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Betrayed one more time
But somewhere down that line
You're gonna get what's coming to you
Pull the knife from my back
Soon I'm the one that's on attack
Can't wait to return the favour
Too many times I've seen it
Rip a hole into our friendship
This is how it's been, how it always will be
You think you're above me
But now I'm here to end this

I'm not one of those losers
who's name is really Stephanie,
but spells it S-t-e-f-a-n-i,
just because it looks cooler.
Those people need to get a life
and learn to use their real name.

I'm a vegetarian.
I'm a virgin.
I'm bisexual.

I'm myself and
if you hate me for it
I'm not stopping you.
I won't change for you.

HATE me or LOVE me.
I'm still here.

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AIM = Shine Suicide
YAHOO = stefanishrek27

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