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User:xsilentxdeadxstarx (user# 21809)
Location: Greenacres, Florida, United States
AOL IM:DarkSettingMoon [add buddy]
Bio:Go to LJ darksettingmoon i am a vintage
Friends:(4) Aerii, Angel_Bob, Jrock, xsilentxdeadxstarx
Friend Of:(4) homsar, Im-Sorry, Jrock, xsilentxdeadxstarx
Interests:(2) music,beep beep,yayo,pot,modest mouse,mouse on mars,robothaters,an albatros,tsunamibomb, the ramones,vintage,and a whole lot of other things. but i dont care about you.
Created:2004-01-15 17:59:51
Last Update:02 24 2006
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