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:: 2006 16 November :: 6.36 am
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Woody's 11/15 - 11/16
So I went to my first gay club last night. When we finally got there (after Eric kept going the wrong way down ONE WAY streets), all we did was sit for like, an hour and a half.. we got in around 11:30pm. But oh my god.. some people came in and all I saw was this poufy-ish blonde hair and big thick ass glasses walk in and I said to Eric "Napolean Dynamite, much?" and he looks and goes "OH MY GOD. THAT'S JOSH WILLIAMS!" I said "You're fucking kidding me!!!" He seriously looked like Napolean Dynamite walked through a rainbow. All I want to know is when the hell did asshole Josh turn into a fucking flamer? He used to be semi-cool and had a decent sense of style... I guess he changed after graduation.. like, MAJORLY.

Okay so now that I'm done talking about him. lol, Will promised me that when he came back in from his second cigarette that he would make us dance (I wanted to, but Eric was being emo). So he comes in, grabs my hand and drags me onto the dance floor. Lemme tell you, this man can dance like there's no fucking tomorrow. Oh it was soooooo much fun. Then we went over to the steps that were in there, and me and Will start dancing there, eventually we end up on the top step dancing. His friend had taken his shirt off so I made Will take his off. Then some random person video taped us three dancing up there. There was a Canadian guy next to me and he looked down at me, and then covered his eyes and said "I'm not looking!!" [at my chest]. I said "oh, hunny, that's why they're out!!" and he pointed to them and said "Can I?" I shook my head yes and he shoved his face in them. Hah! I hooked Eric up with some kid we met outside. He was wearing a Good Charlotte hoodie so I started talking to him. Then I got him to dance with us and he was ALL over Eric. Me and Will kept shouting "MAKE OUT WITH HIM ALREADY" then afterwards we sent Eric to go with him to his apartment. Supposedly nothing happened, but Will, his friend, and I walked around Philly 'til 2:30am. Then we called him 'cause we had to go home. I didn't get in until like, 3:15am. But it was all good. Will wants to go clubbing now every week. As much as I want to.. I have a job.. and it depends if I'm off, and if my mom allows it.

Time for school. Talk to you all later. <3 are to become a shinigami..

:: 2006 15 November :: 2.35 pm
:: Mood: tired


Going to Woodie's tonight. *dances* are to become a shinigami..

:: 2006 14 November :: 12.51 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: Taking Back Sunday

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
I came to school and got sent home before I even went to class =[
I had something in my eyeball, and it hurt to close my eye so I went to the nurse for eyedrops. But she said that at the rate my eye was watering up, whatever was in there should have washed out. She looked in my eye and there was nothing there. So she sent me home to go to the eye doctors. By the time I got there, whatever hurt really bad was out of my eye, but it was still irritated. The lady looked at my eye under the microscope and said I have an abrasion on my eye and to use the eyedrops she gave me every 2 hours or so. It's been almost three since I came back to school and I left the drops in the car. But I'll do it as soon as I get in the car at 2:15.

Had a party at my lunch table.. chips, soda, FULL cake. Birthday candles, lit, and everyone singing. The whole works. It was one of my best days at lunch. But Mark Elliot kept staring over at me and I don't know why =/ Not in a bad way or whatever, but whenever I would look at Zack Sylvest, or past him, I would see Mark staring at me behind Zack's head. No evil looks, just staring. It was weird. Oh well.

Going out to buy 18 year old stuff today. Ciggs, porn (some for a younger friend of mine), and lotto ticket (I have a coupon). I hope my cousin got over her little flu yesterday so she can take me for my tattoo. If not, my mom's taking me up to Northern Lights for it, but I really want it done at Studio One. And if I can't get my tattoo today, I'll go up to Granite Run Mall and get my tounge pierced. If I do get the tattoo, then I'll get the tounge later. Possibly going to Woodie's with Eric and Will tomorrow night. Then I have to work Thursday, so I'm going to be dead. Oh well..

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