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Shattered Dreams

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[ xshatteredxdreamsx ]

:: 2003 12 July :: 12.14 am
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: 'Rebel Yell' - Billy Idol

Alright, this is the Shattered Dreams community. I've got this handle, to use, and I'll be posting on it with my characters. I'll change the picture when it's a different character (aka: Jubilee, or Frenzy, or Magma.. etc.)

Make a account, join this community, and post. You can have your characters have a diary on here..with just one account, or make many, it's all free. But it's the roleplay diary that counts.


Shatter me.

[ xshatteredxdreamsx ]

:: 2003 11 July :: 11.08 pm


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