best hugger:: db / lph
Best source of advice::j / k
Will always be there for you::k... :)

Amigos brought to you by BZOINK!

ooh..my back hurts & i noe why too...dis "shelf support" shit is so fake..it don't exist..painnnn.... boom itz on..bitch nigga we'll rock ya dome..boom bytch wats happenin...lala... im bored..and tired.. got 2 till tennis..ima go look for pistons pictures to hang around my room or work on my picture collage or sum ish.. yeaaaa...Pistons.. Rip, Chauncey, & Ben.. ..boom wats happenin.. i jus need 2 lie down cuz dis mess hurts.. :) buh bye

*j c n p c

happy people.... wat do we do when da djz playin our favorite groove..

no she didn't!

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