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:: 2018 22 February :: 10.16pm

maybe I'm looking for something I can't have...

every song coming on YouTube feels so significant right now. I hate having these stupid fights over nothing. I hate feeling trapped but paralyzed by social anxiety. I have such a hard time making it into a friendship after the first part.

I need to do something with myself I'm losing my God damned mind but nothing sounds like it would be interesting... And cheap. Ugh.

Je t'aime...


:: 2018 20 February :: 12.11pm

It's a lonely world, I know
Gonna get a lonely girl that's for sure

Knowing I hurt you

Je t'aime...


:: 2018 19 February :: 2.06pm

There's always going to be an excuse for you to not come over to my house.


So no matter how much or often I tell you it hurts my feelings, it's never ever going to change.

Sometimes I really wish I hadn't taken a chance. So I could just be alone and lonely. And I wouldn't have to feel bad about everything because I'm not over my trauma and I'll never be normal.

I'm not worth this.

3 <3 | Je t'aime...


:: 2018 15 February :: 6.52am

When all you can think about is how lonely you feel

When all you can think about is how lonely every family must feel after losing a child

Or how lonely the best friends of those children feel

Or how lonely the dead children feel

How lonely the world feels

3 <3 | Je t'aime...


:: 2018 13 February :: 9.42am

Found the journal entry my first boyfriend posted after we broke up... Daggers in my heart but I'm determined not to make the same mistakes I did so long ago. That was 12 years ago, but it still is deep in my heart.

I say often that I am atoning for past sins in my current days, the scars on my heart from all the people I've wronged or hurt still throb in my mind.

I know I can't make up for everything and I know holding onto these things are detrimental to me. How do you let go, how do you leave the past in the past?

I can feel all the pain in the world, and it mixes with my own. The paints blur together into a grey and dismal portrait and we all know once mixed they can't be separated. Will these paints ever dry and allow me to paint over with something beautiful?

What is even beautiful for a life?

Je t'aime...

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