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03-30-2004 07:46pm

o0o shit.. i didnt kno there were guestbooks on here!! lmao


04-22-2004 09:47pm

Your weblog rocks my socks. Jack Skellington is the sexiest man in movie history. Just had to get that out there...


04-25-2004 10:40am

yes,i will have to say this.that your journal thing is indeed nice,speacially(i dont care how you spell the stupid word -_-) your back ground and icon XD
pretty sweet....


05-16-2004 08:44am

Hi! I'm Nee!
I know you care, I know you really care who I am...

Oh, yes, why I'm doing this...



Heh...heh... I like your layout. I can't say that mine is near as good as yours, but hey! You most-likely rock.

I as contrary, do not.

I read your Journal.


Yes, I am tired from not sleeping for two days! Thankyou for asking...

You know, I've been told that I give out useless information and rant endlessly in my posts...

I suppose that would be true.

Sorry for bothering you!

+wanders off+


06-13-2004 04:48am

I came across your awesomely fun journal by clicking on the "Random User" link. I have to say, I'm glad I did! Nice layout and everything! I wish I could do that! (I only have the default journal!) heh....Jack kicks ass.

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