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:: 2005 29 August :: 3.16 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: OHiO iS FOR LOVERS


If I'm just bad news..

:: 2005 9 June :: 1.47 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Nothing

Summer ` 05 ´
Summer is almost here and i cant f-ing wait ...... i have to go to summer school though which kinda sucks ... but its all good... i can work on my tan better l0l and lose those pound that i put on over the past few years .. l0l .. even though every one is telling me not to ..
Megan should be done school this year .. so she is finially going to be bring my puppy back .. and hes not a puppy any more .. hes 4 years old as of today -Happy Birthday Casper- Yes.. i know when my gods birthday is .. and we have a party for him .. cept i cant be there cuz hes in flordia with my sister.. and i miss him .. but i will get over it .. i think that my sister and her boyfriend darren are going to get married .. shes been with him for almost 4 years ... which is long for her ...
My dad is still sick and my mom is still being a bitch .. my mom-mom is pissed cuz my poppop got to meet charlie and she didnt .. and im now sure when she will meet him .. i mean we have only been dating for a week .. as of today .. sine 6-2-05 .. joey is going out with eric .. i think its been like almost over a month now .. shannnon is still dating justin .... but she hasnt talked to him for over 2 weeks .. i dont know .. me and shannon have been hanging out more lately .. like going to the mall and stuff .. its kewl .. cuz for a while there we were like growing apart and now ....... its like we cant be apart from each other .. like yesterday we had this fire and every ... and i didnt see shannon and like after me, joey, eric and char were going up to the 7 eleven and shannon was there ... and we like got all happy and stuff .. we were like screaming i thought you died .. it was so funny .. so i walked home to her house with her then she walked to my house with me ... it was a long walk .. like we got out of school early and stuff .. like around 12:40-ish and we didnt get to my house till 2 .. so yeah .. and it was hot as crap yesterday ... and i was wearing pants ... and a black jacket type thing .. so yeah .. its all good .. l0l .. well im going to go cuz im in school ..
*Huggles and Kissers*

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2005 4 June :: 11.44 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: nothing

Whoa × Im really bored × so im like writting in here × which is odd cuz i dont really write in this one × l0l × and i dont know why × well nothing really has changed in the past 6 months × l0l × there is NOTHING to do still and i mean NOTHING × school is almost out × Thank God × i cant wait for it to be summer × even if i have to go to summer school × just as long as i get my freedom and NO HOMEWORK × l0l × well × im going to back to work on my buddy4u profile × Amanda ×

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2005 19 January :: 4.08 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: ` Nada ´

Whoa ..
Whoa.. okay i havent been on this page for like EVER and well its all changed and i cant find any thing.. lol.. leave it to me to say something stupid like that.. teeheehee.. well .. so.. i havent been able to keep up with whole online journal stuff.. i mean.. i dont kno.. okay.. well since 11-19-04 ... its been HELL.. my dad got sick, my mom is freaking out all the time, my grandma got sick and had to get surgey.. well .. thats just some of the stuff.. god.. if i was to tell every thing .. then it would take forever to write.. but i will just keep it to the main shyt.. lol.. well .. i feel like my life is coming down.. everything is .. just so .. not how it used to be.. joellens going out with kyle .. and i VERY happy with her.. but i wish i could have some one too.. im not jealous or anything.. but its like i need some one to hold me and tell me not to worry about every thing and it will be okay.. you kno.. and i dont have that and i havnt had for like.. 4 years of sum thing like that .. and its hard to watch EVERY one in the whole world have some one to hold and someone to hold them.. i dont kno. its crazy.. its hard to explain .. well i think thats all for now.. im bored.. so im going to change the look of this thing. since its.. like screwed up and all that shyt.. well bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye Kisses and Hugs from me to you <3 Muchas Amore Amada xOoX

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 19 November :: 1.45 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: -» None «-

Why does everything have to go wrong as soon as life looks a little bit better?
Hey.. well .. havent written in here in a LONG ass time .. but im bored and xanga.com wont work on school computers.. and that is what im using .. so needless to say.. im only writting in here cuz woohu.com is kewl and it works on the school computers.. lol.. ant way.. got report cards today!!.. not to good and im not happy bout the grades.. but whatever.. im not smart.. im a blonde.. so whatever.. my grade point average is only 2.688 .. thats bad .. but its not that bad.. well christa is getting her casts off soon.. so her and jo can finially met each other .. hehe .. she is the new sarah in the group .. but no one can EVER relpace sarah .. but whatever.. im bored .. and i still have 20 mins left before i get out of school .. im not sure what im doing tonite but i need to get out of my house .. my mom is prolly going to make me stay in tonite and clean my room.. and of course i will becuase she has thing where if i dnt get it done by monday then she is going to hire a clown to come to the house.. and i will do any thing to keep that clown FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY from me ... even if it means not going to the parties going on in new york and jersey.. i can miss one night/weekend of fun .. meg megs is coming home on tuseday .. cant wait .. hehe .. well .. okay.. this is getting boring .. so im going to go.. catch up with me on xanga.com .. username is xunspokenxfearszx .. just like this one .. but i will prolly start writting in here more now that im in school and my xanga thing wont work.. so yeah .. lol.. <3 mandee lynn

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 3 October :: 7.26 pm
:: Music: Listen to Gilmore Girls

Life Sucks!!
i cant wait to die.. i hate being sick.. worst thing is.. my mom cares more about my sister and going to the wawa.. then me.. im bout to like pass out.. and she dont fucking care.. so whatever.. im not really writing in this any more.. i loke my xanga site more.. but if i can get on to this site when im in school then i will start writing in here more.. so yeah.. http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=XuNsPoKeNxFeArSzX .. so yeah.. go there if you really want to read whats goin on.. not that any one gives a fuck
getting the 2 nelly cds soon.. and the 2 gc cds when they come out on tuesday.. and sum other stuff.. not that you care.. so yeah.. BYE <3 mandee lynn

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 14 August :: 10.35 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: * Actin Up *

«- *My wOrLd is Crashing Down All aRounD mE* -»

HeY!! well okay.. went to the movies with my cousins after spending 7 hours over my g-moms cuz she is sick.. well it was the worst time i ever had in my life... well i think any way.. first off all they walked in to the wrong movie.. twice.. and my cousin jon tripped and every he was carrying went all over the old woman that was walking in front of us.. and thats just the first part.. they didnt SHUT THE HELL UP for the whole movie.. which by the way was good.. and then when we were leaving.. chris (who was drving) almost got in so much trouble by trying to go in to other movie.. but some one that works there caught him.. so we were there for a hour while he was getting yelled at.. then by the time we were leaving it was raining.. then on the way home.. we went in to the acme to get sum thing to eat for everyone that was back at my g-moms house.. we almost hit sum one.. so yeah.. im a little pissed at them.. but im still alive.. and i didnt kill them.. not yet any way.. lol.. well.. thats really all that happened.. but im not going to be updating here a while lot.. i still will be writing in here.. cuz sum times i cant get in to my xanga.com name.. always forgetting my password or sumthing.. like right now.. lol.. well gots to go..

Love and Kisses <3 xO
xO ` AmA'nDa ´ xO

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 29 June :: 10.19 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: 'nO BetTeR lOveE by YoUnG GUnZ

MuH sKaTeR bOiiS rUle!!!

HeYy sWeEts!!! OmG.. wEnT tO mArKs HoUsE anD cHiiLlEd tHeRe tiiLl BoUt 7.. yEaH.. iiT wAs CoOl.. brYaN wAs tHeRe anD sO wAs DoN.. tHeY aRe sO fUnNy.. ii wAs UpSeT aNd eVErYthiiNg sO tHeY kEpT fAlliiNg OfF tHeiiR sKatEbOaRd jUsS tO maKe mE lAuGh.. iiTs tHaT sWeEt!! wElL iiMa gO...

* MuChaS aMore *
xO `Ama ' nda´ xO

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 29 June :: 4.05 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: 'Nuttin' by No One

Work SuckS
hEyY sWeEts!! aT wOrK.. JusS a QuiiCk uPdAteE.. BeAcH iin ThReE wEeKs.. YaY!!! iim So hApPy.. oKaY.. iiTs BeN sO bOriiNg LaTeLy.. mIIy SIIsTeEr IIs CoMiiN hOmE juLy 11 anD lEaViiNg the 25.. ii MiiTeE gO wIf HeEr wEll gOttA gO bEfOrE sUm OnE cOmEeS.. anD sEeS mEe.. ttyl.

*muchas * aMoRe * lUv yAz!! MaNdiiE

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 27 June :: 12.08 am
:: Mood: SHITTY
:: Music: 'Leave Dat Boy Alone' by D12

Broken Hearts Is The Worst Thing About Being In Love
okay.. so today sucks.. really sucks... i just found out my uncle jimmy is locked up AGAIN.. and the boy i 'like' goes out with sum one.. Crdabko : jon is soo taken ... so yeah today TOTALLY sucks.. and worst of all.. there is NOTHING i can do bout any of this... Every one i kno has some one that they call cal their.. cept christa.. and she is like the ONLY person that can understand me.. but im not sure she can understand me rite now.. i cant even undetstand myself.. any way.. every one has sum where to go tomorrow.. but me.. of course.. thats how every thing in this life of mine works.. every one has fun.. and i dnt.. boo hoo.. I FUCKIN HATE.. every one that is HAPPY needs to FUCKING die.. maybe this just isnt my day.. and the only thing is.. it just FUCKING started.. well maybe i will write later.. maybe..

1 Are a liar.. + | If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 17 June :: 12.36 am
:: Mood: giddy
:: Music: `Nadda´ by.. some one.. ha

Another Day Full Of Lies And Tears

weEnt tO wOrk.. bOriiNn.. whiicH ii mAy sAy sO miiY seLf.. thEenN caMeE hOmEe aNd aTeE a NaStY diiNnEeR.. thEenN taLkeEd ChRiisTa fOr a whiiLeE.. thEeN wAtCheEd sOmEe TV.. thEeN liiStEeNd tO muSic..

OmG.. ii lOveE yEeW sO mUcH.. yEeW arEe thEe beEsT friiEeNd a giiRl caN hAvEe.. DnT wOrRiiy bOuT chRiiS.. hEe wiiLl cOmEe arOuNd sOon.. iiM aLwAyS hErE fOr yOu Nd yOu knOw tHaT.. wElL ii wiiLl tAlK tO yOu tOmOrrOw.. bOiiY taLk!! haHa.. ilU aAf nMw WaMh 2tDiiD tTeOt

OmG.. iiTs bEeN rEaLl.. hAhA.. PENIS.. hAhA.. ilU mOrE thEn ii loVe miiySeLf.. ii wOulD dO anY thiiNg tO heLp yOu aNd ii kNow yOu wiiLl dO thEe SaMeE fOr mEe.. iim So gLad ThAt wEe ArEe FriiEnDs.. dOnT wOrRiiY.. mEe AnD wiiLl fiiNd tHaT sPeCaiiL sOmEonEe SoOn.. iiM aLwAyS hErE fOr yOu Nd yOu knOw tHaT.. wElL ii wiiLl tAlK tO yOu tOmOrrOw.. bOiiY taLk!! haHa.. ilU aAf nMw WaMh 2tDiiD tTeOt

OmG.. meE AnD yOu.. lAtEe NiTe TaLkS aLl sUmMeEr lOnG.. iTs bEeN rEaLl.. HoEeEeE!!!.. lOl .. sO mUcH fUn.. wEe gOtteEn sO clOsEe tHiiS yEeAr.. aNd ii KnOw thAt WeE arEe miilEs ApArTt fOr thEe suMmEr bUt.. AfTeEr A wHiiLe.. wEe wiiLl bEe tOgEeTheEr aGaiiNn.. GoOd lUcK wiiTh bObbiiY..iiM aLwAyS hErE fOr yOu Nd yOu knOw tHaT.. wElL ii wiiLl tAlK tO yOu tOmOrrOw.. bOiiY taLk!! haHa.. ilU aAf nMw WaMh 2tDiiD tTeOt

WeE aReE sO bAd wHeEn WeE arEe wiiTh EeACh oTHeR.. wEe hAvEe GOtT rEaL clOsE thiiS yEeAr.. hOpeE iitS bEeN gOoD dOwN thErE iiN oLd TEXAS.. ii miiSs yOu sO mUcH.. Nd dO mEe A biiG fAvOr.. DnT gEt HuRt RiiDiiNn AnY hOrSeEs... ii DnT wAnNa HaVeE tO fLy tO TEXAS tO sEe yOu iiN thEe HosPiitaL.. lOl.. iiM aLwAyS hErE fOr yOu Nd yOu knOw tHaT.. wElL ii wiiLl tAlK tO yOu tOmOrrOw.. bOiiY taLk!! haHa.. ilU aAf nMw WaMh 2tDiiD tTeOt

wEll iitS gEttiiNn LaTeE.. taLk tOo PeEoPleE tOmOrrOw..

-» LOvE yAz!!! «-
-» Ama`nda «-

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 16 June :: 10.47 am
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: 'Addicted' by Simple Plan

Another Day Goes By Without A Change In You And I

Okay.. KeEr-BeEr iis deEaD theE neExt tiimEe ii sEe theE shiiYt.. sHeE calleEd meE wAy to eARlly fOr miiY taSteE.. but whateVEr.. thatS keWl ..


WeEnt To tHeE moviiEeS.. ii ThiNk ii tOld yOu tHaT.. iim nOt suReE.. but anY wAy.. meE and DanNiiy haD a lOng TaLk lAsT niiTeE.. ii wAs uP tiiLl liikEe 4 taLkiiNn tO hiiM..

GottA gO tO wOrK.. eEwwWwW.. ii rEeAlliiy Dnt WaNt tO buT ii goTta gO.. tHeN ii dNt NoW.. sO yEeAh preEttiiY mucH nO OnE wAntS tO dO anY thiiNng tOdAy..

WoRk aGaiin.. thEn cOmiiNn hOmEe aNd caLLiinN sTefAnii tO sEe iif ShEe wAntS tO dO anY thiinNg oN fRiidAy.. HopFulliiY shEe doEeS.. cuz ii WaNna gO tO thEe MaLL.. whiicH meEanS ima nEeD moNeY.. haHa..

PAy DaiiY.. ha Ha.. WeEll.. nO pLaNs yEt.. BuT ii Wiill KeEp yA uPdAtEd On ThiiS..

HaVeE nO cLuEe.. ii ThiinK ii hEaRd miiY mOm SayYiiNn ThAt wEe MaY gO sEe miiYy mOmmOm anD pOppOp.. thATs gOiiNn tO bEe fUn..


SoO thErE.. thAtS iiS wHaT iim DoiiNn aLl WeEk.. WeEll immA gO iiTs AlMoSt tiimEe tO gO tO wOrK..

×º× LovE yAz!!! ׺×
-» Ama`nda «-

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 15 June :: 8.21 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: 'Someday' by Nickleback

You've Taught Me Alot, Without Saying Much..

oMg.. TodaY was soO boOriinN.. ii hAd toO goO toO woOrk at oOneE and i gOt ofF at fiiveE.. but thAts AlL riTeE.. ii geEt paiiD goOd moNeEiiy.. weEll.. i got theE beEst neEws tOday.. *CaRlY iiS cOomiiNn HomEe* iim sO happiiy.. iits goiinN tOo beE craziiy haveEiinN heEr bAck HeErEe..

weEnt toO theE moviieEs wif miiy KeEllii-BeEllii.. iits was soO funniiy.. wEe wEerEe standiinN iiNn liinEe waiitiiNn tOo gEeT theE tiickeEts nD kElLii was liikEe "isNnt tHats giirL FAT!!!" and theE giiRl shEe was talkiiNn tOo heEarD heEr.. omg... thiis Lady was SO biig.. sheE prolly would takEe up liikeE 2 or moReE chAiirs iiNn thEe theEatrEe.. iim sOo mEeaN.. but iit was FunniiY.. yOu reEalliiY shOuLd haVeE bEeNn thEerEe... thEen whEen weE weEreE leEaviiNn wEe ran iit tOo thEeseE seExiiy ASS boiiys.. OMG.. theEiiy wEerEe sOo cutEe.. and thEeiiy wOuldnt lEeT us siit OuTsiideE biiy OursEvleEs.. sOo thEeiiy sAt thEeReE wiith Us.. iit wAs sOoOoOoOo niiCeE oOf theEm.. WhEen wE gOt toO keEllis housEe.. thEerEe wErE thEseE tWo giRls OUtsiiDeE and ThEeiiy StarTeEd yEeLLiinN at KeEllii.. and ShEe isNt thEe BeEsT pEeRsonN toO YeEll at.. but ii diidnt StaY tO fiiNd out..

kEeLLi cAllEeD at liikEe 8 somEeThiinN and tOlD meE whAt hAppEeNedD afTeEr ii LeEft.. hEer and thEe oneE giirl gOt iin A hugEe fiiTeE aNd mOmMy hAd to BreEak iiT up.. ThEeN i WeEnt tO wOrK.. thEn CamEe hOMeE atEe and wEnt tO juStiinS housEe.. hEes A craziiy onE toO.. but iim Not gOiiNn ToO wRiiteE why Cuz ii gEt gOiiNn..

love ya cutiiEeS..
-» Ama`nda «-

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 14 June :: 7.34 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: 'Sweetest Sin' by Jessica Simpson

From Candy And Toys 2 Celly Phones And Boys *
omg.. ii loveE my frieEnds so much.. theEy areE so sweEt.. weEll fiirst of all KeEr-BeEar ii loveE yeEw swEetiEe.. iits beEn reEal geEting to kno you.. Chriista yeEw areE theE only onE pEeRson that can makeE meE laugh liikeE yeEw do.. iim so glad that ii haveE friieEnds liikeE yeEw two..

okay.. yeEsteErday was so crazii.. chriista theEreE to many HOTT ASS guyZz.. lol.. and whats up wiith theE liittleE kidSz.. ha ha.. weE haveE takeE theEm walksS morEe.. KeEr-BeEar neEveEr agaiin.. that was to lateE for meE.. iim prolly goiin to pay for that lateEr.. bUt thats keEwl..

Today was so much fun.. chriista watch your haiir.. ha ha.. iim stiill laughiin bout that.. ha ha.. told you.. lol.. iim so weriid.. riite?? woot woot.. ha ha lol

Justiin iima piimeEtteE so you beEtteEr watch out.. ha ha.. lol.. i lovEe yeEu
JonY ii lovEe yeEu.. you areE my pimp.. for eEveEr
KeEr-BeEr weE arEe gangtas for lyfeE.. ii loveE yeEw hunniieE
LaureEn and MeEghan ii lovEe yeEw twO deEath.. thiis summa is goiin to beE so much fun.. keEp iit ReEal

Summer 2004
* giirls jus wanna haveE fun *
Liiviin iit up

havEe a crazii summa.. ii kno ii wiill

<3 *׺-»AmA`nDa«-º×*

If I'm just bad news..

:: 2004 14 June :: 5.18 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Nothing

im back..
omg.. okay.. i wasnt going to use this one that much any more.. but im going to this.. it is the easiest to use.. my so pissed at the damn sites for my other 2 journals. it wont let me change the title at the top of the page like on the bar. and its look ugly the way it was so im back on here. at least i kno how to use this one. plus i paid for this one. so yeah. i want to get a thing on dead journal but i dnt kno who has it that can get me a code cept stef and she cant do it cuz of the controls.. well ima go my mom is home.. <3 amanda

If I'm just bad news..

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