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:: 2005 28 January :: 6.30 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: over: lindsay lohan

none really
ii havent updated in a while i guess...but fromn the looks of it, i dont think anyone really noticed lol.

midterms were this quite glad that they r over...i also have gotten A's on every single one...i dont know where that came from. well...on to another semester...its gone by so fast and im still pretty unhappy. i guess things are getting better...maybe i just tell myself that to get through each day.

be thankful to have stayed in one place.

it would be nice to comment if you read this. please.

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:: 2005 20 January :: 7.53 pm
:: Mood: silly
:: Music: boulevard of broken dreams.

well i havent updated in a while cuz i havent had internet connection oh well! anyway...last monday was pretty much the best fun ive had in one day since i cant remember when. i met nikkie at her cheer practice then we went to her grandmas and i ate chicken salad and chips. then we went to virginias and walked around and saw a few people for a while in the coldness. then we went back to virginias house and looked at pictuires and listened to country (ahh) and i saw how nasty i looked at the semi lol with all the pictures. i dont why people dont tell me these things. well whatever lol... i guess ive changed?? idk....well we talked about how much things have changed since i left and how different our lives are... i hate going to natick cuz i just dont wanna leave... it reminds me of how happy i was and it makes me sad to think ill never really have it again.

well then we went to georges and met julie! yay! i havent seen her for so long. we ate the best pizza ive had in while and fries and then we got candy at jones was very fun....then we went to julies for a minute and a half lol and then hung out at nikkies for the rest of the time and i got picked up by my dad and finally got home at 9:30.

anyway...i had lots of fun and i love you guys... you are all i have left and your there when i need you. i wanna be there it was befrore. i guess you can never have everything you want or be completely happy. i just wanna come close...

i hope i get to come to school with u guys in march tho that would be awesome...that will get me thru the next few months i guess.

i really miss you.

please comment.

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:: 2005 14 January :: 7.39 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: give it up: jennfier lopez.

yay nikkie is coming tomorrow til monday, i havent seen her since october. lol so im excited. yes well thats all i had to say...ill update later...

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:: 2005 4 January :: 6.11 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: country music silly.. this is nikkie

im feeling quite chipper!
yes so this is nikkie and ass shit nut didnt comment anymore and im being quite chipper! well me and Gin and Juice are going to dariens house on the 15th!!! im maddd excited dudeeeeeee.. ya so lalallallalalala im so freaking hyper.. darien doesnt comment in my journal anymore! shes a loserfaceshit nut!!

... in honor of juice.. NUTSAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit on toast i like to eat it for BREAKFAST!!! lol ohhh good good times!

hello.. whats your name (in a weird accent)

i have gum in my hair.. no.. MY HAIR!

hahah i love you girl! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaha this is fucking awesome.. were brining an 8th so your gunna get HIGH HIGH HIGH!!! heheheh im so excited yo!

i love you girlie!


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:: 2005 4 January :: 5.57 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: mockingbird.

well i havent updated in a bit. but i guess i just boring cuz i have nothing really to say. nothing interesting ever happens to me, especially here. sorry. :-/


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:: 2004 27 December :: 12.32 pm
:: Music: ...

well christmas is over already. its liek you wait for it for a month anbd then it passes by like nothing. idk lol. i got lots of presents and was an awesome christams but it made me miss natick alot too. it feels so different from what i imagined back 5 months ago...its sad thinking about it, so i dont. ill never have what i had there, and what remain are only memories. i guess im better than i was when i first started out, and im glad for that. ive lost so many more friends and people than ive gained...and i dont know how to deal with that.

the few friendships i have held on to have faded so much with the distance. and the feelings i once had have been lost forever. but it was all inevitable, i knew it but i refused to accept it.

please comment.


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:: 2004 24 December :: 1.47 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: rich girl

well tomorrows christmas...and it doesnt even feel like seems every year my enthusiasm for christmas is decreasing. oh well. i got a few presents for christmas so far...but ita ll just reminds me of how much i miss natick. i dont know. nothing else is new...i guess i have to babysit on new years and the 26th...which really sucks. my aunt from FL is coming on the 27th.... oh yeah and im on birth control...and its for regulation lol! figured id share. well nothing else to say i guess. i miss everyone, and i really want to visit soon, but i just dont know about that.

oh yeah...picture of me and michelle...:)

please leave a comment.

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:: 2004 18 December :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: ok
:: Music: ...

i know i needed to update, i just have nothing to say.

comment please.

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:: 2004 15 December :: 9.59 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: 1985: bowling for soup

i have no more to say. i dont think any one reads this thing anymore.... my life feels so surreal. why the fuck am i in merrimack new hampshire? sometimes i cant believe it. and from the way people are acting...its like i was never in natick either, and i dont blame them. i dont matter anywhere. the feeling is so empty...its impossible to describe.

who knows, maybe tomorrow my opinion will change. every day is different here. and sometimes i hate waking up in the morning.

i dont know what i am going to do.

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:: 2004 8 December :: 8.28 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: toy soldiers: eminem

well i guess i really needed to

today i had a crappy day at school, it was block day and those always suck...ha. im putting together sketchbook of a bucnh of drawings, it has like 150 pages and ive done 6 drawings of celebrities so will be cool when its all filled. yeah...interesting i know.

werll afterschool was much more fun, me and michelle worked very hard on our bio project lol. we spent about 20 mins total on that part, then we hung out in her room, then ate then sat aorund the computer...and then took a bunch of random pictures. i had lotsa fun it brought back memories of the older days i guess.

anyway, im really excited for christmas, i actually could afford a couple decent presents for a few people.

i cant believe how much things have changed in the past months. i couldnt even picture me moving to new hampshire, and im hereand its not as bad as i thought it would be. moving was the hardest thing ive had to do in as long as i can remember. but maybe...ill be really happy here.

you really never know....

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:: 2004 28 November :: 6.31 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: ...

well this weekend is sadly over. i hate school and i really dont wanna go tomorrow but whatrever. my mom had abunch of people over for dinner...and they were like torturing my poor cat...:( well i got peoples christmas presents so im set with that...its raining rite now...and there is nothing else to say yeah...

xox darien

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:: 2004 24 November :: 8.57 pm
:: Mood: relaxed
:: Music: maroon 5: sunday morning

yeah so i got my report card yesterday... i have know no one cares but i have nothing to write about but i got all A's ...fez is really cute...hes so lovable and im so excited lol. yeah so...i have today off of school and i love sleeping in. tomorrw im going with my dad to my aunts for thamksgioving. yep..thats my boring life...

xox darien

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:: 2004 21 November :: 4.10 pm
:: Music: new kelly clarkson song?

wel tomorrows my bday and im happy. i get my kitten and im naming him fez i think lol idk y...hes 9 weeks old and orange and white. saturday i still went shopping and i went with michelle and caliegh and im glad we had fun still. i hope i get to come visit natick soon...i really miss u guys! ill find another time to have u come up to nikkie and julie..! i love u! well ill update later about my new kitten lol.

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:: 2004 17 November :: 7.51 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: crazy in love: eminem.

yeah so it turns out that nikkie and julie cant come up this would have been hard to plan rite neway cuz my mom is bein such a bitch about everything lately... i guess it can happen another time..

it feels like everything is falling apart...i hope i dont have to spend my birthday alone.

but my dad told me he'd drive me to natick sometime to see them... so i guess i happy bout that.

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:: 2004 13 November :: 8.55 am


hey HO!!! its nikkie!!! whats up man! i decided to hack in and write you a little thing! read my comment in your last entry becasue its really long! your birthday is pretty soon! well actually im stupid and i forgot when it is but i know its soon lol!!

its SNOWING HERE!!!!!!!!!


yay i love you forever and ever and ever!


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