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User:xobabiphatox (user# 8802)
Name:Ms. C.P.Nicholle
Location: BT, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:lushuzXanjel [add buddy]
Bio:Wats good... well da name's Courtney/Pookie. pretty much everything u wanna noe bout me is in my journal itself...but yes.. I'm a mixed child primarily black [& very proud]..athletic, girly, slow, "urban" @ times, loud, enjoys parties, singing & dances...Im ˝single but more or less almost FREE...anything else? look in da journal or jus ask...
~* c/o 2oo7 class historian...lets get it! x2*~
runnin for S.Govt Sec/VP, let's go o2/1o/oh4.... one of the best fuckin days of my life 11/30/o4.. a day with another male...another one of the best days no spreading before the wedding... unless of course u get mad horny and jus say "fuck it" and screw... :)
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